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All planes intermingle; all planes are one. Each one of you
is also functioning on a spiritual plane in the degree
that you are attuned to spiritual things. The inner plane
is a withdrawing into inner consciousness, which
is as real—no, more real—than the outer physical plane.

White Eagle

After Silver cat’s first weekend with us, her actual physical state is becoming more apparent. Outwardly and superficially, she looks and seems like she is in relatively good shape, as my sister thought she was. Inwardly, it is clear something major is going on.

I’ve opened multiple varieties of food in an attempt to tantalize her appetite. She took a couple of wee bits of a few, and the others were dismissed with a strong reaction as though I was offering her something dreadfully disgusting. I got a natural digestive aid, trying to ease and unblock her system, and held small bowls of milk for her to lap. Her urge for and response to earthly food is mostly nil. It must taste much like cardboard!

On our 7th day with Silver, Chris and I arrive at the same heartrending, devastating conclusion. Silver’s time on the earthly level is drawing to a close. Her physical body can carry her no further with any degree of comfort or quality of life. For her sake, which is all that matters, there is only one choice to make in the present moment—a choice that honors her overall being.

As upsetting as it is, and as much as we would like it to be different, we cannot change what is. Acceptance and positive action are what Silver deserves most. We are heart-bound to give her the ultimate gift of love: the gift of release. We have to relinquish her in her present physical form, as much as that totally breaks our hearts, when we hoped we’d perhaps have at a minimum the months of summer together.

It is Silver’s time to join my mom in the inner world, the world of Eternal Life, the world of Spirit. Earthwise, Mom and Silver spent almost 19 years together, happily reflecting to one another the deep love shared between them. Silver was, in fact, a tiny, abandoned kitten when mom discovered her frightened and hiding in a shrub across the street from our family home. Then, Silver hunkered under a boat at the house next door, where mom daily snuck food over to her, much to my dad’s dismay. A few weeks later, when dad asked mom what she wanted for her birthday, mom replied without hesitation, “I want that kitten!!” And so, over the years, mom and Silver rescued each other in many respects. It was then mom’s task to pass on first and wait for Silver’s arrival on her side of the veil.

The gift of release is an anguishing decision that a goodly number of people flat out avoid. Even when the animal is having a difficult, dire time of it, I have known people who have been unable to send their animal companions on their way—a fact I state without any judgment attached to it. Many prolong the life artificially, some even to the drastic measure of force-feeding, often because they seem afraid and can’t let go. In what seems like a desperate attempt to hold on to the physical form, they opt for quantity and not quality of life. It appears that they are unable to face the emotional pain the loss would bring; and granted, making the final decision is never easy!

That said, it is a personal choice of conscience, which each of us must arrive at in the silence and privacy of our own heart. Some, sadly, choose by choosing not to choose. And the animal pays the price in needless suffering.

It is sweet and natural to love the personality of your
beloved, but the spirit, that which is within,
is the greater. Do not cling too much to the personality;
aspire to the impersonal, the spiritual, the universal life,
and in that you will find you possess all, and will not lose
one whit of love you hold for your dear ones.

White Eagle

On May 17th, after only seven precious days together, we physically release beloved Silver. Her beautiful spirit is free, and her SilverLight will eternally shine for us. She added her kitty power to our home and garden, like our five kitty kids before her. We are blessed beyond all measure and our life enriched by her exquisite presence to our own last breaths on earth.

The gift of release for Silver is really the final gift of love I can give my mother ~~ the gift of spiritual reunion.

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