Posted by: Zane Maser | December 15, 2010


The ideals within our heart and the images
of our mind are awesomely powerful to create
a better personal and collective world.


The ever-changing Moon is the fastest moving body of our planetary line up. She dances through each sign of the zodiac in about 2 ½ days, going from a New Moon to a Full Moon in a mere two weeks. Currently, she is heading into her brightest Full glory on December 21, as we celebrate the ancient festival of the Winter Solstice. With the Lunar eclipse on that day, however, the face and light of the Moon will be “blacked out” for a few moments while the Earth lines up exactly between the Sun and Moon. Thus, the Sun’s shadow will temporarily darken the Moon’s pearlescent face.

Today, she is traveling through the fast-paced Fire sign of Aries, the pioneering ram of the zodiac who thrives on adventurous impulses, following the dictates of pure instinct, often throwing both fear and carefulness to the wind. Later today, the Lunar Lady links in a harmonious, flowing coupling with the Sun in another Fire sign, Sagittarius, the archer.

Fire signs are simply buoyant! When the joyful vibrancy of Fire is afoot, there tends to be an active, out-rushing energy that is spontaneous, fun, creative, self-motivating, and optimistic. The element of Fire is positively, assertively oriented, so it’s a great time, generally speaking, to initiate forward movement towards future visions and aspirations.

As the Sun is still in Sagittarius until the 21st , there is a good window to start the pot stirring (at least in your mind’s eye) for the good fortune you desire to create in 2011. After all, Sagittarius, as the sign of Kings, is the most expansive and carefree when pursuing long-held dreams. Plus, Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is associated with opportunity, faith, abundance, good fortune, charity, rewards, and blessings. The largeness of far-seeing Jupiter symbolizes not only benevolence and expansion but also entering the deep stillness, the deep wisdom of the Higher Mind.

Presently, the combination of planetary signatures are rather intense, restless, hectic, and nervy. There’s so much negative, non-constructive, non-affirming “stuff” out there in the world that why not create positively—on the helpful side of the slate? It won’t necessarily be easy to quiet the busy, holiday-saturated mind, but at the least we can consciously set aside daily moments to create a tranquil oasis of serene presence. This will help to begin the contemplative process of looking forward into 2011.

We create the future in this moment. See it as created.
Imagine your full Divine Potential as you wish it to be.

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