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The inner Light, that’s what’s real.

What if we were all like fireflies? Little blinks of sparkling Light making the night’s darkness less intense. What if our individual lighting systems, those interior ones, are perpetually turned on and glowing for all to see? Steady, dependable, trustworthy.

My husband, Chris, awoke this morn with a curious and profound dream. In his sleepy-time story, each one of us, all over the world, were little lights—constantly aglow and visible not only to our self but also to all others. He could see his inner light, as could everyone else. It seemed an interesting oddity in the dream, but left him with a feeling of complete peace and unity.

His is the same light that lights me that lights you. Our shared humanness is the promise of this inner light—the Light of Illumination—in the outer world, which is validation that Divine Presence is ever near, ever faithful, ever true.

As we approach the Winter Solstice and then Christmas a few days later, there is known to be a great outpouring of Spiritual Light directed onto Earth and all her inhabitants, indeed a mystical blessing. Christmas is, after all, the Season of Lights, known in ancient times as the Festival of Lights, when humanity anticipated, with childlike joy in their hearts, the Return of the Sun. The spiritual emanation or essence behind or within our physical Sun is the Heavenly Light, which gives life to the Cosmic Child within each of our hearts, like the light in Chris’ dream.

On December 21, the Earth sign of Capricorn is born at the time of the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest and darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. On the 21st this year, we have the blessing of a potent Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, one that will mark the beginning a whole new, significant chapter for humanity. Saturn, the planet of the adept and of perfection in form, is the “lord of the winter solstice,” when we celebrate the re-birth of the Christ light because the annual solstice chart is also the birthday of the Sun or the Sun’s solar return. Sun-gods, who periodically come as Redeemers for humanity, are always born during Capricorn, reminding us of the eternal promise denoted by the cycle of the Sun—the sustaining source of all life.

The spiritual teacher, White Eagle says, “The festival of Christmas is really about worshipping the Sun, the giver of life. The physical Sun is but an outward manifestation of that glorious spiritual Sun, the Light of Life, the perfect Son of God.” He further suggests that, “If you will keep your contact with the Great Spirit, and the Son which is love, you will have the deepest and the truest happiness at Christmas; indeed, it will always be Christmas for you. Christmas is not one day. . . Christmas is your whole life.”

During this time of year, when the life pulse appears at its lowest, the outer landscape rests as it faithfully bides its time and patiently gathers strength within. “In the midst of winter,” wrote Albert Camus, “I found within me an invincible summer.” Thus, as the Sun stands still at the sacred Solstice, it is a time to quietly go inward, seeking our own inner Light while we too await with certainty the return of the Sun’s strength and warmth and spring’s eventual germination.

As this passage from dark to light gently progresses—from rest to vitalizing growth, from assessing what has and has not occurred during this past year to what we visualize ahead and hope to create in the new year of opportunity—may it be a threshold for you of Divine guidance and potent potential as 2011 dawns for each of us and for the Global Family. May it be a year of blessed good health, abundance, harmony, peace, and LOVE for ALL people.

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