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The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard
shall lie down with the kid; . . .and a little child shall lead them. . .
Isaiah 11:6-8

In the early 1800’s, a Quaker named Edward Hicks became widely known for his paintings of The Peaceable Kingdom, which were based on the memorable images in the Book of Isaiah. What Hicks portrayed was the peace and unity that is ideally possible between animals and humans. This ultimate vision of loving kindness and harmony between and amongst all God’s Kingdoms is the goal toward which all workers of the Light move—ever nearer to A Peaceable Earth that includes all its inhabitants.


In this festive season of the physical birth on Earth of Master Jesus, a Master that transcends Christianity, let us endeavor to touch the peace of heaven and bring it down to the earthly level. We have a beautiful and timely reminder of what The Peaceable Family can be from the stable scene at Bethlehem, when Mary, Joseph, the angels, wise shepherds, and animals gathered round the new-born Jesus. This vibration of peace still resounds in its power for good—for all people around the globe.

During the holidays, there are extra opportunities to celebrate our happy bonds and to spread the joy in our hearts. It is also a time to honor the deep, inner quiescence, the peace and kinship we share with all life on this level and beyond. Always, White Eagle (a spiritual teacher) encourages individuals to make adequate time during the fast sprint of this season to turn gently inward to the steady Light that sustains us daily.

Take a restful moment now, if you are inclined, to sense the inner stillness that is available and to feel the enfolding Silence. Breathe it into your being, consciously aware of the gentle inhalations and relaxed exhalations as you let go of each breath, only to be filled again. In this rhythmic manner, we can begin to touch the purity and sweet innocence of this festival of the newly born child—of our own inner child—when the spirit of Divine Mother is so fully available to us, surely as near as our own heartbeat.


In this state of presence and harmony, we are able to link with all the human and animal members of our family who have gone on before us into the Light and thus invite them into the special aura of our Christmas celebrations. All of our beloved human and animal ones can and do gather round us to share in the love. The miraculous touch of their lives, grace, and beauty remains with us, as they are still so very close by our side when we welcome them in with a wide-open heart. They wait for our cheerful call to them, and quick-as-a wink they are present with us in our homes and festivities here! As well, in our quiet meditation and sleep state, we can also journey to the “sphere of re-union” to join our families in spirit in their light-filled homes, as they gladly welcome us there.

We in the spirit world have a truly merry Christmas. No long
faces, no miseries at all, really a merry, merry Christmas!
We sing and dance and we praise and we play with the children.
The spirit world is the happiest place you can conceive.
White Eagle

For so many, many people this year, there have been a tremendous number of constant tests and intense trials, suffering and hardships in a variety of ways, and loss of beloved humans and animals. So, especially at this family time of year, there are those who may be feeling a great sense of loneliness and keen loss, not only from separations that occurred this year but also from previous losses as well, which includes such endings as loss of work, a home, or of health and mobility.

Over the years, White Eagle has spoken about death, giving us assurance that there is neither anything to fear in the actual process of death nor in what occurs afterwards. In his gentle way, he helps us to remember that we are divine as well as human. True communion of spirit occurs through the heart center (the heart chakra) and the language of the heart.

In fact, White Eagle describes the moments preceding death as “one of the holy hours of life,” when an Angel comes to gather our loved one. We, in turn, are meant to maintain this time of passing as moments of quietude, harmony, peace, and joy for the one being released. Death is simply a rising of that person’s or animal’s spirit as they go forth into a sunlit world—a joyous welcoming for those awaiting that newly transcended soul into the inner world. It is the eternal Circle of Life from birth to death, death to birth.

The following are a few passages from the words of White Eagle that I hope may bring tender understanding and comfort of heart to those who may be feeling alone, sad, mournful, or at a loss during the holidays.

A soul traveling onward and upward does not necessarily pass out of your reach. It depends on you. If your vibrations are pure and kindly, your heart full of love, there is no separation, because you thus raise your vibrations, and through your aspirations are still with him [or her]. You can travel the journey with the one you love, whilst still here on earth.
     You think your earth life is real, but it is only illusion, for that which is real lives in the heaven world, and that which is of the earth, earthy must by its very substance fade and die. But in spirit there is no separation, and that which is of the spirit never dies.

When a soul leaves the physical body it is in reality passing inward to an inner state of being. Think of the physical life as an outward life, in which you are immersed in matter of a coarse condition. Away from the body, your world will be of a finer and more malleable matter, matter more easily responsive to thought and emotion. Such matter is moulded by the soul, so whatever the soul is, whatever its habitual thoughts and life, it will externalize itself in the inner world.2

Think of the dragonfly as it emerges from the chrysalis, or the butterfly when it unfolds its wings in the sunlight, ever growing more beautiful with every graceful movement of its wings. This is what takes place when the spirit withdraws from the flesh. So, we trust that you will never give way to gloom over the shell left on earth. Rise, rise with the joyful winged spirit, which is so full of thankfulness and relief at being conducted to such beautiful conditions of life. There is no death, only life; life ever increasing, ever growing more beautiful. You yourselves can rise in imagination, creating for yourselves that lovely state of spirit life.3

This is what happens at the transition from the physical body into the world of light. . . .When he [she] is released from the physical body he is borne on angel wings, or in the arms of waiting angels into the spirit world. Sometimes it is called the “blue country” because the atmosphere, the air, seems to be like the sky—blue, and so clear, so fresh, so healing. At first they sleep, and then, when they wake, they find a loving guide by their side who encourages them to plunge into the blue lake. As they swim in the blue healing water, they are cleansed and purified of all earthly entanglements and of all thoughts of the sickness of the body they vacated—they are freed, cleansed, purified. For a time, they rest on the green flowery bank.
     Then, as they lie there, they begin to understand that they are looking into God’s world; they are seeing God, the real life within outer forms. In the world of spirit, all nature—the trees, the flowers, even the very air itself, pulsates with light and intensified colour. The colours that we see in the spirit world are also music, perfect harmony. This is the world of beauty to which your loved ones [animals as well] go, and which you yourself will eventually reach.

I [White Eagle] have known a children’s party in the spirit world. Many of the children were from the slums, others had known riches, but not of the spirit; they had been lonely and unhappy, starved of love. The children were gathered in a great Hall of happiness and joy, where games more beautiful than your games [on Earth] were played. The children, full of joy and happiness, play with the little fairies living in the great Christmas pine tree alight with the light of the angels and decorated with rare and beautiful toys.5

Those of you who have lost loved ones, husbands, wives, or children [and/or animals must] realize that they have only left behind the dust of the earth. They themselves are alive in this wonderful world of eternal life. In love there is no separation. So at your Christmas [festivities], try not to think with regret about those whom you have lost; rather, let your hearts go out in joy to them in their new found life of freedom and happiness. They can all gather round you. Yes, we are giving you their message of love. . . .There is greater fun in the spirit world than on earth. Therefore, may the peace of the spirit of Christ bless your Christmas, and bring you that deep and lasting happiness, which comes in the silence of the night and in peaceful days.6

As the page of this year turns to next year’s now-blank sheet, let us rejoice in fresh opportunities to spread Love, Peace, and Joy! And in our tranquil moments, may we remember those in Spirit whom we love dearly and who continue to share our lives from their inner level of life. This truly encompasses The Whole Peaceable Family and our Mother Earth who cares for and sustains all kingdoms of life.


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