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In the beginning, when I started writing pieces for my SunnyCat Astrology blog, our adored 18 ½ year old cat, Zoe, had just passed on on Christmas day. She was the last of our 5 cat kids. I was emotionally devastated.

So, I started writing to share my inner and outer experiences during my process of grief and healing. My intent was that, if another person in a similar journey of change and transformation (whether from the loss of a beloved animal companion, person, home, or job) read about my struggles and spurts of growth, they might find some small measure of understanding warmth and solace. I have thus written from the context of my spiritual underpinnings.

It is in sharing that we know we are not alone and that this universal process of change and reconfiguration of energies is constantly taking place. Perhaps, this time I can lend my hand to you. At another time, you will be able to lend your hand to me.

This morning, in my quiet time before my inner altar of peace, the word “Love” kept arising. Love. Transcendent Love. A gentle, enfolding love seemed to be radiating to me from the “other” side of life—the inner world of Spirit. I had the sense of being softly held within the spiritual orbit of my dad, who passed on 15 years ago this afternoon, finally succumbing to the perils of having become a smoker early on in his life. Watching him waste away from the ravages of lung cancer was one of the hardest patches of my life.

Today is a day of honor. Today is a day to remember and rejoice in all the little, special and especially good things about my dad. Astrologically, dad was born with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Taurus—the zodiac signs that are naturally ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Dad was surely akin to the gentle, harmony producing Ray of Venus so prominently shown in his natal birth chart. Venus was also placed in the 2nd house of money and resources in his chart, an area that is naturally ruled by Venus, so She is described as “dignified” by placement and generally well able to demonstrate Her fortunate powers of attraction.

Though he had 28+ degrees of the sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant or as his “rising” sign, dad had all 30 degrees of the sign of compassionate Pisces in the 1st house or area of the chart associated with his personality and disposition. Venus and Pisces share a special relationship, too, in that Venus is most comfortably placed when in the sign of Pisces, termed its “exaltation,” as the energies of this feminine planet are able to express in their highest form. And dad fathered two Sun in Pisces daughters, who love him dearly! Venus was also a sub-influence of his Ascendant, suggesting his inner sense of refinement and artistic talents, as well as his soul’s intention to express great warmth of heart.

Dad was a quiet, unassuming gentlemen and a gentle man, showing his affections in many, unspoken ways. He was a welder by trade, a master craftsman, as skilled as any artist with a brush or an author stringing together a harmonious flow of words. He loved his work and lit up when asked about it, something he only did when encouraged to open up.

His presence was like a strong, solid, dependable backdrop. He was never brash or greedy in trying to get his share of attention or the limelight. He simply lived and lived simply. He grew up in a family, where material needs were provided only to the small extent of a very tight budget. His innate talent to invent, work with his hands, and craft toys and such spilled forth out of the necessities of this frugal environment of relative lack. As with so many, the Depression was a formative time of hardship in his childhood family. But inwardly, his fires of self-reliance and self-expression burned with ease and were being honed for his natural abilities with metal in such a grounded, earthy occupation of welding. Dad was, in many respects, a pragmatic mystic!

Emotionally and temperamentally, dad was not often a strong figure of authority, discipline, or the meting out of much praise. His parsimony seemed to permeate all aspects of his being, perhaps speaking to the co-rulership of his Ascendant by self-constraining Saturn. On the other hand, mom tended at times to overshadow dad in many ways. Her character was cut of the fiery, impatient cloth of Mars, planet of action and the often quick, unthinking response. My parents were a living demonstration of opposites attracting, two poles mysteriously but irrevocably attracted to one another, and years later wondering why the heck they had been!

The dynamics of my family were such that it was less threatening and much easier to have an openly, expressive relationship of deeply shared love with my dad after he passed on. Since then, he has always been an inward “call away” when I most need him. His home in spirit, simply being at a different, higher vibratory level now than the physical home Chris and I inhabit, is “nearer than near,” as close as a thought of him. He is ever present when I happily say in my heart—or out loud—“I love you, dad.” “I love you, too” I hear in response, as clear and dear as before.

Always, whenever we love deeply—a person and/or an animal—we can be together. Love is the true and lasting substance of our Divine Universe. With love, all IS already present. With love, all IS well. Love teaches us every single lesson while we are in Earth School. And by love do we remember our unity—in all ways—with those we cherish and with all life.

In the eternal present moment, I love you, dad. I know you’re having great fun fishing close by! I love you, Zoe cat. This is God’s highest gift to each of us that truly we are and always will be together with all those so dear in our hearts.

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