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Life survives. An animal or person may die, on the physical plane. But that is only one kind of finale. A new commencement occurs elsewhere. In some spiritual teachings, the Angel of birth assists the soul—as a newly born babe—in its incoming, physical incarnation, while the same Angel arrives perfectly on schedule to lift the newly born babe in its outgoing, spiritual birth into the spheres of Light. A God of Love would not do otherwise, providing a complete package of care along the whole continuum.

The spiritual teacher, White Eagle, kindly suggests, “there is nothing to fear in life, nor yet in death, nor in the life beyond. We can paint no picture sufficiently worthy to convey the love, which attends every child of God as he journeys from birth to death, and life… as he journeys from labour to refreshment, and from refreshment to labour.”1

As animal lovers, perhaps the most difficult moment we all reach is when we have to make the ultimate, heart wrenching decision to assist our animal child in their transition to a new, healthy body of light. Two recent stories show how the precious life force is neither extinguished nor dimmed.

A close-knit family I know are cat lovers to their very core. Last year one of their adored cats mysteriously began to lose weight. Tests and more tests were done but no definitive diagnosis was determined. They were devastated when none of their efforts or medical care could turn the tide for her recovery to health. Reaching less than five pounds, the vet arrived at their home to gently release the little beauty. Their hearts were shattered at her loss.

A characteristic habit of this cat was she loved her stuffed, toy mice. She’d joyfully carry them around, meowing, and sharing them at night with each family member by their respective bedroom doors. On the morning after her physical death, the mother discovered one of the kitty’s stuffed mice adorning a kitchen counter where she had laid out the boys’ lunch preparations for school the next day. There sat one of her favored mice, happily witnessed by all the family. No one had left their beds the night before. Her family membership had not changed with her death, and this was her reassurance of love and a message of the continuity of family bonds. Still all one.

In another story, a lady, who is clairvoyant, saw the father and long-haired, large cat of one of her friends happily walking along together, side by side, a couple days after the cat’s euthanasia. The father had died some months earlier and had spent the final months of his life in his daughter’s home, taking numerous, pleasurable “cat naps” with the big cat who had just died. Buddies in life and buddies forever beyond this life. With her river of grief right at the surface, the friend burst into tears of relief and joy upon hearing the lady confirm that her dad and cat son were as near and dear as ever. Still all one.

If we live well and care well for others and for the sanctity of life around us, letting go of self-will and self-desire, releasing all the ways the ego creates daily stresses and strains, allowing thoughts and acts of selflessness to carry us forward, then our hearts rest easily, knowing we have behaved as the Divine Beings we actually are.

In every moment, our outer life reflects our inner world, much like the Moon mirrors the light of the Sun. The life beyond time and space duplicates what we have created in time and space. As Universal Law constantly demonstrates, the replica is exact. Love on this level of life, love on the next level of life. The harmony of Heaven is here, within, and everywhere—this precious moment.


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  1. From the White Eagle magazine, Angelus, July 1938, page 222.

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