Posted by: Zane Maser | August 6, 2010



Labor complete.
Your mortal life ran its course.
Resting you turn inward.
Withdrawing your soul and spirit from the outer pulse.
You move behind the curtain of materiality
to once again merge into the Wholeness of Life.
All silence and beauty revealed.
You are light.
Radiant Light.
Not you there, mom, and us here,
but all life ever present.
You in us and we in you.
Love intertwined.

Now spirit and gone in body only.
We, your children, have walked through this past year and cried.
And remember more detail than we had in years.
All that you gave us,
All that you withheld,
All that you did the best you could.
Perfect you were not
but you were the perfect mother
we each needed for our growth.
For whatever obvious and veiled reasons.
All of them soul reasons, no doubt,
you taught us what you could.
Our inner wings were strengthened.

Because of you
our dear mom visibly gone.
Ashes now returning to primeval Earth.
Ashes intermingled—in love—with all the cats taken care
of by you and treasured in your heart.
Ashes made from fire.
Ashes to catch the wind.
Ashes to melt into the water.
Ashes hidden in grains of sand.

We stand now as three casting the physical remnants.
Children of your womb
Children who choose to remember all that was good.
Your spark of vibrancy
Your quick, insatiable mind
Questing to farther reaches
Showing us what we might be.

A light to follow now.
You and dad
ahead on the mountain Path to the top.
We miss you here.
We rejoice in you there.
Unencumbered by old wearied body and bones.
The jewel in your heart that was secreted
shines now in spirit freely, purely, perfectly.
The links of love unbroken.
We’ll be with you and dad soon enough.
Your love remains with us in full.
You take our love with you in full.

Not you there and us here, but all life ever present.
You in us and we in you,
Love intertwined.

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