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To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

Some days, some weeks are simply fragmented. There is no semblance of a smooth or orderly flow or focus. There is no rhyme or reason to this task or that task and then hurry up with this little chore so I can figure out where to put this stack. But where did I last leave my cup of coffee? This state of disjointedness isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The past many days have blurred by for me, like the cartoonish nature of a DVD on fast forward. Needless to say, the planetary signatures in the sky for these days, with the dramatic Leo Full Moon amongst them, were intense, somewhat de-stabilizing, and potentially frustrating! Life went into high-speed action when Chris decided, unbeknownst to me, to pull a small section of wallpaper border off the bedroom wall.

Though our plan to redesign and renew had been on hold for a long while, we’d been anticipating this labor-intensive makeover of our bedroom, once it was just the two of us in our home. Had Zoe cat still been alive, she would have freaked out big time and been horrifically stressed had we attempted to start this major, chaotic project of completely dismantling the bedroom in her presence and stacking tons of stuff in every available place.

For the past 15 years or so, our bedroom had an iris flowered, dark teal wallpaper on two walls with a border around the entire room. The walls, closet doors, and ceiling were deeper hues of aqua green and rose, something we had suitably created, with enthusiasm, all those years ago after we moved in with our five cat kids and started that chapter fresh. At the time, we re-did our home interior from top to bottom—virtually everything was re-done in vintage Maser—as well as painting the exterior lavender and totally redesigning the garden. We were full of abundant energy and inspiration, being at the beginning of a new stage of creativity, expressing our inward sensibilities through the exterior channels of home and garden.

Come mid summer, eighteen years rooted here will have flashed by and now it is just the two of us. For all these privileged, joy-filled years, our home has accommodated five cats around whose needs we have lived and adapted as each one aged and required special considerations. With zeal, Chris started a new ball rolling fast when he giddily tore some of the wallpaper border loose, much like a scab or sore he couldn’t leave alone and niggled enough until the crust was removed, in this case, exposing a baseboard that had become nastily mildewed. He was revving his de-wallpapering and re-painting engines, already smoking at the starting gate. Why wait for the “best” time? Chris’ motto is “jump in with boldness and make full and positive use of the here and now!” This moment is the one and only creative space available—no matter what it is!

So we rolled up our sleeves in earnest dedication, not knowing all we were getting into, and in a matter of a week and a half, we stripped off the wallpaper, scrubbed clean and primed the walls, and painted three coats of exquisite “Violet pearl” paint. Meanwhile, the closet doors are downstairs getting their final coats of glowing white paint to deftly cover the darker sea-green color. A stunning transformation!

Stuff has been sorted and taken to the Cat’s Meow for re-sale for the local animal shelter, and we bought a gorgeous glass shelf unit with a dark wood frame. I’ve been re-arranging lovelies throughout the house and the ones that were patiently waiting for the renewal in the bedroom have now been harmoniously and beautifully placed in our elegant, simplified, lightened, refurbished room. What a way to start a new year, a new decade, and a new chapter of our life!

Now that our project is winding down, I’m breathing a deep sigh of relief that the utter chaos and challenging decisions and choices that had to be made were worth every second of the tummy angst, occasional heated words, disarray, and discomforting newness of the fact that the house is more and more a visual statement of “who we are today” without the physical presence of our cat family. That is still bittersweet, in some respects, but also yet another opportunity for me to let go of my dragging resistance to what our life no longer is and to practice acceptance of what our life is now with its current freedom and promise.

The Saturn Return

Astrologically speaking, Chris and I are right on track for this far-reaching, fundamentally new stage of our life that both terminated and began with the death of our beautiful Zoe on Christmas day. Her passing occurred at an important evolutionary time when our marriage has reached the famous “Saturn return,” an astrological juncture that signifies great changes that happen as one major cycle of experience ends—a transition which tends to shift the outer structures of our life and helps us to evaluate, simplify, and let go of all non-essentials. These adjustments tend to occur over the course of months and also as definite incidents, such as a death, the birth of a child or the start of an “empty nest,” a change in vocation, location, or a relationship.

A Saturn return means that, in its celestial movement through the zodiac, Saturn returns to its original placement (degree) in the birth chart, whether of an individual or the commencement of a marriage. If the disciplining, consolidating energies of Saturn have been used well during the previous twenty-nine years or so (one entire cycle of Saturn), then this intense Saturnian “rite of passage” is an initiation that in general speaks to greater wisdom, more appropriate choices and redefined plans for the present phase, and the anticipation of beginning anew with a matured perspective. Something is sacrificed to manifest greater freedom and authenticity.

Viewed in a constructive light and as the natural promoter of growth over the course of one’s lifetime (or a marriage), Saturn is ultimately about stability, focus, balance, achievement, excellence, refinement, and actualizing our true potentials. Amongst the Seven Angels around the Throne of God spoken of in the Biblical “Revelation of St. John”, the Angel of Saturn—Cassiel—is associated not only with our karmic slate (the personal ledger we create through our thoughts, words, and acts) but also as the invaluable “purifying” agent who assists us in the process of perfecting our being on all levels, of becoming our finest self. Thus, Saturn is, above all, the planet that brings out what is True and what is ultimately of lasting value.

Zoe’s passing was the reality of a well-defined closure to our family orientation of “parenting” our five cats—and Saturn does love realism and practicality! Amazingly, as a perfect demonstration of the outworking of astrology in a personal context, this whole 28 ½ year cycle of Saturn in our marriage saw us through the life and passing of each precious, furry kid! And now that chapter has irrevocably closed.

In the current thrill and energy of revitalizing our living space to incorporate who we are today as a couple, we go forth into the next higher cycle of Saturn to welcome its additional learning and mastery. We smile in our new role as the renaissance pair!


As I begin to mature, I begin to appreciate
more and more the hard-won but hugely significant lessons
Saturn imparts.  . . .These days, I see Saturn
as the bringer of true and lasting gifts—
and not as a hard, unfeeling taskmaster.
Jan deProsse

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