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Each of us is the mental commander of the ship of our life
and its course, whether it sails in smooth, harmonious waters
or whether it is too often torn upon the strong winds
and rocks of hardship.

We can change ourselves, fundamentally, like a sphere shifting its poles, if we choose. We are not destiny or fate bound. Rather, it all comes down to a singular thought, which precedes changing our whole pattern of thought, that is, if it tends to run along a negative current of energy. Those consummate optimists are the way showers, for they are the ones perennially plugged into a positive current. Their lives prove the fact that like begets like, because a positive, vitalized seed planted produces positive outcomes, like perfect health, wealth, and happiness. What they desire to create is an already existing fact in their mind, and thus externally manifests.

For this ultimate, mental shift from the negative to the positive to occur, the price is conscious awareness through working directly with the subconscious mind, sustained effort, and unwavering belief, unless the flip flop of poles is a spontaneous act of Divine Grace, like a so-called miraculous healing or “resurrection experience.” Perhaps the most famous example is Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus when he was struck, out-of-the-blue, with a blinding light and conversed with a Divine voice.

Once his circuitry became adapted to the Light of Consciousness over the next three days, while he remained sightless, Saul was dramatically transformed into Paul the Apostle. In this profound, life-altering event, his poles forever shifted through no effort on his part. Having reached an advanced state of inner preparedness, his conversion was a radical alteration.

Another astounding case in point is a man who suffered from severe depression for over three years. For compelling reasons of his own, he had divorced his wife, leaving his four-year-old boy fatherless. A black cloak of grief and guilt descended on him, as though numbness was the only feeling he could muster. When he wasn’t buried in his work, he slept a lot in his reclining chair, a veritable, emotional and physical vegetable for those endless months. After three years in his unconscious hell, it suddenly dawned on him that he had done this to himself, that it was a choice on his part either to continue to suffer in his self-imposed prison or to choose to be happy in whatever the day brought. The cloud lifted instantaneously, and he experienced no further days of depression. His revelation and decision to re-join life swapped his mental and emotional poles!

If we consider that every single cell in our physical body has an intuitive intelligence (most often directed by the auto-pilot of our subconscious minds) and a spark of divinity, is there really any question that we govern the cells of our body by the mental diet we continually feed them? It’s staggering to think that, in a second’s time span, millions of cells are both cast off and created. Over the course of a few years, our physical body is totally regenerated and replaced.1 It is no wonder then that our daily life is an out-picturing of what our thought diet and emotional state are composed of.

If our stream of thought is filled with critical, sad, fearful, stressed, angry thoughts, what messages do our cells receive and thus respond to but ones of constraint, deflation, and disturbance. Repeated thoughts of these sorts create the acute and chronic conditions in our body. If we are most often filled with thoughts of joy, gratitude, confidence, optimism, peace, then our cells cheer and thus our life is a self-portrait of this upbeat, illuminating diet. “What you think and feel in secret,” wrote Dr. Rebecca Beard, “shall be shouted from the housetops!”

Something is good or otherwise only in the measure of how we think about it and then name it. If I call a specific event in my life a heart-satisfying accomplishment, then in my mind it’s a glowing achievement. That is how it is forever imprinted on a cellular level and held in my subconscious memory bank and emotions. My world is what I name it—in this specific instance a heightened, fulfilling moment of self-realization. Hence, it is a light-filled, harmonious segment in my life, one that purifies and elevates every cell of my being.

Replicating harmony in our lives is perhaps the most important quality we can aspire to, because harmony is truly flowing with the Divine Rhythm. Harmony encompasses love, compassion, patience, peace, balance, contentment, and so much more. When our mental and emotional poles are aligned magnetically to the compass heading of HARMONY, all is supremely well!


What you believe in your heart—that is, deep in your subconscious mind—determines what you can or what you cannot do. So, if you practice believing that with the help of God you can overcome obstacles and achieve success, your will and imagination will flow forth together and, against that power, nothing negative
in the nature of defeat, can stand. This astonishing power
of positive thinking is the most marvelous secret of living.
Norman Vincent Peale


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  1. Rhonda Byrne. The Secret. 2006. Atria Books. See page 130.

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