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Following on the idea of looking forward into 2011 (from the previous post), one of the most important endeavors we can do in these final days, as the page of this year turns, is to start dreaming. Begin to really sense what are the deepest longings in your heart when you get below all the “shoulds,” superficialities, and conventions of the outer world. What is it exactly that you want to see happen in your life in the freshness of a new page and a newly born decade? We’ve got some unbounded opportunities!

Making your “true” list is a totally different process than outlining goodly intended resolutions for the new year, those that typically last, at best, a couple of grueling weeks of “efforting” and often profusely sweating it out. Resolutions are synonymous with supposed unshakeable declarations that include willpower, absolute determination, firmness, and fortitude, to name a few. The reason that resolutions are virtually never successful is that they are falsely “head-centered,” only to diminish and disappear when the ego reasserts itself in wanting that symbolic or literal giant-sized slice of chocolate cake. New Year resolutions are seldom statements or intents of your autonomous self—those motivations that actually speak to who you really are deep within, when left to your own, authentic inclinations.

This dream true list incorporates part of the meaning of resolution, which is the “process of reducing things into simpler forms.” This list is meant to be clear and precisely focused in every aspect you intend to create or manifest, because there is great power in getting definite. Remember, your world without is a specific reflection of your thought or image world within. As Charles Haanel wrote, “thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.”

Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the
hidden realm of thought, as in the world of visible
and material things. Mind is the master weaver, both
of the interior garment of character and
the outer garment of circumstance.

James Allen1

First and foremost, your dream list is “heart-centered.” It must be built on solid belief. Firm faith in the outcomes. Strong, unfaltering confidence and expectation. A deep knowing and trust in your heart that transcends the overly active outer mind of everyday concerns, fears, worries, and hastes. Through its exact detail and clarity, it is like a condensed prayer list that activates and draws Universal Substance to you in the form of your highest ideals and highest good. By writing it down, your list is a positive magnet saying, “yes, this is what my heart desires. Yes, I will do my definite, active part as co-creator, and I am free of struggle and strain, tension and stress. I see it inwardly in my heart and thus I know it. It’s already present.”

In her book, “The Millionaires of Genesis,” Catherine Ponder describes a formula for success that worked brilliantly for a chiropractor and his wife.2 When the doctor finished his schooling, the couple found themselves with nothing, that is, materially. However, at that point, they believed if they consistently wrote a list of what they specifically wanted in the New Year, they would just as surely receive it. Their list was not one of New Year’s resolutions or hopes of what the year might bring their way, but rather comprised what they definitely, positively expected by year’s end.

Once the list of their heart’s desires for the upcoming year was finalized in detail, they placed the list in their Bible (or any other sacred book that is part of your faith and spirituality) and “simply gave thanks for the perfect results throughout the year.” From that initial year, this powerful method invariably worked for them. They found in subsequent years that definite results of the major items on their list, even for the desire of their first child (born that year in October), came by midyear, while others waited until December. But appear they did!

What are your own desired expectations for the New Year? What might you be able to create if you were to get clear, definite, faith-filled, and favorably expectant—on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your life? How might your dream list of genuine desires make your private world, your own community, and the global society a better place to inhabit by next year’s end?

What’s more, the best part is that, if you experiment with the power of getting definite and writing your lists, by the end of this coming decade—2020—you can have tangible proof of the results over the ensuing years of how your life has become enriched through positive expectancy!

Whatever is oftenest viewed with the inner eye reveals
its secrets and hands out its gifts.
Emma Curtis Hopkins

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  1. James Allen. 2004. As a Man Thinketh (from The Wisdom of James Allen). Laurel Creek Press. 

  2. Catherine Ponder. 1976. The Millionaires of Genesis. DeVorss & Company.


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