Posted by: Zane Maser | December 31, 2009


At this moment, 9:40 am on December 30, the Moon in Gemini is about to trine Neptune, the mystical planet of transcendence.

Father-Mother God, my heart is beating with such love and gratitude for the beauty of Zoe’s life and for the high blessing of grace that we were given in being her parent guardians for the entirety of her life. My heart is overflowing as I recall special memories that are floating up into consciousness, like when Sketty walked by the television totally unaware of Zoe waiting in gentle ambush. She’d reach out her big left foot and pop him as he sauntered by in his oh-so-mellow way. He would hump upward slightly with surprise, almost like his whole body was momentarily elevated from the carpet, but he kept on walking. No big sweat.

I celebrate each and every moment we had with Zoe and cherish her legacy of innocent joy and sweetness, which will remain with us to our last breath. Thank you, Father-Mother God, thank you, thank you, thank you.

When a heart beats with thankfulness for its creation
and for all life’s experiences, a light shines
from the very center of the being,
which illuminates the whole life.

White Eagle



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