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Consider what you are fostering either through
expectation or assumption.

When the idea of writing “fostering” first arose, I had a specific objective or train of thought in my mind. Originally conceived as a more elevated than mundane concept, my inspiration was not about true-life, in-your-face “foster care.” Never did I remotely dream that a few days later Chris and I would decide to commit to a tangible fostering situation in our home. Prior to taking this on board, my dear friend Linda advised, “trust your heart; don’t try to think this through.” Fostering became literal! The concrete reality and ramifications are still filtering through my consciousness, slowly. We have agreed to take in a new member of the family—a furry, four-footed being!

Last August when my mother unexpectedly fell, badly breaking her left leg, she still had one 19+ year-old kitty girl, named Silver, who had kept mom going day by day. To our utter heartbreak, mom passed on seven days later. It was mom’s greatest worry, if she went first, what would happen to Silver if they were parted. Who would love and tend to her? It was a big, BIG question that lay heavily in mom’s mind.

At the time of mom’s transition, none of us (my sister, brother, or I) could take Silver due to various circumstances and complications. She had to remain in her own home, all by herself, all these long months with my sister and a neighbor looking in on her daily. Not an ideal situation of reassurance and love but the best we could all do. No doubt it has been extremely lonely and confusing to Silver, but to her credit she is one tough, resilient, tenacious-of-life lady. She has endured.

Taking on the mantle as foster parents, once she arrives here safely, we will be able to offer sweet-natured Silver a new home warmly filled with security, caring attention, conversation (she loves to talk—a lot and loudly!), and heaps of love. From its Old English roots, foster (then fostrian) meant “to supply with food, nourish, support,” and from fostor “nourishment and bringing up.” Later, additional definitions of foster broadened to include: to care for or cherish, lodge, sustain, raise, nurture; aid, encourage, advance and promote the further development or growth of something.1

In the freshness of her fosterage here with us doting on her, Silver can rest easy. Mama in spirit can rest her heart in ease, in peace. And we three siblings will breath a huge, collective sigh of relief for the solution that arose.

Silver is fortunately adopted into Chris’ and my hearts, and as her new parents in the fullest, joyful sense, we will foster to her needs to the best of our ability. Rescued from isolation and loneliness, Silver’s story will end happily, cherished to her last breath on Earth when she will then patter Home to join mom and her family of kitties. Sadly, for so many other millions and millions of animals who desperately need and want a loving home, their stories will likely have a different, grim fate—many for just the same reason as the death of the owner and no provisions or “realistic” measures made for the surviving animal(s). For a fuller discussion of and additional information on this topic, click on the link below for “Animals in Wills and Trusts.”

Astrological Resonance

I chuckle that our decision to embark on this new beginning of going in a new life direction we did not remotely envision (with a cat!) is cosmically timed with amazing precision and symbolic richness! It’s a perfect, literal manifestation as well. It comes on the heels of the New Moon in Aries—the sign of the zodiac that is the archetype of fresh starts, eager new life, and the arrival of Spring (literally a new leaf!). Dormant life is awakening to the promise of yet another burst of vital energy, increasing sunlight, and new possibilities.

Quite remarkably in the context of our decision, this New Moon in adventurous Aries occurred at a powerful midpoint between two pairs of eclipses in the parental signs of Cancer and Capricorn (one set of eclipses happened in late December/January and the upcoming set of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26 and the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11). We choose to give up some of our freedom and autonomy (themes of Aries) for the trade-off blessing of parenthood (Cancer and Capricorn). With the Moon waxing, a new light is dawning in our life that will include Silver cat—she with the beautiful face so like a cougar. Our astrological New Year has truly begun as the Aries New Moon grows to its ripe fullness and the seeds of our parental responsibilities bloom.

Part Two of “Fostering What?” will feature my original inspiration on fostering.

A Book Recommendation

Another astounding synchronicity occurred a couple of days ago! I received a copy of my dear friend’s new book: OUR RESCUE DOG Family Album by Dr. Diane Pomerance. Here’s a brief sketch regarding the heart-filled contents of this beautiful book, which includes a stunning collection of pictures capturing their life story:

We never deliberately set out to ‘save’ or ‘rescue’ dogs. Yet, somehow, providing care for, adopting, and rehabilitating animals in need has become a way of life for my husband and me. In spite of the hard work and heartache so often involved, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Although there is so much sadness and often horrible suffering of the animals who come into our lives, we are so gratified by and amazed at the manner in which they generally recover from abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and the joy and beauty of their journey.

Each and every day of our lives is a celebration of life. During the past decades, my husband and I have been privileged to save, rescue and adopt these innocent animals in need. Featured in this book are descriptions of as well as the stories of some of the dogs we have adopted and who have become members of our seemingly ever-expanding family. The gifts they have brought us are immeasurable; the life lessons they have taught us are invaluable. Their gratitude, innate wisdom, and ability to love unconditionally have brought us profound joy. This book is our ‘homage’ to the wonderful dogs with whom we have shared our lives and to those who we have cherished and will always love, appreciate, and deeply respect.

For more information about this book, her other books on animals, and her work, see Diane’s website

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