Posted by: Zane Maser | June 6, 2010


Life can change with extraordinary quickness. Some segments are much more intense than others, provoking a greater awareness and presence of heart. Patience and momentary deep breathing can go a long ways toward helping us to remain inwardly poised when the pace is brisk.

In the garden, life is pulsing with an emerald lushness and volume of beauty that is truly breath taking, due to late, intermittent, and abundant rain. The first blossom of roses has already crested. The blessing of the rains took their offsetting toll on the blooms, some of which have rotted, while others are speckled with disappointing damage. Several of the branches of my vibrant, pink Knock-Out roses droop to shed their spoiled petals. The Dutch and Japanese irises were as stunning as they’ve ever been in their ephemeral, velvety allure. No one could ask for a better show of God’s glorious colors!

And then… there were hammer toes and Silver cat. Chris had foot surgery (on May 3) to correct two hammer toes. It’s eye opening when one half of the partnership is out of the general flow of life’s river and into a calm eddy of recovery and healing, which relegates all the chores to the ambulatory half. I became two people with four hands and even more adept at multi-tasking, not something I readily welcome in the normal, slower pace of life at the Maser “”Song Sparrow” hermitage.

The joy of all joys was the arrival of Silver, my mother’s 19+ year-old kitty girl, late in the evening of May 10th. My sister and brother-in-law drove 550 miles from a neighboring state—partly through a ferocious spring snowstorm—transporting a precious feline bundle seeking a new home. When their truck finally pulled in the driveway after 9 pm, I was over the moon, quivering with an elated excitement and anticipation of once again having a kitty in our home. This one a wise, elderly Crone Cat!

Saying “yes” to having Silver come live with us has been one of the most remarkable experiences of my whole life—one that words do not adequately convey. It is like every cell of my being is opened to an ecstatic LOVE and the perfect alignment of ALL IS RIGHT—both in the days of my eager expectancy of her arrival and after her queenly settling into her new environs. I’ve never experienced such a complete lack of internal resistance but rather an overriding feeling of harmony. It is positively euphoric, as though highest Heaven is right here with me, internally and externally. My awareness is a Cloud 9 of bliss and contentment, so much so that I feel absolute congruency and utter peace.

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