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Zoe’s grave is a place of solace . . . and tears. She rests with the other four kids and our friend’s cat, Robert.


We just dropped off Zoe’s no-longer-needed supplies, like kitty litter and an extra claw-scratching board, for the cats at Heartland Animal Shelter. A fitting generosity from Zoe, because three-month-old Zoe and Bodhi were both adopted from the animal shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her wee, golden heart knows the terror and trauma of being abandoned. She was a pencil-thin beauty clawing desperately, frantically at her metal bars, when we first saw her, hoping we’d be the ones to rescue and love her.

Sketty greeting Zoe

Zane with skinny-minny Zoe

Ah! Safety and love at last…

Baby Bodhi, an indescribably stunning Silver Tabby, was in the cage above and to the right of Zoe’s cage in the over-crowded animal shelter. He gently extended his little, brown claws and snagged Chris’ hand. Then he crept to the back of his cage and, with a look of utter dejection, withdrew into himself as he huddled in a corner. He was at the end of the line and had come to his final day for adoption—then…. He was one of the fortunate ones! Bodhi came home on Chris’ birthday in 1991—the BEST birthday gift imaginable!

Sketty greeting Bodhi

Bodhi creeping around in his new garage

Bodhi having a “suckie” on mommy’s ear

Like the millions of animal lovers across the United States and around the world, Chris and I do what we can in order to help reduce the population of unwanted animals through birth control, and thus decrease the many that are grievously abused, neglected, abandoned, and left to be euthanized (a euphemism for “killing”) due to people’s deep unconsciousness. We have, for many years, supported the humane, caring efforts of Alley Cat Allies (the national feral cat organization) and Best Friends® Animal Society. Both have been instrumental in raising the global consciousness concerning the birthrights and needs of our animal brethren.

A nation can be judged by the way it treats its old people,
its young people, and its animals.
Mahatma Gandhi, one of history’s revered animal lovers

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