Posted by: Zane Maser | December 31, 2009


New Year’s Eve has dawned a grey, very cats’-and-dogs’ rainy day. Damp, dark, depressing. My water glass is spiked with drops of the Bach Flower essences of Rescue Remedy, Star of Bethlehem, and Walnut. I’m moving like a frozen creature, missing Zoe with every inhalation and exhalation. The light in my heart is at an-all-time low ebb, in spite of today’s Full Moon in Cancer and the lunar eclipse. However, it’s a very powerful, bright day for many reasons, primarily because humanity is on the cusp of a new year and a new decade.

In the monthly cycle, the Full Moon is a time of maximum light—as well as the greatest potency of forces at odds with one another. It’s also a time when personal endeavors, commenced with the New Moon, can bear fruit. Thus, the Full Moon symbolizes some sort of climax, culmination, or fulfillment. Chris and I never dreamt it would turn out to be the conclusion of Zoe’s earthly life.

This particular Full Moon, in the nurturing, gentle, “mothering” sign of Cancer, is paradoxically the brightest Full Moon of the year. Bernadette Brady says, “The full Moon at the winter solstice will rise higher and appear longer in the night sky than any other full Moon in the year. Just when the Sun is at its weakest, the other celestial light—the Moon—is at its strongest.” Both lights cannot be at their peak expression simultaneously, but must constantly participate in the dance of give and take, of cooperation and compromise.

This contrast is a simple demonstration of the many lessons of balance or the inherent trade-offs that life continually presents us with. When, for example, the Moon and Sun are opposite one another or polarized, they represent a symbolic opportunity to reconcile what may be at divergent poles and thus attain a balanced and harmonious peace. The Moon symbolizes material form and our everyday personality, while the Sun is spirit and the vital spark of life force, yet another opposite but complementary relationship. For that brief moment when the Moon and Sun behold one another at a Full Moon, they gaze into a mirror reflection of perfect accord and wholeness. She is He, and He is She. They signify a separate but unified principle.

Love is such a unifying archetype. While we were providing a life-long, stable, secure environment and healing Zoe’s physiological weaknesses and emotional wounding from her early beginnings of abandonment and starvation, she was concurrently loving and healing us from our own childhood wounds.

Recognize all spheres of life as interpenetrating,
and recognize good and evil as working together to bring about perfect balance and ultimate perfection.

White Eagle


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