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The affect to one of us affects all of us.
One person’s serene presence affects all.
One person’s conscious awareness affects all.
Our every act is a choice with a consequence.
Love is the ultimate affect.

Yesterday morning, with the night’s rain still moistening the sidewalks, I noticed a neighbor bent over in rapt focus. I realized, at that moment, he was being “Saint Worm.” Rather than walking mindlessly to his daily work at the university, he was aware enough to see a wee earthworm in harm’s way. His kind heart and hand saved a life. And in that extraordinary act, he affected the entirety of Creation, because, as ecologist Chris Maser puts it, “everything in the Universe is part of a single relationship. Nothing is a separate or an independent variable, so not even a grain of sand [or an earthworm] can exist outside of this intrinsic relationship.”


Chris is yet another Saint Worm, interrupting our bike rides periodically to safely escort an earthworm in the road to a sustainable place on better ground. When I asked him about the life and value of earthworms, he explained that foremost an earthworm’s task is to mix the soil. They eat dead, organic materials, like leaves, passing the matter through their efficient systems and excreting it, as an integral component of nutrient recycling—all of which benefits growing plants and trees. Earthworms create air spaces that both allows the soil to breath and opens spaces for the infiltration of water and chemical processes to take place—the totality of which adds up to rich fertility. Among the soil’s various functions is to be the exchange membrane between the inorganic (non-living) and organic (living) components of the Earth. Soil is the very stage on which the entire human drama is enacted, and if we destroy this sacred stage, the consequence to human survival is perilous. So the humble life of earthworms is every bit as indispensable as every other life on this planet.

In fact, to esteem the natural world and appreciate its springtime awakening (in the northern hemisphere) is an excellent antidote for the potentially challenging, tense astrological weather of April when many things may come to some sort of a head. Without doubt, a crucial, evolutionary point has been reached on the personal and collective levels.


The blogosphere is replete now with writings on the heightened pressure and possibilities of the Grand Cross reaching its forceful peak on April 22, but its strong effect will pulse all month long. Dire and encouraging viewpoints are plentiful. Clearly, the April stakes are high with the four points of the Cross occupied by Mars opposing Uranus (surprising force) and Jupiter opposing Pluto (expansive rebirth)—the four planets potently squared in the mid-degrees of the dynamic Cardinal signs. The scenes of our lives and the outer world are likely dramatically shifting! A powerful purging is ongoing. Even though it may be painful, go with it!

The heart of the astrological imperative—a personally crafted Cosmic message directed to each of us—is to continue to release and let go of any things, persons, conditions, or circumstances that do not positively contribute to your spiritual essence. As space is created from this process of conscious choice and relinquishment, renewal comes. Breakthroughs are available. Sunlight, due to clearer skies, will reward those with a courageous heart. Embrace the unknown. Whatever is a better fit for now and into the future will arise then, naturally, in its own perfect timing. Watch for new pathways. A miraculous life awaits those who are willing to replace fear with trust, faith, and love.

If you are feeling pressed too hard with juggling multiple changes or somehow off balance, then look up to the life of the clouds for guidance and inspiration. They show us with their Cloud Memos that there’s no such thing as a constant moment but rather a fluid panorama of moving, shifting formations and patterns of aliveness. The clouds flow with and accommodate the continuously changing beauty of the Creative Process of Life.


April is a month to stay grounded and centered, focused in the appreciation and awe of this moment—now, the only moment we will ever have. Look down to notice the small things, like earthworms. Delicate, spring green buds grow in readiness to open for yet another season of growth. The crows are flying overhead with sticks in their capable beaks, preparing a safe nest for the next cherished generation. Gaze in wonderment at the glistening diamonds of raindrops on the vegetation, the stunning aftermath of the ocean’s waters cleansing Mother Earth anew.


The Universe is in its perfect rhythm. Be assured the larger Plan is unfolding in its Divine Accuracy to allow each of us the choice to birth a greater Consciousness on this physical level of life. Align your self with this flawless Universal Mandate for transformation. Offer gratitude for the fresh opportunities and blessings of this day. Serve Life, and It will serve you with abundant joy and grace. Go outside and fly!

Today’s seeds,
whether they be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual,
will tomorrow bear the fruit.
What harvest will yours be?

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Look up at the silvery Lunar orb in the outer sky.
And then pause to feel Her counterpart in your inner sky.
She watches, with great love.

Last week, as the glorious Virgo Full Moon began to wane, the title for this piece suddenly dropped into my mind while I was crossing the “threshold consciousness” from sleep to waking. “Now that’s a deep concept to consider,” I thought, as further ideas bubbled up. Clipboard by the side of the bed, I jotted down the insights while they were fresh and memorable.

As synchronicity would have it, a very dear friend sent a touching email entitled “Motherly Love.” Supported with pictures taken by wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot, the drama unfolds after a wee lion cub slips over and down a steep cliff. Barely hanging onto the crumbling soil, its desperate cries draw to its aid not only its mother but also three female lions and a male. The lionesses begin the rescue descent. The treachery of the mission, however, stops all but one cat.


Fueled solely by her “motherly love,” she continues down the dangerous cliff face, using every ounce of her mighty prowess, because, were she to loose her grip, both mother and baby would plummet to their deaths at the bottom of the ravine. Her strength takes her just below the exhausted cub, where she grabs it with her jaws. The ascending journey is as perilous, but her sheer determination takes them to the top. Standing over her coveted youngster, she gives it a soothing lick on the head, assuring the cub of her maternal watchfulness—their lives forever intertwined.

Like the archetypal Great Mother, our own mother, in her best guise, can function as the creative power of new life, the one who is gently enfolding, comforting, reassuring, and protective of her child. This is the Divine feminine who replicates love and passes on the legacy of love—like the quick response of the lioness, who risked it all to save her cub. Alternately, our mother can arise as the destroyer of that which is tender, fragile and/or undesirable, crushing the newborn’s psyche when it’s—“who am I?”—preceptors are the most vulnerable to incoming energetic impressions from its caretakers and the environment.

Every one is a moon, and has a dark side
which he
never shows to anybody.

Mark Twain

Yet astrologer Dana Gerhardt explains an amazing lunar wonder, when taken beyond the outer level of life to its profound spiritual symbolism: “The archetypal Moon has a dark side, as does the astronomical one. Owing to the speed of its orbit and rotation, Luna … keeps turning the same face toward us, like a mother with her eyes constantly on her child. Luna’s ‘dark’ side is always hidden, although it actually does get sunlight. It’s just that we never see it. It’s dark like a mystery is dark, like something in shadow or unknown.”1


This means on the practical and energetic levels, as we sail through space on our Earth-ship, that we are never left without the divine light of the Mother-Lunar Presence. Her seen and unseen faces are both light infused. If we can get this at the deepest level of realization, then we apprehend the formless, timeless Mother Essence of Life. We are eternally in communion with the sacred Feminine Presence, supplied fully—internally—with her gracious attentiveness, for the vessel is an interior, spiritual one.


In fact, the Moon is often described as a container, with its dual functions as receptacle and reflector. According to our own perceptions and evolving expectations, learned in the “family” classroom on Mother Earth, we decide to make our mother cup either half empty or half-to-brimming full. Granted, it’s often done unconsciously, but it becomes the prima materia in which we later tell our sad or happy mother story—which I believe is the most formative story line of our lives for women and men alike.

Divine Mother feeds us unconditionally—not for what
She may receive but for what She can give.
As a continuous conduit of Love, She provides
all our needs when we ingest from the spiritual level of life,
because emotional cravings and hunger are only satisfied
on this inner level of harmony and wholeness.


At some point during our evolving journey, if your mother drama was in any way similar to mine, we reach the crossroads where we’ve told our story ad nauseum of “I’m like this because I didn’t receive enough quality mothering.” We—ourselves—have to make the jump to light speed. We have to stop the unrealistic expectation and waiting around for someone external to us to fill our cup and realize that it has always been full, just like the whole orb of the Moon! In this state of oneness only we can give to our self, the duality of opposites, such as a light and dark side, or the possibility of lack dissolves. The heavenly Maternal Kingdom resides within.

When I look back with great compassion to the depth of my emotional hungers, I was subconsciously in “mother pursuit” for some nurturing, affirmation, and the security I felt lacking from my own “mother experience.” I searched high and low for a sympathetic substitute—out there—who I hoped would notice me and pour her love out to the small child within who felt left out and empty. With the Moon square both Venus and Saturn in my natal chart, it’s safe to say that cultivating the aspect of positive mothering and feminine ease are a huge part of the learning on my soul agenda this time around. That is to repeat, my learning. My mother’s sense of self and maternal learning were her own struggle, the sad residue from a childhood bereft of nurturance. We came together to be emotional mirrors for one another, as well as for self-mastery.

The Moon’s fertile realm includes the psyche and the hidden or inner side of life, which lies within all forms of outer manifestation, and Her spiritual energy is readily available when we move into our heart and call to Her. The only true solutions to all of life’s heartbreaks and mysteries reside within. In any moment, we can choose to come Home to the warm closeness and belonging given by the Eternal Mother Being, She whose watchful and protective care knows our need even before we do.

The Moon’s Rays of Maternal Love are often of a shimmering, pearlescent “mother” quality that is deeply gentle yet powerful as her reflected Light blends softly with all the colors. The Moon has always been associated with silver light and with violet, such that the underlying quality of the Ray of the Great Mother is amethyst. No matter what our concern may be, within this serene “pearl” vibration is an all-encompassing feeling of love and tender understanding for our current need and humanness.


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1. Dana Gerhardt. Hungry Moons. The Mountain Astrologer, Issue #174, April/May 2014, pages 13-16.

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Contentment is an internal gift
we give to our self.

Around our home, I’m known as the “Bommy.” That is, Bird Mommy. She is the one who gets up early, trekking out to daily restock the “Birdie Diner” before all the hungry mouths arrive. And what a joyful service it tis!

So many of the small tasks that drive our days can be ones that bring great contentment. Such enjoyment is an interior spaciousness of presence wherein we can choose—consciously—to experience everything in the world as though it spins around an Axis of Love. Despite what outer appearances may look like, especially in these current, intense times of transition and transformation, this Axis is indeed the Universal Center!

Consider the possibility that life’s major concerns, such as health and money, are actually outer manifestations of divine grace, first having their origin in the contented soul—the one who feels whole and complete. Such bountiful life flows out from within us, because it cannot come to us externally as lasting qualities we possess. This outward flow of energy, in whatever form it takes, empties our vessel while simultaneously refilling it. In such a state of givingness, we are continually supplied, even to the “twelve full baskets” that remain after feeding the multitudes.

Contrast this with a consumptive mentality, which creates the impulse for the constant round of dissatisfactions that impel us toward “more is better.” Always seeking what is next, consumption’s basis is a poverty of soul that seeks to be filled from the outside, an empty process that, in the end, is forever destined to fail—like trying to fill a well from the top. It feels like something is always just out of reach and thus somehow incomplete.

Both consumption and contentment are self-perpetuating and contagious. The restless desire to acquire and consume focuses on the future and the past: what is missing or what was missing that we must have today, next week, next year. The deep satisfaction of contentment is a here-and-now focus: how can we express our gratitude for the simplicity and fullness of this precious moment.


The face of true contentment

What if you were to bring mindful presence to every moment, and at the end of the day, you created a series of instances that add up to a perfectly lived day? There would never be regrets, or the need to “re-do” or “re-run” any scenario that occurred during the day, since you’ve done your attentive best. With all of you in one place, that is, non-fragmented and fully present, you would be moving through a series of gratifying moments that add up to major contentment of heart, soul, and life. The movie, “About Time,” is a poignant depiction of the joy of perfectly lived days and the deep contentment it ensures.

Invitation To Rest Now In A Moment Of Quiet:

In the “many mansions” within, there are numerous doors to choose from. It is all up to us which door has the resonant energy that will draw us close.


Will you join me in a few moments of restorative quiet? With your imagination, envision your eyes closing, if that feels comfortable to do so. There is before us an expansive hallway within this enormous Mansion. See all the various doors, each one unique. Move at a leisurely pace, pausing when you need to. Feel the relaxed peace that enfolds you. Feel its loving support and the guidance speaking softly to “follow your heart.”

You already know your way along the hallway—your individual way. It’s never really been a mystery. The interior Mansion has always been present. It is the background that comes forward when you are tranquil and still.

As your heart opens to its inner knowing, you find yourself at the right door for you at this moment. The Light brightens. You feel calm and centered, more truly yourself than you can recall. Harmony emanates from the room you stand before. You are aware of a pervasive contentment that nurtures every cell of your being. You feel rested, yet vibrant.

And then … you are conscious that the door of the room is open. Soft music whispers to your inner being. A Spiritual Light invites you to take the step across the threshold. And so you do.

The room feels entirely familiar. Comfortable. As though you have come home—by active choice—to your Self, into the presence of Absolute Presence. Indivisibly One. Liberated. Fulfilled. And you realize the door has always been open, eternally, awaiting your return….

Wherever you go,
whatever you are doing,
you take lasting contentment with you
as Spirit’s gracious gift to you.
And your peace is your gift to all life.



Postscript: In a delightful synchronous turn, a dear friend sent a belated birthday card today with the following message: Wishing you purr-fect contentment through every stage of life.

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There is nothing to fear.

God is near.

God is here.

God holds me dear.

And, God can steer.

So, I can be clear

of all things I fear,

because God is near.

God is here.

God can steer.

God is the Seer.

And, so am I.


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马年大吉 Mǎ nián dàjí
In Chinese, Best wishes for the Year of the Horse!

On January 31, had we been in China, the greeting heard everywhere would have been “Gung hei fat choi!” The Year of the Wooden Horse loped in on that day, arriving with an abundance of energy to usher in this year’s two dominant elements of Wood and a sizable dose of Fire. A visual for this new force could be a crackling, bright fire to show us the way during the sojourn of this high-spirited, yang Horse! Vibrancy and spontaneity might be key words for the year, with possibilities to create a new reality in one or more areas of our life.

Astrologically, the Chinese New Year—also known as the Lunar New Year—commences at sunset, following the first New Moon after the Sun leaves its visitation in the Earth sign of Capricorn, to take up residence in Water-bearing Aquarius. This is the portal of the first day for the Chinese calendar, a luni-solar calendar (now in its 4712th year), which includes both the lunar phase and the time of the solar year. It marks the end of the winter season in China and the beginning of the longest, most important holiday and celebration of the Chinese calendar—the “Spring Festival.”


In the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, horse is the seventh animal in the order of the sequence, with 2014 also being a “7” year. Thus, being an odd number, horse is considered a Yang (male) animal. Among the traditional Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, this year horse is underpinned by the extroverted passion of Fire, so the combination of wood and fire suggests the commencement of both small and larger cycles, neatly seeded within one another.

Wood initiates not only the sequence of the Five Elements but also the 60-year circle of the Chinese zodiac. Wood is associated with springtime and the expansion of budding new life. A lush, fecund growth will soon cover the earth as deciduous trees green once again. This fortunate Year of the “Green Horse”—the first one since 1954—is considered a fruitful one of promise and the attainment of heart-centered goals. Favorable happenings are afoot! The independent spirit of this horse is able, energetic, hardworking, bright, friendly, and warm-hearted.

Some of the astrological signatures for the year corroborate this upsurge of optimistic energy for quick-paced, forward movement, such as the Uranus-in-Aries’ impulse to break free into fresh territory. Plus, we are beyond the midpoint of the momentous Uranus/Pluto squares (7 in total through March 2015), so we are more than halfway up the horse trail on the Mountain of Change—to the point of no looking back but rather upward into greater Light and a leaner body, soul, and spirit. No wonder Lorna Bevan declares 2014 as “an especially pivotal and fast-paced year.” She goes on to say that we are in the midst of “the biggest planetary crossroads in generations,” with the culmination of the exact Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23, involving Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars in a “standoff” (all at 13 degrees)—what she terms “the Great Fracturing.”

The Cosmic Beat of Time suggests that, amidst the crests of intensity, outworn cycles are indeed ending in preparation for more profound shifts and transformative rebirth as we enter new, unfamiliar territory and conditions. Allow rightful, interior rearrangements to create the solid foundation for acceleration of personal power and spiritual growth. About this momentous opportunity, Crystal Pomeroy says, “Change, major change, is undeniably in the air. Will it happen to you, or through you? The choice is yours.”


However, not yet, not quite yet. My experience of the past few weeks has been like being on the pawing Horse—enthusiastic, ready for speed, and adventure—but the gate of the corral remains closed! The freedom of the open range looms. The timing, at least for me, has not yet arrived for the gate to be flung wide in anticipation of the Horse’s outward power, stride, strength, courage, grace, and beauty—all qualities attributed to this esteemed and highly-prized animal that gave humans the ability to travel long distances with the swiftness of the wind.

Astrologer Tony Howard describes the first half of 2014 as “a season of retrogrades.” During these early months, the conglomerate of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune all spend varying time in “retro” weeks (and months), giving us a large measure of “opportunity” for inward “re”-orientation and “re”-adjustment. Preparation, endurance, and patience are crucial. By mid-July, however, Jupiter, the planet associated with the Horse, will stride into fiery, confident Leo. At the end of the year, Saturn moves into the freedom-loving Fire domain of Sagittarius, a visionary sign linked with the Horse, underscoring the current themes. Plan to ride fast and take a few intentional risks, even though there is likely to be a continuation of surprising moments of disruption, upheaval, and turbulence similar to the past few, changeable years.

We can use the upcoming weeks well, as a Number 7 year—ruled by the spiritual vibration of Neptune—indicates it is wise to first make a careful assessment of the past (the “retro” review) and then craft any necessary refinements during this time of reflection, planning, and breathing deeply. Now may not be the best time to strain, actively expand, or “push the boulder,” as Gail Minogue puts it, but rather to consciously flow, release, and pace yourself. The inward and solitary orientation of Neptune helps us to access the beauty of our own truth, power, and needs. When we do cantor forward on the Horse, we do so as our authentic self.


Horse is physical power and unearthly power.
In shamanic practices throughout the world,
Horse enables shamans to fly through
the air and reach heaven.
Jamie Sams, Native American medicine teacher

As a legendary, noble creature, the lore and symbolism of the horse (or steed) is both diverse and complicated. It has been imbued with numerous cross-cultural qualities, some of which include great intelligence, heightened intuition, clairvoyant abilities, and specific powers of divination. Horses were even given the task to warn their masters of impending events, as described in a Grimm’s fable, and were also regarded as an omen of death in some folklore. Ancient legends allude to its significant part in numerous rites associated with birth and burial, wherein the entering or parting soul rides a horse. Odin, the sun god in the chariot of Surya, and the chariot of Apollo are examples of such a journey of the soul. Noted as an animal of “transition to the other world,” a hero being carried to heaven is a common motif of the horse, while in India dying Hindu gods often assumed the shape of a horse. Moreover, the horse itself has frequently been known as a Solar symbol, acting as a powerful mediator between Earth and Heaven.1

The white horse was an important Indo-European symbol
of the Second Coming of the universal god or savior-hero,
born of the sea (maria). Hindus name him the Lalki Avatara,
or final incarnation of Buddha, who was in turn one of the
avatars of Vishnu. On his last appearance at the end of the
world, he would either ride or become a white horse.
   ~~~Barbara G. Walker, The Woman’s Dictionary

The compassionate teachings of horse whisperer Buck Brannaman shed light on how we might best engage this strong Horse energy for the coming 12 months. Above all, Buck tells us “horses are a mirror to our soul,” and as an extension of us, they easily sense whether we believe in and trust them, whether we approach them kindly from a place of humanity and gentleness of spirit. Our energy of softness and connection with the horse will move it, like the perfect rhythm of a dance, each giving to one another in respectful rapport. We have to operate from a place of authentic “feeling” in order to give them the crucial ingredient of confidence, as well as encouragement and proper discipline. When we build on the horse’s pride, being careful not to take energy from this graceful creature, we open the door to being one in mind and body with the horse—the seamless relationship built on loving regard and a shared heartbeat.3


Finally, as a year ushering in the potential of great fortune for those who act wisely, 2014 has been described by astrologer Elizabeth Jones as “the beginning of a new journey in a new part of the cycle.” She speaks with assurance when she says we have shifted into the Age of Light, meaning we can move and release “five lifetimes worth of stuff this time.” Jo Dunning affirms “we have moved into not only a new year but also into a New Era as well. There has been a tremendous shift inside of each of us that will help make great and wonderful changes in our life.”

Collectively, we are on a New Path of a heightened, creative vibration. The world around us may change rapidly. Expect a vigorous ride on the Wooden Horse! Respond in clear, elegant ways. Priorities are essential; focus on what truly matters. Trust in the bigger picture, the wider landscape. Live without inner resistance, thus judiciously shepherding your precious energy. Go with the dynamic flow of this year—being as fully aware in the moment as possible. Underneath the outer swirling energies is an Unchanging Harmony, a Loving Consciousness that pervades all Creation and bestows Grace. Hold fast to this Truth. Eschew all illusory appearances, because the invisible part of our being and life is the true Source of the visible. Remember Carolyn Myss’ wise guidance: “Thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are messengers and magnets.”

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1. Barbara G. Walker. 1983. The Woman’s Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets. Harper & Row Publishers.

2. Barbara G. Walker. 1988. The Woman’s Dictionary. Harper & Row Publishers. Page 270.

3. In the Year of the Horse, there is no greater gift you can give yourself than to watch the powerful documentary film, “Buck.” Watching Buck Brannaman transform horses and people will transform your life.

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When we are empty
we have the greatest capacity
for Divinity to fill us.

In the interior of our dream landscape resides a mystical place of perfect harmony and peace. Here we enter stillness beyond the mind. British author James Hilton called it “Shangri-La” in his 1933 novel, Lost Horizon. Utopia, Avalon, Xanadu, and Valhalla are other mythical names for this inner refuge, where the silken bonds of brotherhood and gentleness are revealed as the high side of our nature. Biblically, the Garden of Eden connotes another such hidden paradise of innocence, simplicity, and bliss, while in Tibetan Buddhist tradition this sacred kingdom of “Shambhala” gradually became associated with the notion of a “Pure Land.” Such a veiled realm, in Mahayana Buddhism, is known as the spiritual abode of a self-realized Buddha or Bodhisattva.1

Shangri-La represents an inner state of realization, manifesting outward as pure consciousness. It is that place in our heightened awareness beyond the crossroads, where the unknown becomes known, and Truth reigns. Duality is transcended. Presence is everywhere present. The moment is as it already is—nothing to hurry about, nothing to worry about, just one friendly moment after another. Shangri-La thus signifies an authenticity free of all outer conditioning—of the illusory labeling and judging of life, as the struggle and striving between “good” and “bad,” “more” and “less.” The reality is a sufficiency of everything, of manifested splendor. The once imposed limits of age and aging transform into perfect health sustained beyond imagination. Living from the heart, love prevails.


For those seekers who search primarily on the physical level of life, they may or may not ever find their way into the high altitude of a shimmering valley enclosed by snow-clad, protective mountains. The culmination of their upward journey to such an earthly paradise would be the Found Horizon. Through steadfast surrender of body, mind, and soul, the person glimpses the Eternal. The golden Light dawns in faithful proportion to the movement of every step toward Shangri-La.

As the story of Lost Horizon goes, five people are lifted out of a hostile dimension into a new reality. They are kidnapped, just as civil war is breaking out in China, and flown west into the rarified atmosphere of the Himalayas. Among them is Robert Conway, a British foreign diplomat who has basked in respected acclaim and material success. Their journey ends when the fuel runs out, and the airplane makes a fortunate crash landing right-side up. Stranded, a frozen grave awaits them.

But, the next day a group of locals arrive, as if by magic timing, equipped with proper clothing and supplies to lead the abducted ones to an isolated valley high in the mountainous peaks of Tibet. Through a wind-swept portal, they enter the Valley of the Blue Moon, leaving the outside world and its news behind with the nearest neighbors 500 miles away. Above the green valley, the serene presence of a lamasery is the guiding center for all who live below. Utopia found!


Shangri-La is a thriving community—a spiritual family—based on the simple tenets of kindness, patience, humility, and love. There is no uncertain future here. Comfort, security, courtesy, tranquility, beauty, and youthfulness are their constant experience. Two of the essential premises that make Shangri-La a permanently joyful realm are: living the Middle Way of moderation and the absence of every form of struggle, which eliminates all the many subtle and overt forms of lack, envy, competition, greed, and crime. This earthly paradise is the storehouse of an abundance of wealth in its endless supply of gold, the commodity the monks use to pay the porters to carry in valuables, such as paintings by the masters and treasured books, in order to protect them from the violence-crazed outer world. Above all, the riches of the mind are cared for as Higher knowledge and wisdom are sought in the silence and stillness of holy moments.

In every heroic journey we embark on, we sooner or later encounter the darkest recesses within our self. There is no escaping the fact that what we are on the interior is continually revealed on the outside in repeated patterns, no matter what our “address” is. Even in Shangri-La, Robert Conway hit the wall of his own self-doubts and inner demons who attempt to dissuade him from the growing sense of true peace that he has finally arrived at his Rightful Place—the realization of his own secret, utopian dream.

The unfolding drama reaches a crisis when his brother, George, turns sullenly bitter and volatile at being held a “prisoner” in this sanctuary of enlightened goodwill. In his riotous behavior and “doubting Thomas” energy, George signifies the clamoring voice of the ego and the overriding fears of the small self. The pure altitude is beyond his awareness and ability to adapt. George’s frantic disbelief reaches its breaking point when Robert tells him the current High Lama is in fact the Father Perrot who arrived in the valley in the early eighteenth century and built the lamasery. To his great astonishment, Robert had earlier been given the unprecedented honor of twice having a private audience with the High Lama, the final visit to be asked by the dying Father to lead the lamasery into the future according to his own inner vision.

Somewhere along the Path, all good-hearted individuals are deliberately brought to a crucial fork, where their spiritual strength is tested. To whose allegiance will loyalty be given? At the height of temptation, a poor choice is often made with terrible consequences. Robert caves into his weaker “George” side by allowing his worldly mind to chart the lower course, thereby rejecting this hidden piece of heaven and casting a shadow over the flickering light within his own heart.

Subsequently, for many, many long months of abject searching, Robert undergoes a full-scale crucifixion. He is stripped of everything but the clothes he wears and a now indomitable will to discover the portal wherethrough he can return to Shangri-La.

Complete self-surrender is the fuel that keeps his weary, malnourished body climbing higher. Every step is one of relinquishment and a dying to his old self. Solitude and a fixed purpose are his only companions. To regain his paradise, he has to return on his own volition, responding solely to the irresistible voice of his Higher Self. One day, Robert casts a hopeful glance upward to catch sight of the sacred entrance to the Valley. He crosses the bridge into resurrection. He has come back to his Self.


Shangri-La is the spiritual valley of harmony and beauty in your own consciousness. What will it take for you to recognize this dream-filled paradise when it comes to you by grace?

The Light within the Heart will carry us beyond all the fear
and turmoil of earth as we journey
up toward the Mountain Peak.
Return always to the inner power and light,
for it is the sacred flame,
the secret of Eternal Life.

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Life-changing revelations are available to each of us at any moment. Sometimes they come in wonderful, joyful ways, like the news of the birth of a grandchild seven months hence. Sing and dance time! Occasionally they arrive clothed as the grim reaper with heart-tearing news that the breast lump is in fact cancerous, having spread with rapid aggression into the lymph node system. Shock and tears time!

But if we consider this moment of Omnipresent Oneness as the perpetual flow of Grace, then we can settle softly into any news, difficult as it may be initially. All is received without inner resistance. This theme permeates all the Ancient Wisdom teachings and mystical stories, of Masters who simply respond to any situation with equipoise and non-attachment—“Is that so.” Another condensed version of this Truth was voiced when the spiritual master, the great Indian philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, asked his audience, “Do you want to know my secret?” All ears perked up in anticipation to learn the key to enlightened living. He responded by sharing his private truth: “I don’t mind what happens.”


Whenever someone’s true self speaks, we hear the language of the heart. This Self keeps it simple, gentle, kind, self-affirming, like a warm blanket of Love that celebrates every particle of us. The voice of the real self always communicates in terms of service to the whole of life, in the ways of unconditional giving—what can I do to serve. Its world is built on the richness of the inner life, on the all-inclusive Reality that is ever-present and for which we are all a part. This essential Being-ness expresses Itself as who we really are and how we live from our hearts, as well as what we do in daily deed.

Equally, we have the contrarian voice of the ego, which is the illusory sense of self who gets great glee out of jerking our emotional chains as often as is possible. Think of it as the small self—the “me first.” The ego is the language of the head, all the “shoulds,” competitive urges, comparisons and judgments, the “I’m not adequate” or “Am I good enough?” soliloquies that are the old, toxic tapes playing from the deep, dark recesses of our subconscious mind. Caught up in a world based on external standards laid down by others, the ego speaks in terms of achievements and material success—what can I do to get you to “ooh” and “ah” at all “my triumphs.” Look at me!

For most of us, these two primary levels pervade our physical, emotional, and mental life. One of these voices takes precedence in the foreground, then the other—switching on a dime! The ego resides in “the seen world,” that place of consciousness spoken of by the Master Jesus. Such “existence” revolves around the multiplicity of outer forms and the constant noise of endless mental content. The invisible level of life, where the Higher Self dwells, can be variously described as: the innermost self, essence, our inner home, the heart center, Being, an expression of the One, eternal life, the world of Light, or the kingdom of heaven (the wording Jesus used).


When I’m off center and out of kilter, in reactivity mode, I can move back and forth between these two levels like a bouncing ball! But if I stop long enough to listen with awareness to the background dialogue in my head, it’s easy to discern which language is being spoken. I call this diligent exercise the Ego-Freeing Technique. It is so effective it robs the ego of all its trumped up power, because such conscious presence becomes a watchful amusement free of the ego’s shenanigans. Very soon, the inflated air is sucked out of the ego. As this false self gets less and less attention, it slithers away until its next opening to pounce and stir the waters, instigating yet another fracas. Used over time, the Ego-Freeing Technique allows us to live from the peaceful, contented level of the heart. Such alignment is our natural state.


You may be familiar with and use the highly effective practice called “Emotional Freedom Technique” (“EFT” for short), otherwise known as “tapping.” EFT is a valuable blending of Western psychotherapeutic modalities with the ancient wisdom of Eastern acupressure.1 It’s a self-help gift—an ego-freeing technique—as close as our fingertips! Utilizing a specific sequence of meridian points, which are the major energy channels of the body that carry the subtle life force or qi, we can gently tap those points with our fingertips as we verbalize what’s going on internally at the moment.

While tapping these “acupoints,” we formulate the precise words that describe our repressed emotions, such as pain, anger, fear, doubts, indecisiveness, or blockages. When we hear our true feelings pouring out, finally coming to the surface of our awareness, not surprisingly, they turn out to be the habitual scripts and dialogue of the ego. Tapping gets at the root cause of whatever problem, pressure, or challenge is rising in the moment, many of which derive their origin from childhood. Thus, through tapping and talking, we are able to shine an attentive light on all the “limiting beliefs” long buried in our psyche. The built up state of acute distress can, in some instances, be released and dissipated quite quickly.

Tap, tap, tap away the current difficulty and stress. With every round of tapping, day after day, the ego is diminished, returning us to our luminous center and the supportive language of our heart.

Start paying conscious attention to the dialogue in your head, so you can discern who is talking to you internally. Begin to recognize whose actual voice it is. Who has the upper hand? Is it taking you “out of your game” or encouraging you to go for your own personal gold? On which level do you want to spend your time? It will take absolute diligence to be aware when the ego has slipped in and repeated vigilance to once again rout it out.

One day you’ll realize that joy and serenity are what you experience most of the time. You meet life with an enthusiastic “yes!” The ego’s power is no more. You have at long last re-entered the Kingdom of Heaven and returned Home to your Self—a price well paid for every moment’s effort in conscientious awareness. The language of the heart is where you live.


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1. Nick Ortner. The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. 2013. Hay House, Inc. If you’d like more information regarding tapping, Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution website is filled with tons of information and resources, including “Tapping 101” and a short video on “What is Tapping.”

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Posted by: zanemaser | January 6, 2014


Beauty is a vehicle of Divine Love made manifest.
As ye sow beauty first inwardly in tender self-acceptance,
and then outwardly as unconditional love,
so ye reap bounteous, blissful Beauty.


Beauty comes within the province of graceful Venus, the Goddess of Love, She who governs the creative arts and the dance of relating. As the year begins, we are all in a significant Venus period of quiet, gentle reflection upon our intimate relationships, our central values, and creative expression. In fact, astrologer Steven Forrest suggests 2014 will have a “strong Venusian signature,” due to the rare concurrence of Venus turning retrograde on the Winter Solstice.

In the heavens today, transiting Venus in sensible Capricorn at 24° is traveling in retrograde motion, thus retracing Her steps—backwards—over zodiacal degrees She has already traversed. Until the end of January, it’s a favorable time for introspection and careful feeling. As we turn the mirror of Venus inward, we too can take a look backward in order to see more keenly what is truly of heart’s value, while kindly releasing all that is now unreal or valueless. Engage the days wisely to ponder, clear, and replenish while this significant feminine energy enfolds us.

The old beliefs and choices must be relinquished
to create space for the relevant and progressive to arrive.
A commencement follows an ending.


Last September, we dug out a flowerbed that had been our “Pink garden.” And pink is a Venusian color! When we created it many years ago, we filled it with freshly fertile soil. The area was also largely free of the competing roots of our maple trees. It was an annual delight to enjoy its fullness of blossom, color, and fragrance. So taking out an entire bed of bulbs, surviving annuals, perennials, and a loved yellow rose was not an easy physical or emotional thing to do!

But, its time had shifted. When it’s time for change, it’s time. Right timing comes from the heart, because a consciously chosen act of letting go is always freeing and a step toward greater awakening. Moreover, it doesn’t arrive from an external source as a crisis or demanded change that catches us off-guard. Still, it’s true that some choices are very difficult, but they inevitably open out into an effective transition and added lightness—a new balance for the present time.


Sharing some of these deeply cherished plants with neighbors and relocating others, we sacrificed many to transform a piece of the garden from complexity to simplicity, from more work to less labor. We willingly shed one stage of great beauty for an equal but more relevant stage for us and for our garden now—an inseparable flowing from one form and harmonious configuration into another of sleek refinement.

We created beauty before. We have beauty now. Equal and different. This is right and that was right. Beauty is limitless in every successive cycle. No matter how the patterns rearrange themselves, the discerning eye of spirit always glimpses the inherent beauty, since this “I” views life without any speck of judgment. Within the Divine Image, there lives the eternal picture of the perfect form, whether it is a person or a rose in bloom. Perhaps, then, the essence of the “God Particle” is appropriately the Beauty Particle.

Within the Divine schema, there is nothing that
exists outside of Beauty,
because it is all Beautiful.
There is no opposite of Beauty.
There never has been.
There never will be.

Within the Divine schema, Beauty is intrinsic.
Inner Beauty is the source that causes
and creates outer beauty.
Open your eyes.
Open your heart.
All is of the infinite nature of Beauty.

In our everyday lives, there is a constant opportunity to notice, enjoy, appreciate, and personally create beautiful symmetry. This year and next will repeat the astrological theme of intense, transformative processes that will allow us to consciously engage the areas of our lives that are ripe for major change and realignment.

In what area(s) of your life would you choose to create a larger measure of balance and harmony? Of naturalness? Of beauty? Of simplicity? Of love? Of true serenity based on inner grace?


Not my beauty, but Thy Beauty shining through.
I am an instrument for the expression of Infinite Beauty.


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Posted by: zanemaser | December 22, 2013


Consider this adaptation of the famous 23rd Psalm by our ever wily and subversive ego:

The ego is my master; I shall not have
a peaceful thought of my own.
He maketh me to lie down on a thorny bed.
He leadeth me beside stormy and tormented waters.
He possesseth my soul and mindless allegiance.
He leadeth me on rock-strewn, circuitous paths
of hardship to glorify his name.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of shadowed illusions,
I will fear all evil and take everything personally.
For thou art with me in my chains of false security.
Thy threats and terrors grip and unsettle me.
Thou preparest a table before me laden
with toxic delights and crippling promises.
Thou anointest my head with a sign labeled “unconscious.”
My cup of worry runneth amuck.
Surely dissatisfactions and guilt shall accompany me
all the anxious days of my life.
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Ego for ever.


In contrast, here is the Higher Self’s love-filled version of this cherished Psalm:


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in
the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
Psalm 23 (KJV)


Which of these versions or curriculums do you choose for your life?

In every moment you have the choice as to which
frequencies you wish to align.
You are the creator and generator of your own reality.
Wendy Kennedy, channel for the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2013. All rights reserved worldwide. Photo of the 23rd Psalm gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons; it is held in the public domain in accordance with the following symbol.

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Posted by: zanemaser | December 15, 2013



I remember now,
before Oneness became two-ness.
That Divine Being in me
when peace reigned.
But gradually the sensation of separation arose
as the feeling of unity faded into loneliness.
All by myself,
I have to shoulder the weight of life.
And it’s heavy on my shoulders.
All by myself.

Time passes.
Something huge shifts inside.
Like tuning into a new channel with less static.
The message becomes more pure.
Then I happen to look in the mirror
to suddenly see true,
to realize once again,
That’s me and Thee!
me in Thee.
me as Thee.
Thee as me.
Thee in me.

The outlines have become clear.
The imaginary disguise of two-ness dissolves.
Expressing the fullness of life once more.
I remember now.
There always has been just the One.
The One of us inclusive.
Thy face in all.
I remember now.

I had to wander afar.
A long way off the path.
In forgetful stumbling and numbness.
I thought I was responsible for the burden.
This visible world seemed all that was real.
All I thought possible,
because I could see my wiggling fingers,
experience the soft grass beneath my feet.
All tangible evidence, reality as I understood it.
Steeped in the head center,
steeped in task-oriented achievements.

Alas, I was quite in error.
A self-created load too weighty to carry.
My martyred knees scrapped and bruised.
My heart grew faint.
Have I ever really known what I was doing?
A weak “probably not” echoes in my mind.
Sadly the inner voice is silent.
My outer mind and fear-based ego in command.

How did I get to such a dark and separate place?
Apart. Alone. In agony.
Mesmerized by false appearance
and the sense of solid things.
In despair.

Again, time passes.
Unbeknownst, I am caught in a beam of brightness.
Oh, look over there.
Or is it in here?
A wee flickering light as yet still burning quietly.
All but unnoticed.
Unattended to.
How did I miss its presence?
Always the flame so close and golden warm.
Right within my chest a soft radiance.

Finally to return Home.
There never was a misleading two.
The Light and I co-exist.
In secret, it was there from the beginning.
The perpetual flame.
Present. Waiting. Patient.
Divine energy inextinguishable.
Present. Waiting. Patient.
Its holy luminosity all there ever Is.
Within Its light I exist Self-complete.
Eternally I reside.
Eternally I will remain here.
Divinity’s Presence remembered as the One and Only.

With joy, I celebrate the Lord my God.
I celebrate Life.
I celebrate the opportunity of my life.
I celebrate this day
and this divine moment.


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