Posted by: Zane Maser | June 11, 2010


No matter what it looks like on the outside,
Every thing is in perfect order.

It’s a lovely dream come true, elderly Silver cat happily ensconced now as a part of our family. All her miserable, uncertain months of mostly being alone are at an end. Silver had become the only living resident of my mom’s home after she passed on suddenly last September. Silver is summarily welcomed into the warmth and light of her new home, where we embrace her with unconditional love.

To the degree any of us are asleep at the wheel of life, we miss out on such a quick, positive turn of events!

My husband, Chris, says, “the present moment is Heaven. Heaven is the present moment.” If we live ~ fully ~ in the present moment, then our experience is imbued with wonder and it’s own rhythmic perfection. The spiritual teacher, White Eagle, affirms that “to find and give absolute happiness” is the supreme objective in life. There is no greater gift we can give one another, our animals, and the world at large than to be and live in absolute joy and presence.

These days with Silver are soft days of heavenly awareness…

Chris tells me I am positively glowing again with a feline presence to tend, especially an aged one who needs more of a motherly eagle eye, in case she requires an extra measure of attentive help. My step is lighter. My voice is filled with delight when I kitty talk with Silver. He says I am vibrating with nurturing radiance that seems to be brought to the surface with my “feline motherhood gene,” which I seem to have in DNA abundance! It wouldn’t take a psychic to guess that my most sacred animal totem stalks from the Cat Family!

These days are not without their challenges or concerns. Going toward 20 years of age, her kidneys are compromised. With some stiffness in her lower back and hind legs, she gets her body into her litter box relatively easily, but she doesn’t always hit the target of the litter. My sister discovered that puppy-training pads work exceedingly well in Silver’s condition. And they do spread across the entrance into her box, so they nicely absorb her missed trajectory of urine. Her appetite and consumption of water since she arrived are minimal. Her sluggish digestive system is clearly working at a reduced level, and there is excessive strain when she tries to have a bowel movement. Her general state is foreboding.

Until she arrived, we had no way of knowing her actual physical condition, other than the descriptions of it by my sister when she daily visited Silver at mom’s house. She has settled in quickly and comfortably with us, and her first couple of days were filled with happy exploration of padding around the house and out onto the little back porch to take a short spin around the garden in the sun. Her fur sparkles as she perks along checking out all the new sights, scents, and sounds. She is relaxing more and more, opening out into the sweet, gentle angel of her true nature.

I wake up in the morn eagerly expectant of the present memories we are making together. And my heart feels so deeply content and at peace. Even if we are the family feline hospice for Silver, we do so with gladness and gratitude for the precious present.

There is an organic affinity between joyousness and
tenderness, and their companionship in the saintly life
need in no way occasion surprise.

William James

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