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Attention to good doubles good.
Catherine Ponder

At long last, I finally understand the extent of the maxim that if we first give our gifts unconditionally, how these gifts—based on discernment and wisdom—become an endless gift to our self. The Alpha and Omega of sending out good energy is that giving and receiving become One. Motivated first from an inner place of strength and power, what might our divinely granted capacity be to generate waves of goodness, even global and Cosmic waves?

Such an example of someone who has, and is, making very significant “good” (Godly) waves is Dr. Catherine Ponder, a minister in Palm Desert, California, of the nondenominational Unity faith. She is included among America’s foremost inspirational authors,1 and is thus accorded the honor of being called the “Norman Vincent Peale among women ministers.” It is not surprising, therefore, that waves and waves of positive encouragement, strength, healing, and goodwill flow as regularly and assuredly as the tides of the ocean from the epicenter of someone like a Catherine Ponder.

Through her many books on the power of positive, affirming thought and her ministerial work, Dr. Ponder has helped thousands—in person and long distance—over the decades. As her life touches an individual, one ripple of encouraging energy goes out. Every person Catherine has given a helping hand and heart to (which could be you or me) impacts the “Good” side of the Universal Accounting Ledger. This individual, say a woman, then goes on to uplift in direct and subtle ways 10 of her immediate family and loved pets, as well as her neighbors, the lives she touches through her children’s school life and activities, her social involvements, and, through her husband, his colleagues at work.

You and I daily have this same capacity to give—and we are in our own unique ways! The magnitude of the power of the interconnecting rings of cause and effect for each of us is staggering. And it begins with a single, simple wave of kindness.

The individual, as the center or creative source of her or his life, sends out interlinking circles of relationships (transfer of positive
or negative energy) and thus affects all forms
of life throughout eternity.

In addition, there are countless millions all over the world who have read Dr. Ponder’s incredible books throughout the years. I am one such person, and I was greatly aided for the better more than 3 decades ago when I first began to read and apply the principles of right thought. At the time, I was single, but very much wanting to “attract” a perfect match for me. I tallied up the qualities I most wanted in a man and then began my visualizing and affirming, with a faith I felt would move a mountain. In a very short time, I met Chris at a professional meeting. When we married 6 months later, we had spent little more than about 12 days with each other, but that was a happy 29+ years ago! The positive wave of “good” intention I sent out changed my life and who knows how many others from that point on through the relationship of energy Chris and I have created.

Given the Universal principle that like attracts like and we draw in the same measure of power (or goodness) we send out, consider what kind of epicenter you are now. Are you truly as you want to be? Is it all that you envision yourself to be? If not, what would you have to “allow” to become the ideal you seek or to create your idyllic life?

The more integrity and blessing you create and send out from yourself and your life, the more integrity and blessing continually returns to you—as the originating cause. Does “your” wave return with the energy of peace, harmony, and love, or does it crash upon the shore? If you met the exact replica of you, would this be a good experience? Would being in the presence of you be enlivening?

There is no more right moment than this eternal moment to stand up and take the first step—step by gradual step—to become the person you are meant to be and to do the “true” purposeful work you came into this life to do, however small or grand that may be. Each step in the direction of the dream from deep in your heart will be guided and will open the next door, whether through a book by someone like Catherine Ponder that crosses your path, a chance encounter with a friend who touches your heart at the right moment, an encouraging message in a dream, or a line from a movie that is the exact thought you most need to hear.

If you somehow feel you are not where you want to be, your appointed Path of Goodness awaits you. With an initial step of courage, your inner dreams can come true. Your light is already shining as the gift of you. Let it shine clearly, purely, and beautifully. You are already a radiant light—a beam of profound goodness that is more powerful than you can ever imagine.


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  1. Catherine Ponder. The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages. 1986. DeVorss & Co.

  2. This schematic appeared in The Redesigned Forest (1988) by Chris Maser, R & E Miles Publishing, San Pedro, CA.


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