Posted by: Zane Maser | June 20, 2010



Let love fill our hearts.
Let light fill our minds.
Let inspiration fill our thoughts.
Let tenderness fill our voice.
Let goodwill fill our words.
Let purity fill our ways.
Let simplicity mark our days.

Aum.  Aum.  Aum.

Let dedication to high purpose strengthen our arms.
Let service fill our hands.
Let softness of touch flow from our fingers.
Let compassion fill our eyes.
Let acceptance fill our ears.
Let gentleness be upon our mouth.
Let humility be upon our feet.
Let fluidity bend our knees.

Aum.  Aum.  Aum.

Let peace shine from our being.
Let selflessness be our motive.
Let gratitude be our path.
Let joy permeate our cells.
Let harmony be our guide.
Let wisdom rule our ministrations.
And grace descends from Heaven’s abode.

Aum.  Aum.  Aum.  Aum.  Aum.  Aum.  Aum.

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