Posted by: Zane Maser | December 24, 2010


Grace is like a spiritual infusion, a divine intervention
that fills us up from inside, sometimes just
when we need it the most.

The flat silvery slate rock in our garden has slowly, imperceptibly sunk below the level of the surrounding earth. It slants a bit downward in the back. The flowers and rose petals on the rock are now gooey from all the rain we’ve had recently. Her feline body is disintegrating, gently, naturally, cell by cell, returning to the magical chemistry of Earth’s soil. And a part of my heart still weeps. The human part of me deeply misses the physical presence of Zoe, the last of our five beloved kitties.

We buried Zoe last year on the afternoon of Christmas day. She had attained the grand old age of 18 ½ years, having lived a remarkable life. From one second to the next, our home was empty of a furry child, the first time in our 28+ years of marriage. In the days just before last Christmas, we had no idea it would be the final day and moments we’d share with Zoe. The special dinner and celebration we’d hoped to have with her never happened. The arrival of the cat-less state was not a day I wanted to welcome gladly. The subsequent days and first weeks after last Christmas were staggeringly difficult and heavy. A large part of my heart wept in sorrow. The physical separation was a painful anguish.

Over the past 12 months of reflection, begun on December 29, I’ve written, and Chris has posted, 63 blogs. Each has been written from my heart in remembrance and honor of our beloved Zoe. The Greek word zoe actually means “life.” Zoe’s life personified the sweet, the soft, and the gentle. The first pieces I wrote were about loss and grief of an animal and/or person, as my mother had suddenly fallen and passed on only a few months before Zoe’s heavenly departure.

Gradually, as I healed and grew stronger within myself, other topics came on board, like healing, psychology, astrology, the power of thought, being present in the moment, surrender, acceptance, trust, life after death, and spirituality. Each piece is permeated with my love for Zoe, and carries a tribute for all that she taught and brought me that so enriched my life. The end of her physical life with us was the beginning of a new chapter.

So many memorable years ago in 1991, we first saw Zoe at the animal shelter in a neighboring state, where we had gone to look for a companion for our little, feral kitten named Sketty. Zoe was in a lower cage and so frantic to get out of that cage that she reached through the bars with her legs and paws with such frenzied movement, hoping we’d be the ones to rescue her from certain death. A gorgeous but withdrawn silver tabby kitten was locked in a cage above her. He snagged Chris’ hand with his tiny brown claw. Our hearts were captured, and a few days later we brought Zoe and Bodhi home to join our other three cat kids. Pencil thin, Zoe and Bodhi were starved not only for food but also for safety, certainty, and love. They had come home for good!

Working in the garden yesterday afternoon, it came over me so strongly that it has been Zoe’s love from her side in the past year—the inner world of spirit—that has helped me to keep on keeping on through all these long months. She made her spiritual presence felt in the outer breezy coldness of winter’s garden tending. In that precious moment, within my heart, I felt a warm, pleasant glow come over me, as though it was a Ray of Love direct from Zoe to her human mama, letting me know she was as near as a thought of her or a heart-felt visit. True, her physical presence is gone. But her real presence abides with me every second. And that is the grace I currently live with.

On the eve of the anniversary of Zoe’s passing into the world of Light, my choice is really quite simple: do I choose to focus on the capital of the life we all shared—the constant love that is still omnipresent—or allow my little human self (the outer mind) to brow beat me into focusing on moments when the residue of sadness, loss, and mourning surfaces with a vengeance? Which do I celebrate: the eternal togetherness with our five cat kids or the temporary, physical separation now? The gift of joy or the sorrow of loss? The cumulative blessings of all those years or what is “apparently” missing on the physical level now?

Earlier in the week, my best friend reminded me that it is all a matter of perspective—of everything in life—whether we meet and greet it with positive anticipation and acceptance or dig in with wretched resistance and self-centered misery. Every experience, event, or circumstance is what it is; our attitude is the crucial factor whether we master it or it masters us. The choice is always mine . . . and yours.

Whatever does come along in this moment of life, we can be certain that good is not far behind if we have an open heart to recognize and embrace it in the spirit of learning and growth. Zoe’s passing from this material world was an inevitability, as is mine one day. That is a loss and separation only if I perceive it as such. As Zoe is “life,” I choose the blessed aliveness of shared communion—heart to heart—with each one of our beloved kids who have gone ahead on the Path, one day awaiting our reunion in the world of Light. Only the love is crucial now. Only the unconditional love.

We have a special candle lit in remembrance of beloved Zoe. We see it burn lower and lower, but its perfume still scents our family room. Its life will pass too. Tomorrow we are making the special dinner we planned to have last year. It will be a grand salute to our beautiful Zoe and for all our cat kids. I am able to begin again.

Bemmy, Bacca, Bodhi, Zoe, and Sketty

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