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If you are educated and molded after the ordinary pattern
of the human family, you may live an average lifetime
and never have an original thought.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity Church

You may be thinking, “oh no, she has written yet another piece on a similar collection of subjects. She seems much like a spinning record stuck in the same, well-worn groove.” You may even be feeling eek, egad! At least we can postulate that I’m as predictable as many authors are! The keenly observant reader would say I am simply honing the practice of being me, that which is the “real, deep down” me. So within my seemingly repetitive renderings is both the comfort of a similar resonance of topics I hold dear and the innovative freedom to allow an idea to flow through as a potential nugget of wisdom and genius expressing through me, expressing also through you in your own artful forms.

Over the years in the many articles and books that my husband, Chris, has written and I’ve proofread, I have gone round and round with him concerning my blunt questions:  “oh gosh, where have I read this before? What prior book did you lift these paragraphs from because they are SO familiar to me? Can’t you write this in a new way with some fresh examples?” He has calmly explained, with great patience, that it sometimes happens that he has written something in a very clear, precise, and understandable way for the reader, and so far he hasn’t come up with an improved way to express it.

He’s sharpened and refined the paragraphs or passage to a nicely polished gem, through the process of reviews and editing, and it’s the best he’s attained to date, though he is constantly incorporating new data and examples as they are unearthed or experienced. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Having now written a goodly amount myself, the light of understanding has fortunately switched on for me in what Chris was conveying. He is, at long last, vindicated! Wasn’t it the Master Jesus who spoke on the same truths, over and over, finally saying one can cast the pearls of truth but there are few who “know” it as such a pearl.


Within a prominent career, how many times do you suppose singing greats have sung their most famous hit songs to countless, global audiences, shining vocal stars like Frank Sinatra, Reba McIntyre, Billy Joel, Julie Andrews, Willie Nelson, or Madonna? Hundreds or thousands of times the same song? At which performance or recording did they achieve the pinnacle of perfection in their version of a particular song? Were there cheering audiences any less mesmerized?


It’s the same for each of us within our specialty. An author writes about the subjects that are the most valued and meaningful to their heart, to the central core of who they are. And within our own distinct individuality, style, and genre, we each labor toward that peak of attainment. Not surprisingly, the first phrase or counsel written over the gateway to the Grecian Temple at Delphi was “Know Thyself.” No matter what century we live in, the beginning point is always the self.


Take a favorite actor, like gorgeous-to-look-at (in my estimation) Gerard Butler or Tom Selleck. As I watch them from movie to movie over the years, it becomes rather apparent how their characteristic mannerisms and essential style define every part. They play various roles, but in the end, what comes to light is they are truly just acting or playing themselves (a bit harder to discern when it’s really good acting in a really “bad guy” part). You begin to get a clear sense of who the person is, much more than who they are as an actor. The essential person comes through regardless. Seriously, did any of us ever watch Gary Cooper play anyone but Gary Cooper? Or Richard Burton not actually be Richard Burton? No matter what role, we always watch Julia Roberts being Julia Roberts.


Sandra Bullock is a prime example in her most recent film “The Blind Side,” an exceptionally heart-centered, true story. She has so practiced playing herself umpteen times over the years that in this role as the wealthy Leigh Anne Tuohy she attained a summit of expressive perfection. And deservedly walked away with the Academy Award for Best Actress, so good was she at letting her inner being shine through in her masterful acting.

A natural-born writer perfects their own distinctive style through the medium of words, writing about subjects and issues that are central to them. A masterpiece of words comes through as the interior of the person is made visible, and for those at the top of the talent pool, a Pulitzer Prize comes their way. In a similar fashion, a scientist pursues excellence in an arena of vital interest to her and later becomes a twice-honored Nobel laureate the stature of a Marie Curie, for instance. These are all individuals who, through their strong intent, focused motivation, and unflagging persistence have allowed their own true self to shine forth and so mastered their craft, which a worldwide audience then applauds.

A correct relationship with your self is primary,
for from it flow all possible correct relationships
with others and with the Divine.

From Rune #1—The Rune of the Self1

Each of us possesses our own daring individualism and ingenuity. As we increasingly recognize ourselves in the deepest place within (the still, small voice of true guidance), we allow our gift to fully express itself in a way that illuminates who we truly are. Rather than plodding along in the “ordinary pattern,” mentioned above by Charles Fillmore, we create our own extraordinary pattern on the path toward excellence. Dare to have an original thought, an original creation!

Our inspired writings, paintings, photographs, lyrics, musical scores, scientific endeavors, to name a few, reveal our interior splendor. Eschew externalities that have zero chance to tell you who you are, ones like beautiful looks, a skinny body, money, the jet-set vacation, “social success,” or power, but rather look into your own mirror with eyes and heart of deep appreciation and self-support. The quality of our relationship to our self is the real and eternal value—a treasure we store in heaven. Step into your own skin fully and be your best. As authenticity is shared, it touches, teaches, inspires, and transforms lives in the most profound, lasting ways.

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  1. Ralph Blum. The Book of Runes. Oracle Books St. Martin’s Press. New York. 1987.


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