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You cannot give me peace or make me peaceful.
I cannot give you peace or make you peaceful.
Peace is something we choose to give ourselves.
Love is the same.

So many of us have inner, subconscious blockages that relate to a lack of self-acceptance and self-love. Feeling our self to be lesser than, not good enough, or in some way imperfect creates tremendous emotional pain, unhappiness, frustration and repressed anger, and endless patterns of self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors. Miserable, tattered, and ruined lives are not uncommon.

Considered from the physical level, these recurring episodes are often due to an imbalance in the brain or a physiological disorder. On the emotional level, fear is the culprit that drives the cycle of self-rejection and self-abuse in its mildest and cruelest forms. Seen from the higher level of Spirit, every thing—every thing—that is occurring during our lifetime has been perfectly intended and orchestrated by our Soul for our evolutionary growth, for our utmost good. Our Higher Self knows the full truth: whatever we are experiencing in the moment we ourselves have first created, at some level. We have placed it square in our Path. Though the outer appearance can look like “stuff” and “life” are coming at us, we are in fact the creator—the cause—and thus responsible for any and all results. Soul-wise, we cannot ever be other than in this moment’s precise and perfect: place, relationships, circumstances, work, and events.


On Monday, all over the world, time stood still as each of us learned the tragic news of Robin William’s passing. His suicide has left us all in reeling shock and devastation—without words to describe the horrific loss of his gifted genius to inspire and make us laugh. He was indeed a BIG and well-loved player on the stage of life! Though his chronic alcohol and drug abuse is widely known, it is hard to comprehend that one so outwardly talented, having “it all” in the material sense, would find himself in such an unfathomable, dark abyss of depression that he came to the end of his emotional endurance to rise again. Unfortunately, he felt only one choice was left.

Astrologer Donna Cunningham believes Robin suffered from bipolar disorder (a manic depressive), which explains both his “wildly manic comedy” and the life-long struggle with recurring episodes of “deep, bleak depression.”1 She explains, from her years of work in mental health settings and witnessing “non-medicated manic people in action,” that “bipolar people can swing between the two extremes, and for some of them, the higher the high, the lower the low.” Her intuitive sense tells her “he just got too worn down by a lifetime struggle to pull himself out of a soul-crushing, recurring depression.”

From an astrological perspective, Williams had been undergoing some significant planetary transits to his natal chart over the last year, which would have intensified any internal dis-harmony and activated his unresolved demons. Central among these is the long-term transformative “square” aspect of transiting Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn that ignited his nearly exact natal conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Cancer in the 8th house of crisis and sudden extremes, a placement that can indicate an unexpected death when it occurs. The 8th house is also associated with what is hidden, lurking beneath the surface.

Natal Mars in William’s chart is a highly pivotal planet, due to its being the traditional ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant. And the headstrong Mars/Uranus conjunction can signify self-will and willfulness, a struggle for survival, the inclination toward hasty and premature acts, as well as a sudden application of effort that results in an injury or accident.2 The forceful power of the long-series of oppositions made by transiting Pluto to this incendiary pair was a potential powder keg ready to blow, resulting not in an act of outer violence but one he acted out upon his self. His inner darkness enveloped him. He succumbed.

There were a number of potential “triggers” that could account for the build up and plunge into the depth of his despair and may have set off the actual suicidal event, such as transiting Mars in Scorpio applying to his natal Scorpio Ascendant on the day of his death. Note it also activated the natal Mars/Uranus conjunction, compounding all things “Mars!”

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio likely played a fundamental part. As an archetypal energy of separation and mortality, Saturn has the power to heighten one’s sense of isolation and melancholia. For several months, transiting Saturn (moving back and forth between 17º and 23º Scorpio) in the most important 1st house had been stirring the waters of “selfhood,” ideally meant to be a “new beginning of internal growth” and the forcing of issues heretofore unresolved, as Robert Hand put it. The 1st house represents the physical body itself, and transiting Saturn here can augment the feeling of wanting to withdraw, loneliness, low reserves of energy to cope with daily life, and extreme tiredness. Since the end of last year, transiting Saturn has also been making hard, depressing aspects to the Leo Midheaven/Mercury/Pluto conjunction—a draining combination that may have simply dimmed his will to carry on another step, moving him to that terrible place of extinguishing his spark of life.

In the deep darkness of grief and pain,
I found the angel of Light again.
She wore no lovely garment of white
But was garbed in robes as deep as night.
I saw in her arms no flower fair,
Instead, a crucifix nestled there.
She didn’t walk with joyous tread
Or offer me relief from dread.
But I felt her peace and her quiet power
And knew in that night of awe filled hour
She was the angel of Eternal Dawn.
Lifting her hood I saw her face
And knew the glory that hid her grace.
From earth blinded eyes too dim to see
That only through her, could we ever go free!
Isabel M. Hickey, master astrologer

Given the deeply sad picture of his probable last hours, no one can know what the soul of Robin Williams intended in the circumstances wherein he left this life, according to his soul’s timetable. Who could possibly criticize, judge, or condemn him for what, on the Spiritual level, was perfect for his Soul and expansion of consciousness? How can we have anything but the greatest compassion and love for one who gave such a valiant effort to a struggle he endured to 63 years?

We can, as One Worldwide Community and individually, talk quietly within our own heart to the soul of Robin Williams, and offer our gentle, caring respect. Share from your heart, as though he is sitting by your side now. Tell Robin what you would most like him to take with him on the next leg of his Soul’s Journey. We can envelope him in our individual and collective Love, and ask him to walk into the grace of Divine Light that forever opens Its arms to him—a beautiful, radiant soul come Home. Maybe now, like Princess Diana discovered when she crossed over into the inner world, he can truly comprehend how many lives and hearts he touched with uproarious laughter, enormous joy, and simpatico tears of understanding for our shared humanity in transcending fear and choosing love.


Inner strength, inner joy, inner Light
are the true and lasting value.
Everything else is ephemeral.

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2. Reinhold Ebertin. 1972. The Combination of Stellar Influences. American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

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The silent receptivity of the heart is
the point of contact with Divine Being.
From this center, every point is the One Point.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with my mind-calming mantra for slowing and softening the mind. These particular words are inherently contemplative in nature, increasing their ability to induce a tranquil state of quietude that is powerfully restorative.


And, each pair of words spoken inwardly, with a goodly pause between the next pair, allows the mind to mirror the quality of unruffled waters—creating a perfect reflection of the Big Sky above. The little you and the Big You merge.

You will find that the pace of the words slows itself. The rhythm of your breath will gently slow down, as well. The psyche and all systems of the body become unhurried, at ease, and return to their natural state of trust. Spiritual listening—opening the inner ear to the Godly Voice—is heightened. We let go the mental realm of thoughts and words, rising higher in consciousness to abide in the holy realm of Truth.

This mantra works well when a brief, mental break is needed or when lying down for a nap, letting all thoughts and outer activities drift away down the river. As a prelude to meditation, I find this mantra to be a superb entry point for shifting into deepest peace.

Give it a test, and see if it works for you. The more you practice the mantra, as a preliminary lead-in to a more leisurely pace, the quicker the outer mind loosens and the sense of harmony arises. Within you, a renewed, more finely attuned consciousness awakens. This mindful receptivity will become a rooted, living part of your being—a true embodiment of your Self. Your inner state of harmony will dramatically change your outer life.

Here are the words for the mantra:

Relaxing mind.
Resting mind.
Quiet mind.
Serene mind.
Still mind.
Silent mind.
Empty mind.
Receptive mind.
Trusting mind.
Heavenly mind.
One mind.

Bliss-full harmony.
Love enfolded.

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. The photo of the Thai Buddha is gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to the Walters Art Museum. The River Tyne photo is also from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Andrew Curtis, from the Geograph project in the UK. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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Spirit interpenetrates the finite.
All the “divine ideas” that are possible already exist.
Each idea chosen and thus pursued
creates form in time and space.
A consequence is set in motion.
The ending is encoded
from the beginning choice.
Life is the cumulative experience of a
growing collection of choices.

What if humanity—comprised of each and every person in their own timing—arrived at a place to HEAR a BIG TRUTH revealed, at least “this” version of it. From this given scenario, the Light sheds light on the whole realm of infinite possibilities!

I came across a remarkable passage in the third book of Neale Donald Walsch’s popular trilogy, “Conversations With God.”1 It’s such a mind-boggling, consciousness-expanding, Universe-opening IDEA that my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. “WOW,” I marveled, “if I grasp this breathtaking revelation in its full spiritual ramifications, I grasp it ALL!! I am indeed my own creator!”

As this particular “conversation” goes, God is patiently explaining to Neale that everything that will ever happen “has already happened. Every possibility exists as fact, as completed events.” An exhilarating mind-bender, isn’t it? It certainly was for Neale, as he attempted to digest this BIG concept with its embedded maxim: “time does not exist.”

So, God goes on to give the example of a child playing a computerized video game using a CD-ROM.2 The computer responds in perfect synchrony to all the twists and turns the child makes with a joystick. Is it advanced magic or simply technology? God puts it plainly: “It’s all on the disc. The computer knows how to respond to every move the child makes because every possible move has already been placed on the disc, along with the appropriate response.” And this is nothing compared to the “technology of the universe!”

God invites each of us to “think of the Cosmic Wheel [and our life] as that CD-ROM. All the endings already exist. The universe is just waiting to see which one you choose this time. And when the game is over, whether you win, lose, or draw, the universe will say, ‘Want to play again?’”

If we are able to take in and live consciously in the realization of this wider, grander backdrop of what life really IS, then there is no such thing as a shackle of limit or a boundary that can contain us. ALL options are real and available right now. ALL possible versions of life have their predetermined destination. It’s ALL up to how you choose in this moment.

And the best news is that God assures us that whatever choice we make, we absolutely get to experience it—guaranteed! Remember, this precise opportunity has already taken place. The future is truly now, and you can have ANY future, attests God, your heart desires. It’s ALL your choice!


Since you are infinite consciousness, you embody
within yourself all that exists—you include
the entire universe within your being.
…All that exists lives within your consciousness.
Joel S. Goldsmith

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1. Neale Donald Walsch. 1998. Conversations With God: an uncommon dialogue. book 3. Hampton Roads Publishing Company.

2. Ibid. Page 107-108.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from the generous offerings at Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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Blessed am I radiant in creative purpose,

for I behold the rainbow’s Light.

The promise of the Self is mine.

My heart is the Sun’s abode.

On our bike ride this afternoon, I noticed the bumper-sticker invitation: “Be yourself. Nobody else can.” That’s an excellent summation of the Sun, symbol of individuality and wholeness, moving into the dazzling solar sign of Leo on July 22. With outgoing and expansive Jupiter’s entry into Leo a few days ago (until next August 11, 2015), our confidence and creative potential can potentially soar to an all-time high!


The Sun and Jupiter will harmoniously join with the bold originality of Uranus in fiery Aries to widen our imaginative horizons and assist us to bring our creative inspirations into spectacular manifestation, if we choose to focus our abilities in that fortunate direction. The Fire of Life burns brightly now, so take center stage, and let your very own innovative abilities shine in your special way!

Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold,
if we will just have the courage to admit what it is.
What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do.
Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

The Sun indicates not only our conscious sense of identity but also is the symbol of Consciousness. It is our vibrant spirit and Spirit, the unique transparency of light that is meant to shine through us not from us—as our gift to the world. The Sun signifies both the heart of the person and the heart of the birth chart in its highest expression, for it also shows the spiritual lesson to be learned and the conscious purpose or primary expression of the life. It describes the underlying keynote of our character—the real Self-identity—with its power for Self-integration.


In addition, the Sun points to the central focus in the birth chart of the individual’s drive for significance, success, and power, and its fortifying energy motivates our deepest longings and creative aspirations to stand up, to stand out, as who we came to Earth to be. Exalted in its supreme position amongst the planets (its number is One!), the Sun indicates the potential for spiritual attainment and the realization of our inherent divinity.

If you think of a central Sun and the way it bursts into
infinite sparks of light particles, each one has the
original essence but is also now its
own particle—one yet One and the Same.
There is only one Truth and—I AM THAT—and
it appears as countless facets of the Whole.

Authentic, unshakeable selfhood is a central issue around which the heart and creative life of the “Solar You” revolves. All evolutionary manifestations along the self continuum are entirely appropriate expressions of the Sun, from occasional self-centeredness or self-interest to self-confidence, self sufficiency, self-respect, self-development, self-awareness, self control (or conversely self-indulgence in the tendency to live on too grand a scale!), self discipline, self-love, and self-actualization. The eternal nature of our Sun being is Self-completeness.

Is it any wonder that the spiritual pathway of the sign of Leo is that of self-expression, creativity, joy, and ultimately bliss. In the language of yoga, this equates to ananda yoga. Fittingly, the Sun is a natural symbol of leadership, authority, and honor. This is beautifully seen in all the regal ways lions (Leo) have been portrayed in myths, works of art, and iconography as potent symbols of solar strength, supremacy, glory, and brilliance. Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, “Ay every inch a [spiritual] king.”

Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

In the end, our life’s journey is to express our own inner light and comfortable “place in the Sun.” When we connect deeply with our greater Sun destiny, we discover that the ingenious spark we seek to express is within our own intuitive heart. Astrologer Stephanie Austin points to the fact, “it may be no coincidence that the word ‘art’ is encompassed in the word ‘heart.’” Creative individuality is an inside-outside work that is meant to flow freely to an appreciative world.

If we are willing to act on novel and daring opportunities, our talents could get a significant boost in the coming year as new channels open up to showcase our particular form of “artwork.” In September, and then again from February to June 2015, Jupiter in Leo links with Uranus in Aries, heightening the abundance of energies that favor fresh, pioneering, progressive, and colorful self-expressiveness! Reach for the sky and color it with the heart of your energetic signature!

A blade of grass never becomes a rose, a cat, or a star.
Always, throughout eternity each is maintained in its own
individuality. Never subdue yourself. Let yourself come out.
Never be afraid to be different. Always be yourself.
Only in freedom can you be yourself.
Assert your individuality.
Joel S. Goldsmith


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In anticipation of the Sun’s returning Light,
the morning glory’s delicate bud waits
in readiness and simple faith.
It is among the first to welcome a new sunrise.
To celebrate the solar warmth
and healing power that is sent out to all life.

Like the morning glory that blooms in the morning and dies in the afternoon of the same day, sharing its stunning beauty for those brief hours, we too have only the glory of this morning. The Sun greets us with its promise of a brand new slate to write today’s script. Its rays provide the heat and light necessary for continued life. The natural world is the context that enfolds us, but do we in fact notice the magnificent, generous life around us? Do we offer gratitude for its nourishment and ever-present blessings? Do we realize nature as a cathedral, a place of worship?


With the current, global changeability escalating (for example, the warming of our planet), what we tend to take for granted seems more uncertain, at least on the outer level. Life can transmogrify into something really different in an eye’s blink! Take hold of and glorify this moment! It never returns. Aptly, that is why the morning glory is considered a symbol for death and rebirth.

As case in point, while I was reveling in the splendor of this morning’s meditation, a city water pipe a block away blew apart, spewing water 30 feet high, rupturing the street as though a bomb had hit! Within seconds, water was pouring down several blocks, causing basements to fill with inches of stinking sewage. And this event is the third serious flooding in the past few years, tragically happening three days after the city was suppose to start the repair work to replace the pipes! Houses are shape-shifted again! None of our neighbor’s awoke this morning anticipating yet another terrible round of destruction and disruption, a disaster that could have been avoided had the city acted promptly.

On the up side, the good news is July is a relatively calm, astrological month in terms of planetary interactions. “A summer of grace,” as astrologer Lorna Bevan put it, in part due to a harmonious trine in the water signs composed of Saturn (wisdom gained through experience) and Chiron (healing and wisdom) and completed respectively by the Sun (illumination), Mercury (lighthearted and versatile), and Venus (beauty-loving), as they flow through the nurturing, tender sign of Cancer. The planet of optimism and bountiful fortune, Jupiter, changes signs on July 16. It moves into Fiery, Sun-ruled Leo, also an expansive, generous, graceful, enthusiastic energy. Over the next year, warmth of heart and an encouraging hand offered to others will be expressed spontaneously, as we tap the sparkling, joyful nature of Jupiter in Leo—a signature well able to leap out of bed to glory in the morning!

July is set to be a time for quiet reflection, relaxation, renewal, and settling more comfortably into the tremendous changes we’ve all experienced in recent years. The long-term square of Uranus (radical change) to Pluto (processes of death and rebirth) has kept us dancing the double quickstep, and it still looms as a more quiescent but influential background note. The intense cycle of the Uranus-Pluto square will build for a rare, sixth time during the autumn months to culminate in mid December. Their final squaring off before they bow out and separate occurs next March 17. Deep, quantum shifts are their immutable bequest—described by Terry Lamb as the overarching “architects of transformation” that will define our current times. Their lasting legacy is the gateway to move to a higher vibrational level personally and as a global culture.

In the grandeur of each morning, ask yourself: Will I consciously choose harmony and peace, beauty and grace, compassion and connectivity, sharing and loving from my awakened heart?


Destiny calls to each of us. There is a world
behind a world where we all are connected,
all part of a great and moving plan.
William Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale

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In the space of the heart,
my little self diminishes,
making room for the presence of the Divine Self
in all its perfection and infinity.

The spiritual teacher, White Eagle, has spoken many times about the importance of the human and spiritual heart. Such profound ideas are meant to move us into a contemplative space, which will take us much deeper into the mystical nature of the heart. Spiritual consciousness eventually opens as we devote more and more time to meditative stillness and the silencing of the overly active earthly mind. White Eagle tells us that the “higher worlds” are contacted “through your heart center,” what he refers to as “the mind in the heart.” It is the Divine Mind or Intelligence, secreted within our being.

Thus, when we are emptied and quietly receptive, we prepare ourselves for an audience with Spirit and divine impartations of truth and love. In such moments of Grace, we may receive guidance that answers a current issue, wisdom in the form of words from a well-known spiritual verse, confidence and power that significantly exceeds our everyday self, or a flash of illumination that remains with us for hours—even days. The peace we feel is the effect.

We have touched the place in our consciousness where nothing is missing, and therefore, everything is already present. Our waiting—in the sanctuary of our heart—is known, and whatever the worldly requirement, it is fulfilled in the perfect manner at an ideal time. Recollect your own past moments when exactly what you most needed appeared, as if precisely scheduled.

This particular teaching of White Eagle struck me both as soul food for the long-term nourishment of my inner being and as one of his many pearl offerings of great price:

The heart centre contains seven divisions; each centre in the heart has its keynote or sounding note on every plane of life. …In your heart is the sounding note of earth; in your heart is the sounding note of the astral plane, the lower mental, the higher mental, the intuitional, the celestial and the Divine Christ Plane.

…You cannot go far wrong, then, if you turn to the inner lodge, the heart lodge, and obey the Master presiding in that lodge…. And the sounding note is love … all love … all love….1

Only within the consciousness represented by these higher levels of our Heart Self does Spirit converse directly with our spirit. On this elevated playing field “spirit meets spirit,” because our five material senses are supplanted by our more finely tuned spiritual senses—the only faculties that possess the appropriate “note” on which to commune with the inner dimension.

In another talk, White Eagle gives this remarkable image as encouragement on our evolutionary Path of unfoldment: “God has provided you with certain powers — shall we say a built-in microphone in your heart? — through which you can communicate and a speaker in your heart through which you can listen to the sounds of a higher etheric level.”2

Only as we are tranquil and still can we rise to enter the “secret place of the most High,” otherwise known as the “holy of Holies.” In this restful place of absolute harmony, our microphone and speaker await. Every corner of the Universe, all levels of life are reachable within our infinite heart. Every thing is already provided when we are intimate with our heart. In this state of Oneness, Divinity joyfully reveals Itself.


When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up… To more than I can be.

…There is no life – no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

…You raise me up… To more than I can be.
“You Raise Me Up,” song lyrics by Brendan Graham

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1. White Eagle quote used from Jane Sorbi’s article, “The Receptive Heart,” pages 157-8, Stella Polaris (bi-monthly magazine of The White Eagle Lodge), June-July 2014.

2. quote from a Sunday address given by White Eagle titled “The White Dove,” also in the same issue of Stella Polaris.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. The Buddha photo is attributed to ©BrokenSphere/Wikimedia. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology are reserved worldwide.

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When two friends understand each other totally,
the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Often, when I go into my favorite grocery store, there is a display of gorgeously colored, vibrant orchids. Commercially, they are meant to be exotic, inviting, and irresistible, enticing buyers to take one or more of these attractive beauties home. Their mystique is otherworldly! And so, an orchid or two hop into the shopping cart, hoping for a good home.

Alas, that does not always turn out to be the case. And more times than I’d like to remember, many orchids arrive at stores looking in pretty tough, roughly handled shape. These sad ones, with their bumps and bruised appearance, waste away for want of being in “perfect” condition. How many people would give them a chance to regain their stately grace?

My heart weeps for these neglected, forgotten ones.

In their almost endless variety, estimated to be more than 26,000 accepted species occurring naturally,1 orchids are highly coveted treasures that are some of the gentlest life forms on Earth. The orchid family is also one of the largest plant families, with an additional 110,000 cultivars (varieties that are cultivated).2 In addition, orchid flower essences are very powerful healing agents that can create positive shifts in our subtle energy field and help to produce both clarity and focus to
our individual spiritual Path.

You can get off alcohol, drugs, women, food, and cars,
but once you’re hooked on orchids, you’re finished.
You never get off orchids … never.
Joe Kunisch, Commercial Orchid Grower

For when a man falls in love with orchids,
he’ll do anything to possess the one he wants.
… it’s a sort of madness….
Norm MacDonald


Indeed, orchids tend to be dramatic, stage grabbers, casting their spell widely, which is why they are commercially lucrative and addictively sought. But on the inward level, orchids are first and foremost subtle beauty and sweetness personified.

Respectful and humble, orchids talk to those with listening ears: “Remember who you are. The consciousness in which you deal with and treat us is the same consciousness that permeates your treatment of your self. Is it thoughtful? Kind? Accepting? Critical? Harsh? Neglectful?”

“We are your mirror. If you give us respect and love, then it comes from the tender warmth of your own heart. It is how you first feel about you. Be present in self-acceptance. Love who you are in this moment. Your own imperfections are temporary learning vehicles.”


“Underneath, it’s ALL the One Life, comprised of the one Infinite, Universal Substance of pure Light and Love, the Divine Truth made manifest as Unity. We are all of the One Family. Someday in the not-too-distant future, the entirety of humanity will surely awaken to its Oneness. Until that glorious time, live from your heart, as we do, radiating harmony and peace. Respond to every moment and life as the sacred Wholeness It already is.”

On June 22, you are invited to join in a worldwide prayer of appreciation and healing for our Mother Earth and all levels of life.

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Teach me to feel another’s woe,
To right the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me.
Alexander Pope, Universal Prayer (1738), Stanza 10

As the mystical story goes, a stranger arrives in town one day. Several members of the community have random encounters with this unknown person. He seems different. His energetic presence is one of equanimity and peace. He comes across as self-possessed, self-sufficient. He travels unencumbered. His name is Joshua. The word spreads quickly about the unusual visitor.

In the story’s unfoldment, Joshua begins to have a quiet effect on the lives of more than a few people, one by one. Small incidences become significant. His ability to inspire people, individually and in group-centered ways, accelerates into impactful results. Lives start to imperceptibly shift. Hope is restored for some. Individuals open their hearts to one another, coming forward in greater authenticity. The people band together as a true community.

Even the Catholic priest, though not without fierce resistance, is forced to encounter his own hidden fears, bitterness, and outright jealousy. Yet Joshua, when accused and defamed by the priest, responds with silence and a merciful attitude. From slander cast, he offers no defense or protection. His empathic nature feels the priest’s pain, as his compassion eases the tension and off-based accusations hurled at him from the threatened clergyman. Joshua remains gracious and generous in his bestowal of understanding, support, and lack of any judgment returned. To him, no offense has occurred.

His kindly presence is felt as a beacon of nourishing Light for those whose natural inclination is to respond with the same match of love and forgiveness. Joshua unites the community by igniting their inner flame of Spirit. They rise into the highest expression of themselves, given the opportunity presented by this soft-spoken, simple man.

Mercy listens — really listens, with interest and concern —
then smiles, and reaches out her hand.
J.M. DeMatteis, Mercy (1993)


The Virgin of Mercy

Such opportunities to respond on the high side abound daily—for all of us. My hubby and I had our own poignant one recently.

At about 3:00 am, loud and weird sounds woke us up. Was an animal climbing our back gate, crossing the 2 X 4 board above it? We heard boards breaking, some even hitting the ground. What the heck? I noticed my pulse racing and my adrenaline flowing.

Chris pulled on his clothes, much to my protestations. Armed only with a flashlight, out the back door he went into the darkness. He could see a man’s hands on our fence and his head above it. Looking over the fence into the man’s face, Chris demanded, “What the hell are you doing?” “Oh, oh, I thought this was my, my friend’s house,” the invader mumbled. Was he out-of-it drunk or without all of his wits, Chris wondered.

Chris told him to leave—now! Our mysterious stranger, having down his damage, finally retreated across the street to stand behind our neighbor’s car, but did not leave. I suggested we call the police. Fortunately, they arrived pronto. The policewoman questioned the man for several minutes, attempting to get his story. Satisfied she had the necessary information, the police pair walked the man back over to our gate, where Chris was waiting.

She confirmed our suspicion that he was very drunk. Since his destructive behavior was considered a crime of “breaking and entering,” did Chris want to press charges?

“No,” Chris answered, “I’ve made plenty of ill-chosen blunders in my life.” He reasoned that a poor choice did not need to follow this young man into his future as a police “record” for one lapse of discretion. The damage is minimal and maybe this incident of forgiveness will set him on a path of greater discrimination. Besides, that man is me, and I am him, thought Chris. He recalled an incident of his own years earlier when he was plowed drunk and passed out on a highway in Giza, Egypt. Only his friend’s merciful rescue saved him!

Each act of compassionate understanding and mercy, in small and greater ways, changes lives and increases the light of the world. Every kindhearted response opens the way so that goodness and mercy follows each of us all the days of our lives (Psalms 23:6). And the world is elevated to that extent. Perhaps this is why in Islam, one of the names of Allah is the “Most Merciful” (al-Rahman), and, further, the most common name occurring in the Quran is the Compassionate (al-Rahim).1 And the Old Testament concurs (Psalms 103:8), describing the Lord as “merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.”

Think of the moments in your life when your heart of mercy resulted in spiritual dividends for those lives you touched and for you in return as an unexpected gift at an unanticipated time. Truly, life is One.

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Portia asks Shylock to show mercy. He asks, “On what compulsion, must I?” She responds:

The quality of mercy is not strain’d.

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.


The Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin), also known as
the Bodhisattva of Compassion

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To those who love,
all is love.

A garden is a marvelous way to spread love. It is a place of quiet communion with other levels of life: the angels of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), the deva and little nature spirits; and the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. The feeling of the One Life pervades. To be in the joy of a garden is simply to BE.

A garden is also where community is made for those kindred spirits who appreciate and share a love of creating this particular form of beauty and peace. Stopping motion long enough to “smell the fragrant flowers” becomes a reality here. Such an oasis of harmony lights up a neighborhood, even for those who do not consciously notice or take in the vibration of Life loving Life.


One of my favorite tasks in the garden is pruning off the spent blossoms of the rhododendrons, peonies, and roses, to name a few, and collecting all the colorful petals to decompose in our composter. The flowers are the height of creative expression for plants—their glorious moments of showing forth love—as well as a precious encapsulation of their radiant energy. Flowers are the plant’s vital essence passed forward as a return of nutrients into the soil.

When the luscious rotting has taken place, we apply the rich, dark compost throughout our flower and vegetable beds. This additive of love is spread over the garden and recycled into the soil at the microscopic level. By taking care of the humblest, yet most vital component of the living system—the soil—we take care of the foundation and thus the healthy quality of the Whole. To nurture the soil in such a way is to nurture our self. Inextricably linked, each sustains the other in a self-reinforcing feedback loop of love.

At its best, life is truly a circle of generosity and reciprocity. Spiritually interpreted, what if the biblical verse of “casting your bread upon the waters and finding it after many days” simply means to spread love? So, the more we love, the more ways it returns. Universal Law tells us that each particle of whatever we cast forth is earmarked with our name, whether it is anger or patience, greed or kindness, self-centeredness or love. And oftentimes, interest is added! Cast forth wisely!

In astrological parlance, the feminine energies of Venus,
the Moon, and Neptune flow from the loving heart of
the gardener into their unique expression of landscape beauty.
In what ways do you use these energies to create beauty?
What is the special form in which you radiate forth love?


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Silence is Divine experience.
Emptied and receptive,
listen for the Creative Voice.

The sacred Festivals of Light are important markers for peaks of spiritual power and development during the year. They are vital times of communion when the veil thins “between the earth and heaven.” During these days, spiritual rays blaze forth, and the vibrations increase on the Earth and for all kingdoms of life. Above all, in such moments of deep silence, the light in our own hearts can be stimulated, so that we are better enabled to remember and embrace who we truly are—magnificent beings individually expressing the “One Divine Urge.”

The holy celebration of Easter is behind us now. It signified a heightened opportunity for our true Self to arise out of the entombment of the small (outer) self and the enslavement of materiality in general. On May 14 yet another Festival of Light occurs at the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio (at 24 degrees). It is the Wesak Festival of the beloved Lord Buddha, once again bathing us in peace-filled Illumination. His golden aura encompasses all. Then, at the subsequent Full Moon on June 12 (at 22 degrees Sagittarius), the Christ Festival is considered the capstone of the first half of the year, a time during which we strive to reach a pinnacle of inner development. And the energies peak once more at the Summer Solstice on June 21.

All who make the choice from the human and spiritual levels of life can meet together during these gatherings of the like-hearted. For in the midst of one of the ancient Festivals, time as we know it ceases. All blends together—with no past, present, or future. In the utter quietude, those assembled recognize only the eternal, universal Life—all One Consciousness and One Power from the same origin of Love.


From the higher spheres, these grand Festivals shed blessed light on the Inner Mysteries of our being for those who pause sufficiently from earthly concerns. The portal of entry requires us to be in the silent depths within, where the Light is revealed. These Celebrations also indicate the balancing effect of spring and renewal (resurrection) following winter’s long sleep. Throughout these great, annual changes, the flow of life bursts forth, flowers, and fruits not only as a material reality but also spiritually. As below, so above.

This yearly cycle folds into the larger evolutionary cycle in which we come to Earth having been given freewill and the freedom to fully experience our individuality (“self”-expressiveness as “Gods in embryo”) secreted within our divinity (the final at-one-ment of the Buddhist’s “nirvana”). At this point of Self-realization, we know deep down the perfect interpenetration of the inner world with that of the outer world. As above, so below.

The Light within us
is the Light around us.
Vibrant and pulsating Creation.
Be still in I AM.


If you choose, let the practice of turning within to listen exercise you—a constant emptying of the self to allow a vacuum for Self-filling. Consider it an intimate practice to experience your Divine nature. After all, the Latin derivation for intimacy means “impress,” or “make familiar,” which comes from the Latin intimus, meaning “inmost.”1 Spiritual intimacy grows as we invest peaceful moments in our “interior room.”

For those who do not currently have such a practice, you can begin simply at first. Make a conscious commitment to pause all outer motion and sit comfortably upright with your feet on the floor. Only a few minutes three-to-four times a day will make a huge difference, because when you drop down into your heart, you are choosing to be alone with God (use whatever word most resonates with you). Therein, wait patiently, becoming like a tuning fork. Hand everything—every single thing—over in surrender to Spirit. In this illumined center, Divine Intelligence already understands and supplies. Relax into an even deeper quiet. Rest awhile in this absolute feeling of complete wellness, for it is the spiritual reality of your being.


Day by day, the cumulative effect of this discipline to connect with the “PC” (the Peace Center) grows exponentially. It results in an overall greater measure of calmness, harmony, and an imperceptible yet a noticeable desire to simplify your life. Choices shift. Changes show up in how you live outwardly. The superfluous becomes easily recognizable and released. Real Values become precious. There is an increasing imperturbability. Life flows in a seamless way when interior silence becomes a prominent partner.

Your “PC” will become your second home, a space you will seek to visit more and more frequently for perhaps longer and longer stretches. This inner home IS your foundation and thus where the trillions of atoms of your being are infused and nourished with the living Light of Divine Spirit. It is indeed a sacred temple.

And when the great Festivals of Light take place during the course of every year, you will be well versed to partake as a conscious participant, warmly recognizing each face of the vast multitude. It is without doubt a reunion of the Like-Hearted.

If you cannot still your body
and silence all thought,
it is analogous to a continuous
“talking over the top of” God.
It isn’t even a conversation!
Can you listen?


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