Posted by: Zane Maser | January 24, 2011


The current “astrological climate” is a favorable one for progressive, free-spirited individuality—of re-envisioning and creating anew! The qualities of spontaneity, originality, inventiveness, and that which is self-determining are all a keynote of the dynamic cosmic patterns of energy right now, since both Mars and the Sun (on January 15 and 20, respectively) have entered the innovative sign of Aquarius, the fixed Air sign. Aquarius focuses our attention on what may be outdated in our life and experience to motivate us into seeking fresh pathways that better express who we are in the present.

Where a clean break from an old cycle or past patterns is courageously required, this is an excellent, relatively short-term window of opportunity in which to exercise those muscles of daring optimism and inner faith. On Saturday, far-seeing Jupiter, the planet of increase and improvement, moved into the bold and enterprising sign of Aries and will remain there until June 4th. This fiery, independent sign (not known for its moderation or patience!) is all about taking our selves in hand, with enthusiasm and confidence, to capitalize on opportunities now, before they slip away, as they will for the faint of heart. After all, self-reliant, passionate Mars rules Aries!

As the trailblazer, Aries is an energy that encourages actively creating (or re-inventing) the life we most want—today and into the future. Seize the moment and take the reins of life is an Aries motto! The ram, symbol of Aries, tends to lower its head and charge straightforward, often blindly, so it is essential to engage the foresight and wisdom of Jupiter during this time span, rather than solely indulge the negative expression of its tendency to reckless overextension and impulsive excess.

Taking the “ram’s energy” by its horns this past week, we created an elegant look for our kitchen, one that is greatly simplified. We de-wallpapered the old flowery, busy appearance of the kitchen, repairing holes, and revitalizing it for our new era. The timing felt right, so we sprang into action and got it done.

Our kitchen environment underwent an aesthetic facelift to a light aqua glow and increased brightness. It’s wonderful how correct timing always satisfies the soul. Pleasing results follow. Moreover, beauty, wherever and in whatever form we create it, always emits a frequency of balance, harmony, and well-being. And in a world wracked by a terrible, collective “pain body,” any beauty offsets this imbalance, correcting it one small piece at a time.


Being a spiritual quality, beauty is perceived only
by the eyes of the Spirit.
Those who are awakened spiritually are keenly aware of it.
Beauty enlightens the whole world.


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