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In God We Trust
has been on the coinage of the United States of America
since the 1860s. It became the official motto
of the United States in 1956 and has appeared on all
paper currency since 1957.

The number of challenges and distresses that confront so many of us today, as well as the global society, are not readily solvable at the level in which they originate. If we continue to run around and around the same track, like a long-distance runner mindlessly pacing in a grooved rut, we will likely miss the cue that beckons us to Higher Ground.

An eagle trusts the omnipresent currents of air, which allow it to soar high, closer to the heavens, gaining a broader perspective or vision of the whole landscape. If we are willing, we, too, can catch the faithful winds of Spirit, with the surety that something unseen and steadfast will always buoy us up, if we but trust.

Our little black and white feral cat, Sketty, was a masterful soul of feline trust! While still a wild, untamed kitten living in the big field surrounding our home, his very cells seemed imbued with a confidence that life was good. More often than not, daily existence for a feral cat is perilous and short-lived. In complete assurance, Sketty would nonchalantly saunter down the dirt road when he saw me putting out food, whereas the other feral kittens raced to the food dishes in terror that the supply would run out before their arrival. Not fearless Sketty. For him there was an endless supply, like an always full dish from the Great Unknown.

Much later, Sketty had a delightful habit of jumping up on Chris’ desk and walking in front of the computer screen. Two of his little feet and his body were at the very edge of the desk, and he’d lean against Chris’ chest, totally letting go and flopping sideways. I don’t think it ever entered Sketty’s mind that his dad wouldn’t be there to catch him! Since trust is a spiritual quality, the vibrational match of trust is increased trust, which Sketty personified with all his being.

His example of relaxed comfort is similar to the human exercise when someone stands behind you and you free fall backwards, an experience few people are able to do the first go around—letting go completely of all anxiety and falling through mid air. Into whose strong and safe arms do we trust our body, our life, our spirit? At some point along the Path, we become conscious that the unfaltering Divine Arms are guaranteed, if we but practice absolute trust. We realize trust is synonymous with a tender love, an all-encompassing Love that pervades the Universe.

Years ago, I was driving a government truck on a mountain road in a relatively isolated area, my whereabouts unknown to anyone. I told Chris I would be going to a different, closer place but decided to go much farther than my original plan. To my horror, I had a flat tire, something I’d never had before or since. I had no clue how to change the tire by myself, nor did I likely have the physical strength to do it. My stress meter rising precipitously, I had zero idea what I’d do, because no one knew where to come looking for me. I felt a sinking hopelessness in that instant!

Before five minutes had passed, another government vehicle came around the bend, right on cue, with two men from the Forest Service. Strong arms had arrived! They kindly changed the tire, those two guardian angels in disguise. Had I shifted into the faith gear rather than the fear gear, I’d have totally relaxed and wondered in what perfect manner of assistance Spirit would meet my immediate need. And it only took a couple of minutes! WOW!!

All of us can recount similar, personal instances when the Shepherd came to our aid, and thus we did not want. Incidences like these of the endless care that ever surrounds us are a leap of faith in the right direction, such as those when a would-be assailant, sensing a Greater Protector, surprisingly but wisely reconsiders and runs away confused, perhaps even redeemed. Another example is traveling through foreign countries and suddenly being in acute need of help, which not only arrives at the precise moment but comes in the form of a nice voice to give directions in your own language or to summon a taxi for you. Trust always pays priceless dividends. It is the deeper wisdom of the heart, because it takes us to the higher level of omniscient Love.

There’s a wonderful Christmas movie, “Christmas Eve” that stars Loretta Young and Trevor Howard. It’s a story about unconditional trust—the central theme of many holiday movies. Loretta plays the part of an extremely wealthy woman who has suffered a minor stroke. She hires a private investigator to find the whereabouts of her three estranged grandchildren (who had left many years earlier to avoid the tyranny of their father), hoping to reunite the fractured family before her death, which could overtake her at anytime.

With amazing sleuthing skills, all three grandchildren are found. The private investigator tells each of them their grandmother would like them to come home for Christmas, emphasizing there is only a few days to act. All three emphatically decline. The private investigator tells Loretta it is highly improbable they will show up. The grandmother blithely carries on in her undaunted faith and trust, preparing a glorious family Christmas, as though her deepest desire of reunion is an already existing fact. How much would you bet that her inexorable trust brought the exact result she envisioned of renewed bonds of love?

Take a quiet moment now to recall similar instances in your own life, in your family and friends’ experiences, when Spirit stepped forward in an all-protective way with the perfect helping hands needed in that present moment. Think of all the times when the trust of your heart allowed you to go beyond the bounds of the narrowness of the doubting little self, when your faith elevated you to a higher level of ease, surety, and well being. Trust that all is well in your life, and all is truly well. Guaranteed!


Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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