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If you change one thought, you change the whole dynamic.
Change a single word, and the entire energy shifts.
A New World is set into motion that quickly!
This is the power of a single thought,
a single word or idea or action,
a single individual.

What if iconic filmmaker George Lucas—creator of the Star Wars movie phenomenon—had conceived and produced an enduring series of mega-hit movies titled Star Peace? It turns our psyches around 180 degrees towards the high vibratory power of Peace, doesn’t it, rather than towards the age-old, endlessly destructive outcome of conflict, war, and the other person as our enemy to be subdued or destroyed. It’s the radical difference on the attitudinal, behavioral continuum between contention or cooperation, hatred or forgiveness, violently projected fear or love, separation or unity.

Through the powerful medium of film, how would the collective and personal stream of consciousness been affected, fed, and programmed had we been infused with Star Peace as the archetypal energy that sustains and nourishes humanity and all earthly and galactic life? Star Peace is a motif of union that results from a place of loving connection and community, a place in our hearts where we have opted out of fear and separation. It’s the center of light wherein non-judgment and acceptance ripple outward to influence every particle of Life—even unto the furthermost reaches of the Universe.

With such a completely transformed, radically shifted paradigm of peace-centered intention, as the motivating “Force” for individual and collective consciousness, the current trajectory of history in the making would instantaneously alter. A newly transfigured Earth would be born! The mythological theme of harmony and goodwill toward all would reign! And our greeting to one another would ring out over the globe and Cosmos: “May the Force—of Peace—be with you!”

In every moment of life, we are simply meeting our self.
Remember, in Return of the Jedi, when Master Yoda warned Luke Skywalker to enter the Cave of Darkness without his weapon. Luke, armed with his light saber,
strode in to encounter what appeared as
the menacing, black-clothed Darth Vader.
So filled with terror, Luke reacted with a deathblow
to his enemy, only to discover his own face
now revealed behind the mask.

Which vibrational choice will you make: war or peace?


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No doubt some of the most wacky and hilarious, as well as illuminated, comics about the eccentric world of cats—thus Cat-mics or Cat-toons—come from the inspired, dare I say weird, genius of editorial cartoonist, John Deering. His ever-popular comic strip, “Strange Brew,” as well as his political cartoons, remain an eternal gem of quirky wisdom, appearing daily in newspapers worldwide.

Since the age of three, Deering has drawn cartoons, having had the privilege of growing up in “an inspired household, filled with unusual activity.” His father was the Fire Chief/City Comptroller of Little Rock, Arkansas, so the family resided in an apartment at the Fire/Police Station. With no end of excitement due to a continuous stream of fire emergencies, police business, and the local politics of the day, Deering’s innate artistic skill and depth of wit were undoubtedly primed from this rich immersion in life’s highs and lows and the humor of it all.1

Here are three of my very favorite Strange Brew Cat-toons, which I hope I can adequately describe in words (my apologies, when I tried to upload the actual cartoons it would not work due to “security” reasons). But if you can, with your imagination, please get the gist of this high humor and enjoy a good cat laugh with me!

My favorite cat-toon of all is the one where the woman is making something on the kitchen counter, with a cat sitting close to what looks like a salad bowl with its mixings. Two cats are on the floor in attendance, waiting for what is likely their usual goodie treat. Her husband is standing in the doorway with a very dour look due to his wife’s instructions. She says to him, “The cats want you to run to the store and pick up a few things.”

The second cat-toon is the classic one with yet another grumpy looking husband sitting in his comfy chair, one eyebrow and eye raised, surrounded by a cat hanging on over the upper part of the chair and eight other cats on the floor in various poses and cat chores of grooming, sleeping, etc. There is a cat portrait hanging on the living room wall. A joyous wife comes into the room to announce with glee: “We won two free tickets to ‘Cats’”!

Finally, in this hilariously true portrayal, there are four cats taking up nearly all the space on the bed, again in various poses of comfort, with one laying up against the pillow in royal fashion. The man is sleeping on the hard floor—without a blanket or a pillow!!!

We all know WHO RULES in our homes when cats are present!


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Circling gliding high
Eagles communion joyful
Clear view of Oneness

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Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle to live
up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time
to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.
Swami Vivekananda, Sun in Capricorn


If we consider the 12 signs of the zodiac, Capricorn is perhaps one of the signs that best exemplifies the power of patience, persistence, and single-mindedness needed to attain the potential of focused effort. No matter what the unswerving attention is riveted on, be it a red rose in nature or in meditation, writing a book, or performing a complex scientific experiment, Capricorn excels at the mastery and wisdom gained from painstaking experience. Focused effort can be considered virtually synonymous with the power of controlling one’s thought.1

Some of Capricorn’s most well-known, positive qualities of character are endurance; conscientiousness; tenacity; concentration; depth of purpose; diligence; thoroughness; the ability for intense, hard work; strength of will; trustworthiness; commitment; and loyalty. Since Capricorn is a mixture of (goal-oriented) cardinality and (conservative) earth, it is a sign willing to expend its energy on long-term labor, with the ability to condense its efforts in tireless stamina, coupled with a powerful desire for achievement. In Hindu astrology, Makarar is the astrological sign of Capricorn, considered by the ancients to be the most important of all the signs—a signifier of Cosmic Order and Justice.2

It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes.
Louis Pasteur


Ruled by the disciplining force of Saturn, Capricorn is the archetypal energy of the sure-footed mountain goat that will struggle, keep on, outlast, and eventually reach the rarefied pinnacle of the mountaintops, for the goat knows how to use time wisely as a trusted ally. All obstacles and setbacks only enhance the goat’s unflagging and, sometimes lonely, perseverance. Inspired by lofty goals, it is fitting that this sign also rules the highest point or “Midheaven” of the natal chart. The elevated peak of the 10th house describes our maximum potential, as well as our mission—how we can best contribute and open out to the world. Whichever cusp of the natal chart that Capricorn resides is where an individual can apply the power and potential of the forever upwardly climbing, “mountain-goat” energy to those specific affairs and issues of life.

One of the best ways to learn about Capricorn’s resolute steadfastness is to study the biographies of famous persons who had/have this earthy sign strongly emphasized in their make-up and thus in their life. Louis Pasteur, a brilliant academic and one of the greatest scientists ever, had 6 planets (which included the Sun) in Capricorn, all in the 3rd house of his natal chart. This is an extremely powerful planetary configuration—termed a “stellium”—in an extremely influential sign. By studying his birth chart and how the energy of Capricorn played out over the course of his life, you can also learn how your astrological signatures can become your biography and how a crystal clear focus and dedication can be the platform for immense attainment in a given lifetime. Always curious and enormously enthusiastic, the living mantra of Pasteur’s thoughts was revealed when he wrote, “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

Recognized as the sign of Initiation, Capricorn’s success comes from the notable ability to disregard the non-essential by setting its sights on the intended goal or prize and then slowly-but-surely realizing its considerable ambitions. As Pasteur put it, “One must work; one must work. I have done what I could.” And the reality for all of us is that we cannot escape the results—consequences—of our constant focus. What we habitually concentrate on is the vibratory consciousness in which we imagine, create, and thus spend our lives. “Thought power,” according to the spiritual teacher, White Eagle, “is the greatest power in life.”


Young Louis Pasteur received training in the power and potential of focus from a very early age, growing up as he did with a father who had this maxim on his tannery account book: “Never think about anything but what you are doing at the time.” White Eagle would likewise say do one thing at a time with such undivided attention that you are continually practicing the present moment and experiencing the Divine as an abiding, constant influence. According to your internal focus, so shall your external world be. This is the legacy you give to the world.

At the age of 17, when he was in his final year of secondary school and devoting all his energy to studying, the serious Pasteur wrote to his father, “Once one is used to working, one can no longer live without it. And of course, everything in the world depends on it; in science, one is happy; in science one rises above all others.” This was his early template that crystallized all his indefatigable energies towards his intended ascent, which eventually made him a giant among the scientific pioneers of his day. He was later to be popularly known as both the “father of microbiology” and the “father of germ theory.” One of his famous sayings was: “In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind”—a perfect motto for a Capricorn who described work as the only thing that can bring joy!


Pasteur was endowed with exceptional courage and fierce determination, so much so that it was said of him, “he could not and would not be defeated. He never would give up.” He appeared to be incapable of anything but forging ahead in spite of all odds, even to the point of fervently defending his ideas and severely condemning colleagues who opposed him. He, too, had his full share of (Saturnian) delays, restraints, failures, and those who criticized his methodology, but they only made him more industrious and relentless as he expended all his talent on the current experiments. His vision, combined with an innate wisdom about timing, was focused like a laser on the mastery and rigorous precision he needed to climb the steep slope of scientific endeavor, whose heights he would one day dominate as a legend. He knew he stood in the spotlight of worldwide fame through his significant contributions, and was swift to accept all honors. The scientific methods of the 19th century were revolutionized as a result of his indefatigable work.

“I constantly felt the sacred fire of science
burning ever brighter in my heart…”

During the course of Pasteur’s remarkable life, his staggering productivity moved from the self-disciplined but mediocre schoolwork of a reserved boy not outwardly gifted with native intelligence, to his initial studies in crystallography, which laid the foundation for his life-long curiosity with the cellular building blocks of life. In turn, his dauntless quest led to the study of yeasts and the diseases of the French wine and silkworm industries, to his successful unraveling of the mysteries and treatment with the new concept of vaccination for the deadly anthrax and rabies diseases, and to the final capstone of his indomitable willpower that oversaw the building of his prestigious, influential “Institut Pasteur.”


The tentacles of this coveted place of research eventually resulted in a global network of 32 institutes in 29 countries dedicated to leading-edge scientific and medical discoveries.3 In fact, the creation and funding of the Institute made Pasteur the world’s first scientist to become a highly successful enterprise—another apt outcome for a Capricorn. He knew that if his willpower and work showed “patience when the task is long” that success would crown his achievements. Indeed it did in perfect Capricorn style! Currently, his worldwide work continues by those devoted disciples called “the Pasteurians.”


To read about the life of Pasteur with his search for excellence and his deep-seated sense of purpose is to read a classic textbook description of Capricorn and what can be accomplished when a person directs all their resources toward a desired end, because focus begets focus begets self-empowerment. And, ambitious Capricorn is a sign that loves power, recognition, and prestige. Pasteur, accordingly, was able to center his thoughts, time, and energy in such a way that, over the course of his lifetime of dedicated work, he became the chief architect that triggered a scientific and medical revolution, which redesigned the landscape of both science and medicine while creating entirely new disciplines, such as bacteriology, microbiology, and immunology.

This renowned scientist opened new frontiers and literally changed the face of his world to a far, far healthier place. Now, more than a century later, we live with the positive, life-saving consequences of the many medical and scientific advances he fostered. “But to whatever life will have favored your efforts,” Pasteur assures us, “when you approach the great goal, you must be able to say to yourself: ‘I have done my best.’”

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1. A version of this article was originally published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 10, Issue 2, pages 12-14, 2002.

2. Nicholas Devore. 1947. Encyclopedia of Astrology. Philosophical Library, Inc. and Bonanza Books.


Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. Capricorn the Goat is from Guido Bonatti, Liber Astronomiae. The photo of Pasteur in his lab is legally in the public domain due to its expired copyright. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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Fortunate you! You have arrived at the most important crossroads of your life. If you choose to embrace this auspicious opportunity, it is a transformational moment. The timing is perfect and powerful because, as a new season commences today (the Sun’s ingress into Libra and the New Moon the 23rd), Pluto also Stations Direct at 11°00′ Capricorn. Pluto, symbolic of a complete overhaul, will slowly-but-surely inch forward again, renovating the landscape. After nearly five months of internally directed work and healing, a new passageway has opened, should you choose to embrace this favorable opportunity. Inward shifts “be”gin to externalize now.


Moreover, according to astrologer Stephanie Austin, the next few days are fortuitous windows, wherein we can more easily access higher dimensions due to “a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth,” as the Sun aligns with our equator. Because the “equinox and solstice points are energetic gateways and extra-potent times,”1 she suggests we establish any clearly defined intentions we have.

So, in these spiritually heightened days, here’s the ultimate opportunity. First, settle in. Give yourself a little respite. Take the next few minutes to “be”come very quiet inside. Take a few deeper, relaxing breaths, “be”ing aware of the gentle flow of air, in and out, feeling more and more calm and centered. The in-flow is the in-spiration, and the out-flow clears space for a new vision.

Within yourself, sense, feel, or see that you are sitting serenely on a comfortable white bench overlooking a beautiful meadow. A nearby lake catches your eye, while majestic mountain peaks frame the water’s shore. You are entranced by the lake’s azure stillness—its tranquil waters a mirror of peace. Listen to the birds talking. Watch the flower fairies play and dance in joyful merriment. Relaxation spreads throughout your body. Notice that, in your heart, you feel as though you’ve never actually left this familiar place called “Home.”

Resting here, in splendid silence, an obvious sense of “be”ing complete and whole envelops you like a tailor-made cloak. It’s an idyllic fit! It feels marvelous!

You “be”come aware that a GIFT is “be”ing offered to you that has the power and potential to revolutionize the next moment, year, the rest of your earthly lifetime. You get to select ONE quality, ONE way of “be”ing that personifies your true and perfect nature. You get to decide on the precise attribute that summarizes what your timeless identity is.

When you are ready, settle on the feature that you want ascribed as you. Voilà, you automatically receive it. You are it! It’s really yours! Your new course is set. You’ve entered the Passageway of a fresh “Be”ginning. Stride forward with absolute strength, confidence, focus, and joy.

Be who you choose to be—NOW.

Sitting on my own bench a private distance from your bench, the quality I choose is unconditional love. I AM unconditionally loving all the moments of my sojourn on Earth.

And so it is—for both of us.


The Creator’s Constant Care is a generous provider.
What our heart chooses, God grants.
The ultimate Gift is ours.

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1. Stephanie Austin. Libra New Moon — September 23-24. Mountain Astrologer, August/September 2014. Page 107.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Seasonal diagram and photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. The photo of the meadow flowers is attributed to Jonathan Billinger, from the Geograph UK Project. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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Every cell is a part of the Whole
and never apart from the Whole.
A single cell is pure, creative Potential.
Your origin is from that Perfect Cell.

Over the past year and beyond, we have been simplifying our life, diet, home, and garden. Less in the material realm is truly increased freedom. Less, for us, is more and more genuine wealth. The result is greater harmonization—and thus additional room for spiritualization. The overall energy of our life is flowing more gently, smoothly, and within those streamlined, feminine curves. On the feeling level, there is a qualitative shift toward expansiveness and heightened joy. Each little shift, each little rearrangement toward enhanced—simple—beauty is a feng shui on all levels of our life. Words cannot convey the essence of feeling at peace in harmony.

Perhaps we are more fully accessing what Deepak Chopra describes as “The Law of Least Effort”—living tranquilly in the infinite flow of Divine Energy, allowing it to quietly guide our days of heart-centered being. This equates to a nervous system that tends to be calm and responsive, rather than in the stress-related, reactive mode that is so prevalent in today’s hyper-driven, competitive world, resulting in a constant alert mode as to what might be the next incoming threat. Sadly, many don’t realize that, in reality, the Universe is balanced and pervaded by a cooperative, giving-and-receiving Energy.


Take, for example, a teaching from the venerated Turkey Vulture, considered a powerful and mystical bird in many cultures. Its scientific name, Carthartes aura, means “golden purifier” or “purifying breeze,” linking it to the symbolic keynotes of purification, death and rebirth, and a new vision.1 In the ancient practice of placing their dead on a raised platform to be consumed by vultures, the Zoroastrians regarded these sacred birds as “precious animals that release the soul from the body.”2

Equipped with a magnificent wingspan, the vulture is a master of The Law of Least Effort. Able to see and take advantage of the air thermals and updrafts that rise from the Earth, a vulture can soar with perfect ease for hours without flapping its wings. This is the power of effortless flight in that they don’t have to expend their own energy. They simply allow the currents of air their natural function of interfering with the pull of gravity, and, in so doing, utilize this infinite supply of free energy. Thus, the vulture does not oppose gravity but rather puts its body in the natural flow of “air” energy to glide with fluid, uplifted grace—masters of the Art and Law of Harmonization.


In the present astrological sky, Mercury is in the balance-seeking sign of Libra (until the 28th). Our minds are naturally inclined toward how we might create greater aesthetical harmony in small and larger ways in our lives. What minor (and major) modification(s) could you make that would result in a huge difference in your overall wellbeing? The Sun moves into airy Libra for a month, at the precise moment when the days and nights are equally harmonized—at the equinoctal turning point on September 22nd. In the northern hemisphere, autumn officially begins; in the southern hemisphere, spring. Splendor unfolds in its own lovely timeliness in both hemispheres.

Innate qualities that are often associated with peace-seeking Libra all revolve around the hub of actively striving toward true inner and outer harmony. A few of these natural inclinations are a refined sense for proportion and symmetry, the pursuit of beauty, fairness, justice, compromise, cooperation, dispassion, and a longing for perfection in both the personal environment and relationships. During the Sun’s annual sojourn through this Venus-ruled sign, there is the cosmic opportunity to actualize a greater level of balance and peace. Like the vulture, riding carefree and effortlessly on the rivers of air high above the Earth, we too can become masters of the Art and Law of Harmonization. It is only a choice, your choice.

The purpose of spiritual unfoldment is to bring harmony
into the whole being so that all planes of consciousness
are harmonized in the one supreme light.
White Eagle

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1. Ted Andrews. 2003. Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. Llewellyn Publications. Page 203.


Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Vulture photo and symbol for Libra gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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In quietness, we remember the Oneness
of all Life and realize the actual
Divine Presence within our own being.
We are filled from within—
already complete and whole.

If you were to make an intuitive guess as to how many of us are comfortable being alone with our self to think quietly, even for a mere six to 15 minutes, what percentage of the population would you say could handle time spent in silent, internal focus? As it turns out, very few individuals can tolerate solitude without some sort of external distraction, turning to such things as one of the mobile devices or a computer, listening to music or reading. Current psychological research suggests, “that people go to surprisingly great lengths to avoid being stranded with their own thoughts,” considering this to be a “most undesirable activity.”1

Those of us who revel in the solitude and quiet of our own company are a rarity. New research findings, published in the July 4 Science, indicate that lots of people find solitude distressing, even to the extent that some individuals choose “electric shock over quiet thinking.”2 For many, introspection feels unpleasant, perhaps in part due to the fact that thoughts are difficult to control and tend to wander off in unpleasant directions when left to their own free reign. A significant factor, as well, is most individuals are unaware that their nervous system is in a constant, revved-up gear! A lot of people are also equally avoidant of self-reflection—time spent in careful self-observation regarding one’s beliefs, motives, behavior, and the person we seek to become.

Last week, as a perfect example, our favorite bank teller (in her late 50’s) proudly shared that she had worn out a 10-year old girl. After a week of incessant activities of going here and there, our “teller” friend announced to the girl, “Come on, let’s go do this.” “Can’t we stay home and just sit down for once,” protested the girl, emotionally and bone weary from the week’s endless motion, “I don’t want to do another thing but sit here and catch my breath!” Amused she had outdone a 10-year old, the teller’s idea was someone ought to bottle and sell her non-stop energy, a product that would be similar to one of those highly caffeinated “energy drinks” already on the market! By 2012, sales of these stimulating energy drinks had exceeded a staggering $12.5 billion annually, a growth rate of 60% in only four years.3

When given the opportunity, how many would choose to slow down even a fraction? On a day set aside to celebrate Un-Labor, three of the tree guys who were part of the team that cut down our black walnut tree last week showed up promptly at 8:00 a.m. on Labor Day to grind out the massive stump! On a day meant for rest, relaxation, and quietude, we listened to grinding noise all morning as a big cloud of dust sailed westward!

From all appearances of a world gone mad in nonstop activity and the seeking of the next, new, novel thing shrewdly marketed, we quiet types seem a rare breed. That said, the clever part is that many of us are able to don a comfortable, extroverted persona when needed, so our true numbers are likely a sizeable portion more than is outwardly discerned. Unlikely candidates to be the “life’s spark” of a party, we are, however, well able to “mix” when choice, necessity, or life’s calling arises. We are talented chameleons who can change our skin color to extroversion—but never for inauthentic reasons. We simply make a conscious choice to be and live within a rhythm of quietness. Herein, we discover our true temperament, neither as an introvert nor an extrovert. We are all divine in origin.

The outward movement into form does not express itself
with equal intensity in all people. Some feel a strong
urge to build, create, become involved, achieve, make an
impact upon the world. …Others, after the natural expansion
that comes with growing up has run its course, lead an
outwardly unremarkable, seemingly more passive and
relatively uneventful existence.

 They are more inward looking by nature, and for them
the outward movement into form is minimal. They would
rather return home than go out. …In past ages, they
would probably have been called contemplatives.

 Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

So, let me ask, are there any among you who are naturally inclined toward the introverted, quiet end of the temperament scale? Stand confidently in the center of your peaceful being!


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Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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For more than 22 years, we have had the privilege and honor to live next door to the majestic matriarch tree of the neighborhood—an 85-year-old black walnut. She is more than magnificent in her towering height, her graceful beauty, her sheltering arms for a multiplicity of birds and gray squirrels. She has provided abundant, annual crops of walnuts for the animals and afternoon shade for our home during the hottest days of summer. As a supreme and loving presence, she’s an anchor of stability. Her aura of strength infuses me with a joyful appreciation for the infinitesimal to largest aspects of my natural environs, each with its irreplaceable position in life’s tapestry.

I have noticed, over the last few days, how her tallest branches reach straight upward toward the sky, as if her limbs are raised high in constant prayer to the Great Spirit. She prays, quietly emanating love. Her nature is that of an unconditional giver to Life.


In the perpetual cycles of life, all things have their appointed time. One cycle gives way to the next. The wondrous spirit of our beloved walnut tree has passed through the veil. Her only awareness is of the continuity of life, of the love and gratitude she has already taken with her to the lush meadow she now inhabits in the higher realm of Light. Her contented glow is brighter than ever, serving the birds and animals without interruption—her generous legacy intact. She has no sense of the absence of those of us who treasure her.

Her corporeal body is a rare and sacred entity. The enormous trunk, in its entirety of 22,000 pounds, will be escorted to Portland this very afternoon. Not surprisingly, the #22 is a Master number, which relates to dimensions beyond this material plane! One future day, her impressive trunk will serve again as yet another priceless work of art. Respected and preserved in its whole form, this creation will bless the new location and people. Her gift lives on.

While the tree that prays is gone from our mortal sight, inwardly, with eyes of spirit, she is as visibly radiant and near as ever. My heart feels less bereft.

Marked by the current planetary alignments as a time of major shifts on both the personal and collective scales, the physical loss of our matriarch tree is a tear-filled, heart-wrenching adjustment for me. It’s a momentous closure and new opportunity, a dramatic symbol of life’s outer and inner landscapes as continuous outpourings of novel forms and their release back into a subtler sphere of life.

In moments of sheer resistance to the present changes over which I have no power, I’ve caused myself much stress and grief. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….” In the contrasting place of acceptance, I allow the process of life to simply be what it is—stages of energy that first move outward, stabilizing into temporary forms, and then returning to their spiritual origin. It is pure energy in constant motion and perfect expression for its time and place. Rest assured, the Creator IS creating infinitely.


On a relevant note, one of the Bach flower essences is walnut. Energetically, its gift is to assist during times when the foundation of life is unsettled and rearranging into the next, evolving phase. Thus, walnut’s purpose is to ease the way through major periods of alteration and transition to new circumstances. Known as a general “link breaker,” the walnut essence also helps us to separate from and finally be done with past conditions, outlived decisions, painful associations, and limiting restrictions. Walnut cleanses and clears our overall vibration so that we can make crucial decisions to stride through a portal toward a brand new path, one that opens as needed. Freed from impeding, external influences, hearing our own soul note at last, our spiritual purpose calls. Walnut is a powerfully useful flower essence for these demanding times!

Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains,
be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth
of the summer sun in your heart and
the great spirit will always be with you.
Native American proverb

Of all man’s works of art, a cathedral is greatest.
A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.
Henry Ward Beecher

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider,
every green tree is far more glorious
than if it were made of gold and silver.
Martin Luther

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You cannot give me peace or make me peaceful.
I cannot give you peace or make you peaceful.
Peace is something we choose to give ourselves.
Love is the same.

So many of us have inner, subconscious blockages that relate to a lack of self-acceptance and self-love. Feeling our self to be lesser than, not good enough, or in some way imperfect creates tremendous emotional pain, unhappiness, frustration and repressed anger, and endless patterns of self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors. Miserable, tattered, and ruined lives are not uncommon.

Considered from the physical level, these recurring episodes are often due to an imbalance in the brain or a physiological disorder. On the emotional level, fear is the culprit that drives the cycle of self-rejection and self-abuse in its mildest and cruelest forms. Seen from the higher level of Spirit, every thing—every thing—that is occurring during our lifetime has been perfectly intended and orchestrated by our Soul for our evolutionary growth, for our utmost good. Our Higher Self knows the full truth: whatever we are experiencing in the moment we ourselves have first created, at some level. We have placed it square in our Path. Though the outer appearance can look like “stuff” and “life” are coming at us, we are in fact the creator—the cause—and thus responsible for any and all results. Soul-wise, we cannot ever be other than in this moment’s precise and perfect: place, relationships, circumstances, work, and events.


On Monday, all over the world, time stood still as each of us learned the tragic news of Robin William’s passing. His suicide has left us all in reeling shock and devastation—without words to describe the horrific loss of his gifted genius to inspire and make us laugh. He was indeed a BIG and well-loved player on the stage of life! Though his chronic alcohol and drug abuse is widely known, it is hard to comprehend that one so outwardly talented, having “it all” in the material sense, would find himself in such an unfathomable, dark abyss of depression that he came to the end of his emotional endurance to rise again. Unfortunately, he felt only one choice was left.

Astrologer Donna Cunningham believes Robin suffered from bipolar disorder (a manic depressive), which explains both his “wildly manic comedy” and the life-long struggle with recurring episodes of “deep, bleak depression.”1 She explains, from her years of work in mental health settings and witnessing “non-medicated manic people in action,” that “bipolar people can swing between the two extremes, and for some of them, the higher the high, the lower the low.” Her intuitive sense tells her “he just got too worn down by a lifetime struggle to pull himself out of a soul-crushing, recurring depression.”

From an astrological perspective, Williams had been undergoing some significant planetary transits to his natal chart over the last year, which would have intensified any internal dis-harmony and activated his unresolved demons. Central among these is the long-term transformative “square” aspect of transiting Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn that ignited his nearly exact natal conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Cancer in the 8th house of crisis and sudden extremes, a placement that can indicate an unexpected death when it occurs. The 8th house is also associated with what is hidden, lurking beneath the surface.

Natal Mars in William’s chart is a highly pivotal planet, due to its being the traditional ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant. And the headstrong Mars/Uranus conjunction can signify self-will and willfulness, a struggle for survival, the inclination toward hasty and premature acts, as well as a sudden application of effort that results in an injury or accident.2 The forceful power of the long-series of oppositions made by transiting Pluto to this incendiary pair was a potential powder keg ready to blow, resulting not in an act of outer violence but one he acted out upon his self. His inner darkness enveloped him. He succumbed.

There were a number of potential “triggers” that could account for the build up and plunge into the depth of his despair and may have set off the actual suicidal event, such as transiting Mars in Scorpio applying to his natal Scorpio Ascendant on the day of his death. Note it also activated the natal Mars/Uranus conjunction, compounding all things “Mars!”

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio likely played a fundamental part. As an archetypal energy of separation and mortality, Saturn has the power to heighten one’s sense of isolation and melancholia. For several months, transiting Saturn (moving back and forth between 17º and 23º Scorpio) in the most important 1st house had been stirring the waters of “selfhood,” ideally meant to be a “new beginning of internal growth” and the forcing of issues heretofore unresolved, as Robert Hand put it. The 1st house represents the physical body itself, and transiting Saturn here can augment the feeling of wanting to withdraw, loneliness, low reserves of energy to cope with daily life, and extreme tiredness. Since the end of last year, transiting Saturn has also been making hard, depressing aspects to the Leo Midheaven/Mercury/Pluto conjunction—a draining combination that may have simply dimmed his will to carry on another step, moving him to that terrible place of extinguishing his spark of life.

In the deep darkness of grief and pain,
I found the angel of Light again.
She wore no lovely garment of white
But was garbed in robes as deep as night.
I saw in her arms no flower fair,
Instead, a crucifix nestled there.
She didn’t walk with joyous tread
Or offer me relief from dread.
But I felt her peace and her quiet power
And knew in that night of awe filled hour
She was the angel of Eternal Dawn.
Lifting her hood I saw her face
And knew the glory that hid her grace.
From earth blinded eyes too dim to see
That only through her, could we ever go free!
Isabel M. Hickey, master astrologer

Given the deeply sad picture of his probable last hours, no one can know what the soul of Robin Williams intended in the circumstances wherein he left this life, according to his soul’s timetable. Who could possibly criticize, judge, or condemn him for what, on the Spiritual level, was perfect for his Soul and expansion of consciousness? How can we have anything but the greatest compassion and love for one who gave such a valiant effort to a struggle he endured to 63 years?

We can, as One Worldwide Community and individually, talk quietly within our own heart to the soul of Robin Williams, and offer our gentle, caring respect. Share from your heart, as though he is sitting by your side now. Tell Robin what you would most like him to take with him on the next leg of his Soul’s Journey. We can envelope him in our individual and collective Love, and ask him to walk into the grace of Divine Light that forever opens Its arms to him—a beautiful, radiant soul come Home. Maybe now, like Princess Diana discovered when she crossed over into the inner world, he can truly comprehend how many lives and hearts he touched with uproarious laughter, enormous joy, and simpatico tears of understanding for our shared humanity in transcending fear and choosing love.


Inner strength, inner joy, inner Light
are the true and lasting value.
Everything else is ephemeral.

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2. Reinhold Ebertin. 1972. The Combination of Stellar Influences. American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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The silent receptivity of the heart is
the point of contact with Divine Being.
From this center, every point is the One Point.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with my mind-calming mantra for slowing and softening the mind. These particular words are inherently contemplative in nature, increasing their ability to induce a tranquil state of quietude that is powerfully restorative.


And, each pair of words spoken inwardly, with a goodly pause between the next pair, allows the mind to mirror the quality of unruffled waters—creating a perfect reflection of the Big Sky above. The little you and the Big You merge.

You will find that the pace of the words slows itself. The rhythm of your breath will gently slow down, as well. The psyche and all systems of the body become unhurried, at ease, and return to their natural state of trust. Spiritual listening—opening the inner ear to the Godly Voice—is heightened. We let go the mental realm of thoughts and words, rising higher in consciousness to abide in the holy realm of Truth.

This mantra works well when a brief, mental break is needed or when lying down for a nap, letting all thoughts and outer activities drift away down the river. As a prelude to meditation, I find this mantra to be a superb entry point for shifting into deepest peace.

Give it a test, and see if it works for you. The more you practice the mantra, as a preliminary lead-in to a more leisurely pace, the quicker the outer mind loosens and the sense of harmony arises. Within you, a renewed, more finely attuned consciousness awakens. This mindful receptivity will become a rooted, living part of your being—a true embodiment of your Self. Your inner state of harmony will dramatically change your outer life.

Here are the words for the mantra:

Relaxing mind.
Resting mind.
Quiet mind.
Serene mind.
Still mind.
Silent mind.
Spacious mind.
Receptive mind.
Trusting mind.
Heavenly mind.
One mind.

Bliss-full harmony.
Love enfolded.

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2014. The photo of the Thai Buddha is gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to the Walters Art Museum. The River Tyne photo is also from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Andrew Curtis, from the Geograph project in the UK. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my delightful husband.

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