Posted by: Zane Maser | December 30, 2009


Dear Family and Friends,

On Christmas day, a few minutes before 2:00 pm, our beloved cat-daughter, Zoe, journeyed Home. On the physical level, our home feels so very empty at the moment. We no longer have the gentle pitter-patter of her big furry feet. Our hearts are deeply grieving, and we miss her more than words can describe.

On the spiritual level, Zoe is free, never again separated from her soul mate Bodhi, running and playing in her sweet, innocent way, and more radiantly beautiful than we’ve ever seen her.

God has graced us with five beautiful cat children (Bemmy, Bacca Marie, Sketty, Bodhi, and Zoe), a Siberian husky named Spirit, the fish kids from our pond, and our one-footed Blessing crow. What could possibly be missing in our life? What could be more perfect? We feel rich and blessed in heart beyond any measure.

Zane and Chris

P.S. It feels surreal not to be signing Zane, Chris and Zoe, as I did on our Solstice greeting on December 21. Perhaps Zoe in Spirit is asking to convey her love and thanks for all the prayerful support she and we have received over the years and especially now as we begin this new chapter of our lives—just the two of us—but still ALL VERY MUCH TOGETHER IN HEART.


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