Posted by: Zane Maser | January 16, 2010


For the past three weeks, I’ve been struggling with a devastating loss—the physical passing of the last of our five cats, our beloved Zoe. Our personal loss is enormous and life-modifying. On our private Richter scale, it is an earthquake of a 7+ magnitude in the degree of changes and sudden emptiness it has wrought for us.

On the night of January 12, the 7+ earthquake that hit the island nation of Haiti is of such a massive magnitude of loss, devastation, and shock it is hardly even imaginable were it not for the news and Internet coverage that brings the scale of it into the homes of billions around the world.

And the goodwill and empathy of the Heart of the World was instantly aroused! The Buddhist nun and author, Pema Chodrin, would term this selfless, global response “the awakened heart,” the bodhichitta, which is the union of compassion and wisdom. This encompasses the whole gamut of our own feelings from shades of the negative to the brightness of the positive, thus “knowing” what it is to walk in another’s shoes. The awakened heart’s partner is the “luminous mind” shining brightly on all but focused in the present moment on those most in need of a helping hand.

The reaction and outpouring of the peoples and leaders of nations around the world has been extraordinarily beautiful and generous. This monumental, sudden loss is a collective loss without doubt but in the end all loss is first and foremost personal. In Haiti, there are now parentless children, parents without a child or their children, a wife not knowing the whereabouts of her husband and whether he is trapped somewhere or dead, a child that has lost its favorite dog, a terrified cat without its trusted owner and food dish, countless many without a home or shelter, buildings of government and small businesses gone—businesses that were surely family-owned and run for generations, parcels of land seemingly lost to any imaginable use at the moment, injured individuals who have lost a limb or their eyesight, and an endless list of too many other staggering losses to mention. The people of Haiti have undergone an enormous, collective loss but each Haitian very likely has daunting, multiple losses to personally face. It’s unimaginable!

There are magnitudes of loss but each loss is truly personal and every loss matters. Each loss is to be honored in its own right. So many times in the grief support groups I have facilitated, when our personal story of loss was shared, I heard individuals making comparisons about the degree of loss he or she had personally undergone, and oftentimes downgrading and minimizing their own loss. “Oh my gosh, her loss is so much worse than mine! She has endured a lot more than I had to go through! Maybe I shouldn’t be feeling this badly. . . .” But every loss matters. Every person’s response to loss is individual, and the loss matters because it will not heal until it is emotionally expressed and honored.

The extent of skilled human resources and material supplies (food, water, medical, etc.) that have been mobilized for the people of Haiti is overwhelmingly wonderful. As with any loss, the high road of help brings out the very best in human nature, in our capacity to understand sympathetically, and assist in every possible way available to us.

From the level of the heart and symbolically hand in hand, we can make a decisive difference through our constructive thoughts and focused prayers. Every effort is crucial, and every effort we each make builds on the collective goodness and generosity of everyone else’s efforts, thereby creating a larger and larger visible and invisible Net of Love in which the people, animals, rescue and relief workers, relatives and friends of Haitian people, and the island of Haiti are enfolded.

If we visualize a beautiful, healing, uplifting Divine Light surrounding all who are currently in great need, then the Awakened Heart of the World opens more fully and is thus more completely accessible to each one of us in our own personal crises, losses, bereavement, and needs.


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