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When you hear or read “saving energy,” what is the first idea that pops into your mind? For many, it is the invaluable topic of “going green,” now considered the new “normal” for the decade ahead. This crucial issue is central for ALL of us. Every person needs to become awareness of the urgent need to consciously save energy due to the dwindling, healthy resources of our beautiful Planet. No longer a mere option, this is an absolute necessity if life is to continue in any semblance of quality for all living creatures, including us.

If each person were to simplify their tastes and preferences, happiness and contentment would gradually reign. Dr. Reese Halter, in a December 14th story for the Huffington Post, gives an easy, effective example (among several): “Forty percent of all car trips in North America are less than two miles. Ride a bicycle or walk that distance and get exercise instead of spending fuel. At the end of the year you will have saved $215.”1 It is well worth it to take a few valued moments to read his whole article!

In the previous two pieces, I’ve written about settling into the process of making a dream list for what you’d like to create in 2011. Essentially, the dream list can be thought of as a meditation of awareness on how you currently use energy, time, and resources—the budget of your precious life’s energy. Truly, how are you investing these? What changes would you make? Most people, dashing about in today’s ever-faster pace, are addicted to the quickest and the easiest path to whatever it is, and thus are experiencing more and more physical, emotional, and mental stress, weariness, emptiness, and loneliness.

How many people do one thing at a time or do fewer things or even know what this concept really means? Look at all your personal expenditures of energy and time, from the moment you arise in the morning to crawling back into bed for sleep. Recall the many ways you tend to fritter away and dissipate your energies and time. Mindlessly playing solitaire on the computer? Visiting countless websites or blogs in a day’s time, which leave you drained and actually more disconnected from others? Participating in the various options of “social media” that are actually an impersonal outlet and full of commercial hype? Endless shopping? Constant talking or texting on your cell phone?

Are many aspects of your life quantitative and cursory? What actual percentage is substantive and qualitative? Do you ever feel content and totally at peace? Do you feel like you are making the personal contribution you most want to make?

Several years ago, I had a dear, generous friend who taught me oodles about the lack of any sort of personal, coherent energy and time budget. She was perhaps the most disorganized person I’ve ever known, and her inward lack of discipline resulted in a house that was outwardly in absolute clutter and chaos. The initial time I spent with her in our various interests and activities was most enjoyable. But, after months of dissipating my time, it dawned on me how little I got done that was truly valuable to me when I joined her in impulsive distractions, such as shopping. It began to feel purposeless! I felt empty and adrift in a sea of non-essential activities.

Countless individuals are simply unaware of their unawareness. Consequently, their personal energy budget is ungoverned and often bankrupt. We can, on the other hand, be the “awakened” determiner of our own priorities and choices. Otherwise, life happens to you by default and circumstances or through other people’s desires overlaid on you. Why make next year yet another year of random happenings? Through clarity, focus, and self-control, create your deepest heart’s desires. Change your thoughts (next year’s List of Dreams Come True), and thus change your patterns to work positively with your personal energy budget. A useful affirmation is: I am what I choose to be through conscious direction of my energy, time, and resources.

The Dream List is about being presently focused in this moment, doing and being who you truly are while creating the precise future you most desire in your heart in the New Year and decade ahead. This moment is all you ever have in which to set the stage for the tomorrow of your dreams. Simply put, this moment, this day is tomorrow, the future, created by how you choose to use the treasure of your personal energy budget now.

In this season of gift giving, this is the ultimate, lasting legacy we bequeath to our self and one another, to our irreplaceable Planet Earth, and all the kingdoms of life that sustain our existence today and all day’s ahead. Choose wisely!

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  1. Dr. Reese Halter.‘tis-the-season-to-save-the-earth-and-your-money/ (accessed on December 17, 2010).


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