Posted by: Zane Maser | January 1, 2010


Today marks a week since Zoe’s passing to the next level of life—the inner world. One of my dearest, most special friends on the planet shared that although the earthly Zoe was gorgeous “in spirit Zoe is young and vibrant in energy, look and color, and free of pain and discomfort. From Miss Zoe’s perspective she has been quite cheerful, gay and playful ever since she ‘arrived’ on Christmas Day. What a lovely gift for her beloved Bodhi!” Not only are these words a comforting tonic for my aching heart, which continues to feel the psychological shock, but also these words are the unconditional gift of a loving, generous friend. So many of our friends and my sister have held us in their prayers and offered us support from the deepest levels of their being. Thank you all!

Through such goodness and caring, selfless hearts, Love circumnavigates the globe in seen and unseen channels. If I could view the world from high above, I’d see a magnificent Ray of Rose Love enfolding us, our home, garden, and being sent directly to Zoe in the inner world of spirit. I am quite sure Zoe is basking joyously in all this wonderful Light. Moreover, what we have received uplifts so many more who are the silent, unknowing beneficiaries of this wide circle of positive, healing energy!

This year we watched the classic, enduringly popular Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George Bailey’s life (played by Jimmy Stewart), like Zoe’s life, touched lives far and wide, the magnitude of which George only learned after his life was “temporarily suspended” as though he’d never existed. How many helpful (or non-constructive) ripples of energy do we each send out in the time and space of a single day? Whose life may you have changed with a simple smile—a smile that gave them the courage to keep on keeping on for another step or two, or with helping an elderly, complete stranger put her grocery bags into her trunk, as my hubby did this morning?

The woman waved and beamed a smile at us as she drove off, almost like something had been renewed for her. A small interaction that created big dividends—on both sides, because it allowed more light to shine in the world.

Zoe sleeping blissfully on her “fleecie blankie” last autumn

Zoe’s physical life is over. Her legacy of unconditional love and sweetness lives on. What sort of legacy do you consciously want to leave behind when you look back from the world of spirit and see the true effects of your life?


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