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Each cycle flows into the next, like a microcosm
that both reflects and creates the macrocosm of the whole.
Deborah Houlding, horary astrologer

Finishing morning chores, I stepped into the bathroom to glance out the window, hoping to see birds poking around, hunting for seedy, millety delectables in the feeding area. Picking up the shape of a strange “leaf,” my radar noticed a wee one squatted, but upright, on some moss under the protective umbrella of the pear tree. Strange to be sitting like that. I felt she must be in some sort of distress, so I checked other windows to see if anyone had left feathers or moisture from a glancing “hit.” No sign of a glass encounter.

She was clearly breathing with more labor than normal when I circled back to evaluate her “grounded” condition. When I checked a third time, all happening within only a few minutes, she had fallen over. Chris dashed out the door to her aid, holding her with gentle love as the last, peaceful breaths subsided. Her final seconds were ones of care and reverence. One moment here in our sanctuary. The next, with her life spark extinguished, she flew, weightless, carefree, into the inner realm on wings of light. Life changes in one breath.

It was a sobering, sad, unexpected event. Chris buried the little female house finch with the birds who previously died in our garden, her physical body resting tenderly in the sacred soil of Mother Earth. Death on one level—a transition—to endless life on another; thus, reality or Essence precludes the “termination” of life.

As we encounter significant shifts and growth, life periodically “bumps us up” to another, more-advanced level. The finch moved to a higher, freer, purified phase of life. We don’t know if her death was accidental (no outward sign of that on her body) or whether it was simply “her time.” So, it seems the upgrade chooses us one time and at another we may get to choose it!

Such is an upgrade fork in the road for me, consciously chosen but no less a stretch of courage and confidence. Saying yes to an opportunity for evolutionary expansion has, in its aftermath, scared the socks off me! Just because it is “our time” to move on and up, in whatever opportunistic ways that may manifest, doesn’t always mean it is an easy or comfortable journey. I am hoping it will result in the greater the personal stretch, the greater the gain, all the while taking the leap with sound judgment!

This outgoing, sociable choice to attend an astrological training, along with 39 others and sharing a sleeping room with three strangers from various parts of the country, is not a typical or exciting inclination for me, despite having the Moon in friendly, group-loving Aquarius—a Moon that periodically promotes the new, the progressive, a self-improved state, all with an eye toward enhancing future outcomes. The self doubts and fears of my Saturn in its assault on my Moon are often activated when I step out of my comfortable niche—what if I’m discovered to be totally inadequate in this cerebral, talented group? In my worst imaginings: what if I am discovered to be a fraudulent practitioner and ejected?

It’s not surprising that my low-key personality type is introverted, the temperamental style that is generally less outgoing, leaning more to the mystical. The Path of an introvert is that of the one who tends to concentrate and process information and experiences internally within their inner landscape, naturally preferring solitary or self-contained activities at home, such as tending the garden or being self-employed, or happily interacting with a few close friends in a more intimate circle.

My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility
has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need
for direct contact with other human beings and human communities.
I am truly a ‘lone traveler’and have never belonged
to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family,
with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties,
I have never lost a sense of distance
and a need for solitude…
Albert Einstein

This is not to say that an introvert is necessarily shy or a loner, but rather that personal satisfaction comes not so much from externally validated sources but instead from a rich, creative, inner life. The current, consensual reality that drives others may not be their measure of reality or their definition of mainstream success. “The Interior Castle,” as Teresa of Avila described it, with its seven “interior mansions” or stages of intra-psychic processes that gradually facilitate contact with the deepest Self is the more familiar territory and propensity of my reflective heart.

The Current Cosmic Imperative

Personally and collectively, there is a Cosmic Imperative now (with much more intense change coming in the months and years ahead) that underpins an enthusiastic impulse to act and shape-shift stagnant parts of our lives, releasing old patterns of non-constructive thought, behavior, and attachments. We can push ahead with faith, if we align our energies well with the larger, dynamic energies available now to create something fresh and better suited to our life and the rapidly changing pace of the outer world. Beware, however, of getting too many things going at once, being a fast starter and then a poor finisher!

The expansive Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions of last summer in the late degrees of Pisces, early degrees of Aries and then again this year on January 4 (also in the late degrees of Pisces) laid part of the groundwork for a new beginning and the urge to explore innovative frontiers. Confident Jupiter entered adventurous Aries on January 22 (until June 5) and, with out-of-the-box Uranus to follow suit on March 11, there will be a heightened momentum for individuation. It can be the time for unusual methods or radical undertakings, goals, or ideals that favor optimistic, hopeful visions—making them real in this dimension of time and space.

Sporting a forthright style and tending to lead the pack, Aries is the chant of “I am,” the one who dashes ahead quickly, while Uranus invites us to the authentic life—to simply be who I am, to be who you are, to allow others to be fully themselves. All of these astrological signatures point to bold courage and confronting fears, which normally paralyze us, in order to establish a broader, more meaningful life now and in the months ahead.

Jupiter is fortunately placed in my natal chart, with strengthening, vitalizing, electrifying links to both the Sun (fundamental purpose in life) and Uranus (individual awakening). Even though there were 14 names ahead of mine on the list to attend the astrological training, my name came to the top of the heap (Aries). Transiting Jupiter in Aries is currently moving through the area of my chart that indicates not only fortunate—even sweeping—changes and reorientations that will likely occur in my life but also a time when the fears that have motivated my psychological patterns and thus governed (or limited) my choices can be released and transformed. This area of life (segment or “house” of the chart) describes the innermost soul and its liberation, as well as a short–term opportunity to access a deeper layer of True Essence—the inner Light.

In May, transiting Jupiter will enter the area of my chart (9th house) that is associated with growing maturity and wisdom, higher studies (such as astrology), the Higher Mind, writing and publishing, and fortunate exposure to a wider world. It’s an excellent time to “grow in consciousness” and actively take advantage of new trails (Aries) that beckon me to stride more quickly along my Path to the illumined Mountaintop.

It’s a potent demonstration of how internal work and gradual shifts taking place—within the microcosm of my life—are now becoming outer circumstances of fortunate opportunity—the macrocosm of planetary cycles reflecting back and opening new doors. Seems it’s a testament that I’m right on schedule for that evolutionary upgrade!

Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day!
From the Sanskrit


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