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So think as if your every thought were to be etched
in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see,
for so, in truth, it is.
Book of Mirdad

Each thought, feeling, word, and act counts enormously. Whether we like it or not, our entire outer life is molded first and foremost within the universe of private, inner thoughts, each one building on the last. Our thoughts literally create every detail of our world. You might be surprised to learn that 1,000 negative thoughts are less powerful when combined than is a single positive statement of good intent, whereas a mere two positive statements are mightier than 10,000 negative thoughts!1

The scales can be tipped so easily to the positive, harmonious, helpful, and constructive aspect of life if we but consciously control our never-ending stream of thoughts. A small amount of good can add up really fast if we just persist in bringing ourselves back to the positive pole.

Moreover, not a single thought can ever defy the Law of Mind-Action, as author Catherine Ponder terms it. This Law, most often referred to as the Law of Attraction, brings to each of us “our own thoughts” in form, whether it is, for example, a successful, fulfilling life or a life punctuated by one emotional drama after another as though we are somehow a “victim” of cruel, external circumstances and conditions. On the spiritual level, it is the Law of Correspondence wherein everything is an exact mirror reflection: As above, so below. As below, so above. In a Biblical connotation, this is how “the Word” becomes flesh. This could also be stated as faith becoming literal substance or materialized. Physiologically, upbeat thoughts result in healthy, vibrant, youthful cells. Botanically, oranges can only grow on orange trees.


As our mental atmosphere pertains to the causal level of manifestation, we cannot expect our financial resources to overflow in abundance while we habitually think of scarcity and “not enough money” to meet our needs and/or desires. If I think lack, how can wealth flow my way? If I think fat, I’ll never be slender. We can’t persistently think in the negative, when push comes to shove in the test our inner resolve and stamina: “I can’t do it” or “I always fail when others succeed,” because such thinking can only bring forth the same, old life story of mediocrity and crumpling into a heap when the going gets tough.

To repeatedly have the same thought or do the same behavior and somehow expect a different outcome is not only fool hearty but also squanders valuable energy and time! If we change our inner self, we shift the energy toward a fresh consequence. A new you then emerges into the light!

The famous thoroughbred racehorse, Seabiscuit, is a case in point. From an unimpressive beginning, being of small size, knobby-kneed, indulging in lengthy snoozes and hefty meals, he performed so poorly in his first couple of racing seasons that he was soon trained to hold back his speed while encouraging another more competitive horse to pull ahead quickly. His owner and trainer expected him to perform poorly and thus used him to encourage other horses to win, thereby training Seabiscuit to lose!


He was sold to the automobile entrepreneur, Charles Howard, and together with his new trainer, Seabiscuit had a new set of winning expectations and was re-trained and re-programmed to become the champion he was inside. In 1938, Seabiscuit won the “Match of the Century” against War Admiral, the magnificently strong and talented Triple Crown champion. Seabiscuit was born with the innate ability to become a legend, but only when his talent was honored and cultivated by those who understood his true temperament. In 1958, he was voted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.2

Unsurprisingly, what is brought forth on the outer level is an exact reflection of itself from the inner level, because a thought is a vibration, a vibratory magnet. Consider the vibration created by habitual angst, greed, and violence. The daily press is saturated with it! In counterbalance, what sort of vibration does a loving heart send out into the world and thus draw to it? Witness a Mother Teresa.

Combined with our spiritual aspirations, the only true power we possess is how we think, which forms our attitude. Nothing outside of ourselves makes or breaks us. Nothing outside of us has any power over us unless we relinquish it to that person, circumstance, event, or relationship. The barometer of how well we are doing on the attitudinal and thought level—thus the level of our consciousness—is the quality, peace, order, success, joy, contentment, fulfillment of our outer life, and therefore the state of our physical health as well.

If you take a survey, now, of the different areas of your outer life, what do they reflect back to you? What have your subconscious and conscious thought patterns created?

When we quietly, persistently prepare first in the realm of thought, the outer realm of action takes care of itself naturally and effortlessly. Only in this way can we in actuality make the small world around us a heavenly place of our own visions, inspirations, and goals. And we contribute positively (or otherwise), more than we may realize, to the world that goes beyond our personal borders.

Everything around you reflects your attitude
toward it, and it reacts accordingly.
Catherine Ponder

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