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My spiritual perspective encompasses the continuity of life,
of the inclusive link from one level
to the next more subtle level.

The liveliness of my energetic landscape is in short supply this morning. Chris has gone to a breakfast meeting with a co-author. I’m the sole keeper of the hearth fires for the “first” time since Zoe’s death. It’s a strange initiation with her not being here physically to adore and love. The novelty of graduating into this new “lifestyle” still takes my breath away at times when the realization of her absence hits me. Her water glass in the bathroom is gone. . .

In the deepest part of me, I know Zoe is very much present. This is not an abstract wish or concept for me, but a vibrant, living “tenet” around which my spiritual center revolves. It’s my insecure outer self—the chameleon-like personality and ego of earth, which strains, stresses, frets, and forgets! The continuity of life is a sustaining principle, nicely affirmed by Theophile Gautier, “who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes?” Likewise, “until one has loved an animal,” Anatole France assures us, “a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

The quiet stillness of our home invites me to return to my weekly (White Eagle) animal healing service of prayers for the animal patients on our lists. In past years, when Zoe was less stiff, her no-fail antennae always alerted her to the fact I was about to begin the service, and her willing participation was never in question. Rupert Sheldrake, the prominent English biochemist and plant physiologist, would describe this phenomenon as the “morphic field” that connects animals and humans, those delicate emanations that provide natural pathways for “telepathy” and much more.


Given the opportunity, when the door to the sanctuary was open or I sat upstairs, Zoe would always position herself comfortably in my lap as my co-healer, and we’d do the service together. At the end of the service, some thirty or so minutes later, she’d wake up like clockwork, and off she’d go, her healing work done for the week.


In the last few years of Zoe’s life, as her arthritis worsened, her willing desire to serve seemed unabated. She’d circle around my lap, trying to find a satisfactory place, but at some point her stiffening body was uncomfortable enough that she had to relinquish her position as my “lap mate” to do the animal healing service together (but she usually stayed close in the vicinity). With acceptance the only choice, it was a heartrending turning point for both of us.

Even though I could not inwardly “see” her serving with me this morning, nevertheless, I clearly imagined Zoe in spirit leaping into my lap, where she happily curled up as my timeless, everlasting healing partner, surrounded by our other cats—Bodhi and Bacca on the right side of us and Sketty and Bemmy on the left. This requires a huge chair to accommodate all my healing help! And of course, our beloved crow, Blessing, sat on my left shoulder, contributing her radiant “crow energy” as well. Our Spirit dog also nestled around my feet. They are all my capable, spiritual assistants now and add their special “energetic signature” to the efficacy of the animal healing prayers sent out to animals in need around this country, Canada, and to those ones abroad.

As a heartwarming example, a woman contributed the following experience to the White Eagle magazine, Stella Polaris. It’s a deeply moving glimpse into the amazing intricacy of care in which our animals are tended when they pass into the inner world of Light, because “even the very hairs of [their] head are numbered” (Luke 12:7). As the story goes, this woman had to euthanize her beloved old dog, Honey:

“Some days later, in my morning prayers and meditation in my room, I was given a beautiful meditation. I found myself walking in a bluebell wood. I realized after a while that it was in the world of light as the bluebells were—well, incandescently blue! I came to a clearing and there was a big, incredibly beautiful blue-green pool, with white steps going down into it at each end. Four angel-beings were there, one at each corner, and at each end were more—by the steps. Then I saw my dear little, frail, old, brave Honey being helped down the steps into the wonderful water—she swam across the pool, and came up the steps the other side—she shook her coat—the drops flew off like light—she turned to me—she was radiant, young and beautiful like when she was a young dog (I had hand-reared her from birth)—she ‘smiled’ radiating her joy to me. Then she turned and there waiting for her were her mother and sister, who also sent me such happy love, and they then bounded off into the Summerland, all joy and happiness. I turned to look at the entrance to the pool again—and saw to my amazement a three-legged deer being helped in. He swam across, and came up whole and perfect—just like my dear Honey had! Then I watched as all the animals in a long, long line came gradually into the pool—all kinds including insects, snakes—oh every kind. Then I sensed a presence to my right, and looked up and saw this great angel—all love and healing and power—so huge and yet so gentle. I feel so blessed (words are inadequate!).”


You too, in your quiet moments, can imagine this restorative experience for your own animals while they are alive or when they cross over, or for animals of family members or close friends, as well as any animal you may hear about and want to assist. It’s a powerful healing meditation.

Here is yet another reassuring example of life’s continuity shared by Joan Hodgson, one of the Lodge Mothers in England who made her transition in 1995. She shares her touching experience regarding the “loss” of her dog. This story appeared in the Stella Polaris (October-November 1982 issue):

“I remember watching with some heartbreak the passing of a very beloved female dog. It was a beautiful experience. As she breathed her last I suddenly became aware of a dear relative in the spirit world [her husband’s father] standing near and he gave a little whistle. As he did so I saw Mandy get up out of her dead body and stretch herself just as she did when waking from sleep. Then she gave a little shake and went towards him, wagging her tail, full of life and joy just as if she were setting off on a lovely country walk. For a long time after this we felt her often in her old haunts in the house and knew that she was not really aware of any difference. I do firmly believe that the love which humans bear to animals helps them in their evolution and that quite often they will reincarnate and come back to the same master or mistress in a new body at the appointed time.”

From unbounded Zoe’s perspective, she tells me: “I’m right here. Right here with you, mom, as alive as ever, only now I am free of pain and so experience life fully.”

Nothing that is impermanent can be certain.
Only that which is permanent is certain.
Zoe’s material form is uncertain; Zoe’s spirit is certain.

Chris Maser

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