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There is a simple path in life, once found. It is the antithesis of grit, steely motivation, and a “just do it” mentality, whether we really want to or not. “Just do it” seldom works, like the endless parade of the latest fad diets (or exercise regimes) that come along, taxing the body still further with temporary, illusionary weight loss (or body fitness). This is better known as the “Path of Un-Readiness”—a path littered with the most recent, discarded, New-Year’s resolutions, the ones that typically last little more than a few weeks of strenuous efforting.

Sometimes, we find the simple path when we’re maxed out with frustration. Or anger. Or deepest depression. We’re dangling at the end of our rope, having tried every thing imaginable—except what actually works, on a personal level. It doesn’t dawn on us, because we’re out of sync with our internal guidance system. When we’re forced to let go internally and/or externally, a new energy breaks through. Every thing lets go naturally and relaxes. Then, with surprising wonder, we discover the trailhead with its unobtrusive but clearly evident signpost, “The Path of Readiness.”

Once we finally take our initial, light-footed steps on this Trail, there is no wastage of vital energy, no distaste for “have-to-do” tasks, no taint of discipline. In Readiness, all is appropriate, gentle, perfectly accomplished. We move toward, not backward or sideways, not hesitantly. The time is right. We see things anew. Our in-sight is acutely operational.

As long as we stay within the energy field of readiness, all goes well. The moment we doubt, start straining, start thinking there are shortcuts or easier detours, or we think we know better than the inner guidance that “feels right,” then the Trail of Higher Purpose vanishes. We’ve departed from that subtle level. We’re back slugging it out in the outer wilderness of dis-ease and turmoil, scratching along in a state of self-will, confusion, stress, and force. We feel lost—once again.

Here’s a mundane but poignant example of an experience of readiness I had this week. Since actor Heath Ledger’s shocking, untimely death at age 28 in January 2008, for whatever reasons I do not entirely understand, I simply could not watch his movie, “A Knight’s Tale.” I couldn’t even make myself do it. His terribly sad demise from an “accidental overdose” seemed an inexplicable termination to a young, promising life. One of his memorable lines in this particular movie is his character’s strong determination and belief that through his own efforts he can “change his stars” to a better future. Too true, but in a fleeting instant, we can all change our stars with wise or unwise choices that create either life-affirming or deadly results, depending on how we choose.

In the past, we enjoyed watching “A Knight’s Tale” from time to time. At long last, I suggested we watch it a couple of night’s ago. Surprised even me that I was so moved! I had no idea I was ready. My impulse came spontaneously, naturally. And I enjoyed the whole movie without any restraint or sadness. In fact, I really enjoyed it!

The Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön tells us plainly, “The key is to be here, fully connected with the moment, paying attention to the details of ordinary life.  . . . This combination of mindfulness and appreciation connects us fully with reality and brings us joy.” Had I been inattentive, in the moment, to this very ordinary, internal prompting to watch this ordinary movie in our ordinary daily rhythm, I’d have missed an exquisitely poignant moment of readiness, which is also a dazzling moment of freedom. Readiness is joy. Readiness is energetic bliss!

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