Posted by: Zane Maser | January 14, 2011


Glancing out the kitchen window, my heart is gladdened! Here come George and Sunny down our street, slowly, steadily, ambling their way closer. George with his able-wheeled walker. Sunny with his usual happy prance, his long, arched tail wagging with each stride. It looks like he’d never win a 50-yard-doggie-dash with his elongated body and cropped legs, but actually his body is deceiving. Sunny, when free, can run like the swiftest wind! In his black and white garb, handsome is Sunny’s middle name. His breed is a Cardigan Welsh corgi, and true to character, Sunny has a special “angel” mark on the top of his head.

Those two are the sunniest pair I’ve ever seen. Both are carriers of a radiant, spiritual Sunlight.

Some individuals and animals have an inherent spark that glows and dazzles wherever they go on their appointed daily Path, casting a bright, nourishing beam ahead of them. We are all made better by their vibratory essence and very presence. Their energy lightens. Ease and upliftment are the result.

As you think light, as you think good, you will become a creator,
with God, of a beautiful world, a beautiful humanity.
White Eagle

When they stop to visit, a brief pause in their amazing 2-mile daily walk, the first words from George’s mouth are always ones of cheer. Glimmering sounds that touch my heart and carry a healing balm merely from their kindly utterance. Its a subtle, deep, magical feeling of well-being that gently envelops me. In this enchanting moment, I feel all’s right with the world. George and Sunny have visited. The heavenly Sun has come down from its favored glory and buoyed me upwards!

Wisdom from past civilizations tells us that many ancient peoples in fact perceived and worshipped the Sun as a true sign and symbol of the Divine Presence and summoned the spiritual sunlight for strength, healing, perfect health, and daily renewal. Astrologically speaking, the essence of the Sun is a symbol for our eternal Self, and thus is the highest potential expression of our Godly or Divine Self. The Sun center within our own being is the vital link with or portal to our Higher Self, which is referred to as the mind in the heart or the heart of consciousness. Portraying wholeness and unity, the astrological glyph for the Sun is the all-encompassing circle of Universal Love with the dot as the Self, the center of Being, the immortal spark of God’s life within us.

As the most powerful, vitalizing, individualizing force known, the Sun is the dominant note of the Universe in its emanations of confidence and optimism, warmth and generosity, with its continual golden infusion shining equally on all. This Solar energy strongly urges us outward and forward into deliberate, heart-felt engagement with life. Our solar fire is thus what we each have within our self to ultimately become. Exalted in its position of supremacy amongst the planets (its number is One), the Sun indicates not only the potential for spiritual attainment but also our connection to our life’s Source.

In their true being, at least in my estimation, George and Sunny seem to have a direct, clear link to the infinite reservoir of the Sun’s highest expression as the vibrant, radiant, creative heart of ALL life and the Source of all joy.

Thank you, George and Sunny, for sharing your enthusiastic joy and Light with me and for making the entire world brighter.

The greatest accomplishment in life is to be who or what you are,
and that is what God wanted you to be when he created you.
Abbot Thomas Keating


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