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You, O eternal Trinity, are a deep sea, into which the more I enter
the more I find, and the more I find the more I seek.
Saint Catherine of Siena

As the cycle of the zodiac moves towards completion in Pisces, it is said that all preceding signs leave a trace of their essence in the “last with the least” sign. It rules the feet, considered the lowliest part of the body that must bear the entire weight of the whole, yet Pisces symbolizes the perfected one who returns Home after patient, unobtrusive service to others.1

Watery Pisces, the sign of universal Love and tender compassion, begins today when the Sun enters Pisces at 4:26 PM PST. Nature is often turbulent, with downpours of rain and gusts of wind during the mutable Fishes’ dominion—the turning point betwixt winter and spring. At this time of year, the land is moistly receptive for the planting of new fertile seeds. This parallels the same period during Lent, in the Christian tradition, when, prior to Easter, there is a time of renunciation through fasting and internal cleansing.

The symbol for dual-natured, empathetic Pisces is two fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions in the vast deep ocean of consciousness, revealing both aspects of the self—the personal and spiritual. This sign of soft heartedness and rich imagination gives the deep yearning and opportunity to learn the soul lesson of true heavenly peace through sacrifice of the personal will in complete self-transcendence. In fact, inner peace is the Fishes’ greatest strength. Through the undoing of the little self, the inspired Fish, free of ‘I-ness,’ becomes Self-doing. This sign confers the natural ability to submerge the personality in the discipline of peaceful service.

Gentle Pisces has the extreme sensitivity and psychic openness of the feeling water signs, combined with their ability to live deeply within themselves and the marked need for a quiet private life. A Piscean’s life is mostly one of introverted pilgrimage. Emotional self-mastery is the firm footing for this devotional sign of faith and wisdom.

Being the most fluid and malleable of the water signs, the Fish possesses an intuitive understanding of and mercy toward the pain and needs of all that suffers; hence they are psychic collectors who must stand firm against being too easily shaped by the feelings and thoughts from their physical and astral surroundings. Pisces must walk the fine line of not losing their personal identity in another but to have their true identity aligned to a higher and holy destiny of dispassionate service, just like the humble Nazarene carpenter who is the emblem for this last sign of self-renunciation.

The mysterious 12th house is the natural home for Pisces, where perfect fulfillment is eventually attained. The Fish, its house, and co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are in some regards an interchangeable principle for the high essence of this sign. The 12th house is not only the domain of self-limitation, “secret enemies” of one’s own making, bondage, inhibitive influences, and of what is karmically submerged and hidden in unknown regions of the subconscious mind but it also governs the principle of diminishment of the personal ego and submission to what is infinitely larger than the earthly self.

Within this specific area of the chart (or house), there is an eternal longing for peace, wholeness, and a merging with all sacred life, as well as the kindly desire to give away the gifts indicated by this house (and planets therein) to others who are less fortunate. Pisces, the sign of charity, is ideally suited for and often found serving in institutions, where various groups of people are “stored” out of view and with those who are marginalized by society, such as the outcasts and failures who are downtrodden, dejected, and hopeless. These sorts of “institutions” or places of forced or voluntary retreat, such as hospitals, jails, mental institutions, convents, monasteries, and orphanages, all come within the domain of the 12th house.

This final house and sign are closely connected with Initiation and Secret Brotherhoods—the untainted and sincere servers of humanity who work faithfully behind the scenes of life. The Piscean experience is often in some way(s) constrained by confining, difficult circumstances with a loss of personal liberty. This crucial learning, provided on a soul level, is of a deep loneliness, punctuated at times with agonizing episodes of suffering “the dark night of the soul.” These inner periods of solitude, along the Path, are the aperture into the higher worlds and connection with the Higher Self.

Thus, this personal willingness to be limited by sorrow and sacrifice, which originally meant to “make sacred,” is the divine offering for redemption and liberation of soul. Obligation and relinquishment are the price Pisces’ pays for the eternal peace not of this world. The innate faith and expansiveness bestowed by Jupiter, coupled with the unifying force of Neptune, provides the Fish with the power to break its earthly shackles in order to access the formless world within, such that the goodness and beauty of Heaven can be affirmed on earth.

This deeply altruistic sign, in its high calling, is that of the mystic who has fully touched the intangible mysteries of the inner Source of Being and who then dedicates their life to practically serving others in compassionate ways. The true giving nature of and serene presence of Pisces often brings a healing blessing into the lives of others. For those who have the most crying needs, Pisces is able to offer a healing balm for the open wounds created from the harshness of physical life, helping to make that person’s spirit whole again.

Both of its co-rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) are related to the unfoldment of the Higher Mind and spiritual illumination, so the driving inner urge for a Piscean is towards the tranquil bliss of at-One-ment. When highly developed in consciousness, the watery Pisces has an awareness of the transpersonal dimension, the world wherein live numinous dreams, myths, visions, and artistic inspirations of painting, poetry, music, and dance.

Thus, a high expression of Pisces is the easy ability and grace to happily commingle between the bounded human side and the boundless divine side of its being. This last sign must, however, also use its wisdom to appreciate and care for the mortal fish that has to live within the realities of the commitments of daily life, so that Pisces’ wealth of far vision, creative genius, and inspired talent is actualized in the grist of the present moment. A Fishy Piscean has to remember that the lowly feet are the only part of the body in constant contact with the soil of earth.

Those who dwell in the Self are constantly in the mood to give.
Gifts of the spirit pour from them continually.
They are too busy giving to ask for anything in return.
The saint wants to be like an incense stick,
giving away its fragrance to everyone,
while it burns and becomes nothing.
Amritanandamayi Ma


Jupiter, the planet of compassion and the Higher Mind, is the traditional ruler of Pisces, where it urges the Fish to seek a deeper wisdom and understanding of all life through the feeling level and the psyche. The octave ruler for this sign is mystical Neptune, king of the sea, with all its insidious unseen currents and boundless depths. Jupiter gives easy-going Pisces a dose of strength and merriment, coupled with an expansive, philosophical outlook and a solid faith that all is divinely provided. It also motivates Pisces towards an interest in Spiritual Truth not revealed on the outer plane but on inner levels reached in moments of peace and stillness when insight and ecstasy flood the being. Jupiter challenges Pisces to live their heart-felt ideals in ways that increase soul growth, empathy, and generosity of spirit.

The highest qualities and traits of elusive Neptune are similar to those of the advanced Piscean, for in both the authentic mystic is born who possesses a familiar relationship with the Source of Being. Some of the keywords for this pair are obligation, sacrifice of self-interest, and renunciation. Neptune reveals the cosmic debts due by the individual, but it also gives an intuitive understanding of the needs of all kingdoms of life. Both energies free the soul from the incessant demands of the ego and material world because both bring a sensitive perception of life and a much wider vision of the magic of other worlds. Neptune’s indirect essence is ethereal and formless, and its domain is the mystical and transcendental. Like Pisces, it prefers to work quietly, yet strongly and irrevocably, hidden behind the scenes.

Neptune, as the planet of divine compassion, is said to be another of the feminine planets that work on the emotional level, like the Moon and Venus, and its subtle energies urge the soul of Pisces to dissolve the boundaries of the separate self and experience illumination and oneness with all life. This willingness to give up self-will allows a Higher Will to be the guiding light. Neptune’s teachings are about Universal Love and loving for the pure sake of giving the gift of love or selfless service, with no thought for a trade or return.

This is the true path towards a state of Cosmic Bliss and perfection for which Pisces deeply yearns with all its being. Neptune has also been termed “the Cosmic Santa Claus” by Isabel Hickey. The wonderful Cosmic Principle embodied in Neptune’s generosity is that in loving or giving to others one, in the end, gives to his or herself, because the self gets served or loved by serving or loving others first. And the more one gives or loves—which comes back a hundredfold—the more love one has to give.

It is no surprise that Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and union, is exalted in Pisces. This is the sign most closely associated with the 6th Ray of Healing and the Master Jesus, who in the Ancient Wisdom is known to have come from Venus. This sign and planet form a gentle and tender combination with a great capacity for suffering and sacrifice, where love, devotion, and ideals are concerned. Love is thus expressed more universally than in a personal, more self-oriented way. It is loving with the intention of pure love and a compassion that is divinely inspired. With Venus exalted in Pisces, it exemplifies the freedom of spirit attained in the mystical marriage or divine union of the soul. Having gained all, the perfected Piscean returns Home at long last.


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  1. This article originally appeared in Altair, The Journal of The White Eagle School of Astrology: Volume X, No.2, pages 9-26, August 2002

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