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We are all part of each other’s lives and every individual
occurrence is part of a bigger picture that carries
wider significance than our isolated view of it
can comprehend. Accepting that we live in a
meaningful universe with an implicit sense of purpose
allows us to acknowledge that there is a divine essence
seeking to guide us towards an understanding of that
bigger picture, with shadows of meaning
reflected within us and around us.

Deborah Houlding, horary astrologer

By Earthly time, it’s been almost five weeks since Silver cat passed on, leaving her beautiful, physical body for us to bury with reverence. In a holy place in our garden, it “houses” the physical remains of all six of our cat kids, because, truly, for the seven days we had the privilege to share with Silver, we considered her “ours” to temporarily care for and tenderly love. We willingly accepted the charge of her well-being, knowing it would be the final transition for her.

It has taken me many days to come to emotional grips with the physical brevity of Silver’s stay in our home. Thus, only recently have I been able to return to my computer and write the Maser “hospice” chapter of Silver’s story.

Since her departure, I’ve discovered a greater awareness of the plethora of blessings and realizations her short-lived stay gave me. In this sense, Silver was my doctor, because “doctor” literally means “teacher.” Above all, I experienced complete open heartedness.

One of the valuable things she made even more evident to me is the powerful part the woeful “story of loss” has played in my life. This dramatic storyline, which relates to unresolved grief, can only be kept alive if I personalize events and circumstances, as though it is happening to me on a personal basis, thus giving these events power over me, with each future episode adding an even greater emotional weight. What a very heavy trunk to be dragging behind myself for so many years!

Eckhart Tolle labels this the “pain body.” This artificially nourished ego body increases itself considerably through fear, resistance, judgment, and psychological suffering every time there is, in my story for example, a significant death. In this respect, I have served the master of materiality and appearance rather than the master of Spirit and eternal life. But straddling the service of “two masters” is destined to become a hopeless human failure, wisely pointed out by Jesus. I have yet a new opportunity to once and for all let go of this old, old, exceedingly worn out story line!! By choosing to think and feel differently, which sets a different cause in motion, I thereby create a different effect or result. I see life from a new, reborn perspective!

None of the following gifts from Silver are likely new news to you but perhaps they may cast a little deeper light of revelation for you as well. William Lilly, the great (horary) astrologer of the 17th century, put it precisely: “Everything mine, nothing mine: Nothing has been said that has not been said before.” Here are a few of my brightened “in”-sights:

• The three of us were simultaneously learning from and teaching one another—learning partners, as “A Course in Miracles” termed it. Teaching and learning are equal in value. What we learned from Silver were her specific lessons for us. These were feline teachings of the highest order!

• It is the quality or energetic tone of our reaction to the experience of having Silver with us, not what did or didn’t happen. By our reaction—response—we hinder or elevate all Creation, because self-mastery and constructive use of the creative force occurs in daily life, as we respond to each present circumstance. “All depends on individual thought and act,” counsels White Eagle. We can choose to regard the situation as a kindly ally and let it be as it is. This is like an artery in the body without any accumulated plaque to block the flow of smooth-sailing blood. The red gold moves where it needs to with no strain or constriction.

• Our appointed task with Silver was simple but very important: to welcome, enjoy, adore, release as it became appropriate and necessary, and to accept, without reservation, the outcome.

• Nothing ever happens by accident, in a random manner, or that is not meant to happen in the way it does. Knowing that Cosmos means “order,” nothing in the Cosmos can happen out of order. Everything that happens on the physical level of life is working out a wise, valuable purpose within the broader picture that encompasses ALL life. Every disappointment, setback, loss, crisis, heartbreak, sickness, and disease, as well as each constructive thing that occurs, has its own powerful place and function within our evolution and awakening.

• Our special relationship lasted precisely as long as it was meant to—seven days. If three or six months had been ordained, that’s what would have been allotted. So, how can there be any trace of regret? Regret comes from a focus on what we didn’t do, or didn’t have, or on what was taken away. Gratitude and grace are the natural result of a focus on what we did have, on the gain, and the immense joy. Because my heart was so open to the experience of being with Silver, I derived a priceless, spiritual fortune from it.

• The essence and soul of all things, all creatures, all creation is spiritual and Divine—thus eternal. The spiritual is all that is real, because it is the basis or cause of all there is. When the spark of life is gone from this world, the individual “part” that was Silver’s once again unites with the Whole. Her visible, finite, differentiated form is gone. Her invisible, infinite, and universal spirit lives on. I awaken to her spirit, to an abiding peace when my consciousness remembers who I am and who Silver really is—formless, perfect, and already complete. So, there is no such thing as loss. I have never “lost” anything.

• During Silver’s time with us, she was finally with company again. She felt safe enough and relaxed so much that she could let go. We gave her permission to go.

• If I do grasp or cling, however, and try to keep Silver bound to the energy of the physical life, it is like I put a tether on her leg. She is cumbered and unable to go freely on her appointed journey. But, as White Eagle always instructs, the doorknob that opens to communion with our physically departed loved ones is on the earthly, material side of life. I must raise my vibration upwards (inwards) in order to reach through the veil to Silver and other beloved ones on the spiritual side of life. My task is to arise in lightness and meet them in the finer, higher levels of exquisite life. This is the level of pure Essence, rarefied Being.

• All energy needs to circulate, described in the simple words of Master Jesus, “Give and it shall be given to you.” Put differently, the outflow is the basis of or creates the inflow. In this way, much always increases. The love, joy, contentment, and thrill we share compounds into more. The more love we experience, the more love we experience. Silver’s legacy to us is love and love is ours to her.

• By enfolding Silver into our home and receiving her gifts, it was likewise the final, ultimate gift I could offer my mother. What came around went around.

• One of my closest, dearest friends is a “true” and finely tuned medium. She remarked that Silver’s “placement in our home was not by accident in the bigger picture and was specifically intended to provide support, nurturing, and a certain amount of necessary healing for a successful transition to the place where she is to go, which is with your Mom. The two of them were quite literally connected at the hip. Your home was intended to be quite literally the last stop, the genuine hospice/palliative care placement prior to her transition. Several higher order authorities in this matter, which wisely served to guide Silver on her path to you and Chris, made this decision. In that sense, a perfect placement where just what was needed was provided. Silver, at this point, has been nicely balanced and will be able to transfer some of this emotional balance to your mother, which will in turn assist her in her own reconciliation and healing. No small task, but animals are very powerful healers on the other side, where there is a more equitable and harmonious exchange of energies.” The worlds are much more than we know, aren’t they?  And the purpose(s) is often much more than we imagine or know.

• We were a witness for Silver of her unique value and to the perfection of her little cat soul. To be so completely focused with her in the present moment—each moment one of awakened grace is all there is—the GIFT of her: to be present enough to see the very hairs and exquisite patterning of her face, the rhythm of her quiet breathing, and feel her carefree trust and serenity.

• The gift of consciousness is the greatest gift we can give. As animals are always focused in present time, they are constantly emitting their supreme gift.

• My best short- and long-term interests and healing are always being considered. The Divine Presence (call it God, Buddha, Divine Mother, whatever you are comfortable with) is aware of the smallest and simplest pain and need of all Creation. This is Divine Provision. Whatever final, outer and inner things Silver required, she received. All needs were met for the three of us, as well as for my sister, her husband, and my mom awaiting Silver from the inner world. Considering the divine, intricate planning, as mentioned at the beginning in Deborah Houlding’s quote, how can any of us have anything but absolute trust?

• God’s awareness and compassion are present and enfold me through every life experience and challenge I undergo. I am thus never alone, so what could there be to fear?

• If I accept each experience as it naturally arises, I gain greater clarity and perspective. This translates into non-resistance. I am then able to receive the lesson each situation, circumstance, interaction, or relationship has blest me with.

Even though I have made this written attempt, there are no words to convey how much Silver blessed my life.

Death is a glorious experience. When souls are awakened
to the realization that they have died, they feel
intense joy and thankfulness that the crossing
has been made so easily. That is their first reaction.
They find they are in a world, which is as solid
and real and certainly more beautiful than the old world.
There is a tender love, which watches over [each person
and animal]; not only at the time of death is this
love demonstrated or manifested; it is always there
and it always has been.

White Eagle

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