Posted by: Zane Maser | March 17, 2011


In my last post, The Global Heart, I mentioned the opportune potential for humanity to come together as a Single Heart in the wake of the natural and human-made disasters the Japanese are coping with. In less than a week, much of their world has turned upside down, while the rest of us follow the most current news reports coming out of Japan, all the while remembering to breath. Yes, one breath at a time . . . . And then another. Ah, life coming back in the moment.

Attempting to digest a large dosage of news can become frightfully overwhelming if I allow my mind to spin uncontrollably into an infinity of “what if’s” in a growing disaster mentality projected into the future. This is neither a helpful nor a constructive place to be. It only serves to magnify the personal and collective level of fear. The Japanese people do not openly show fear and thus do not add a mentally destructive, debilitating energy into an already catastrophic situation. Their outward mental and emotional equilibrium, as well as their cooperative behavior, is a stabilizing, grounding force. Let us keep the center of steadiness for them, as well as for ourselves.

In the news coverage I have seen, the calmness, dignity, and grace of the Japanese people reveal their remarkable resilience of spirit. The word resilience (“Resilience”) derives from the Latin roots of re- “back” and salire “to jump, leap.” Resilience is the ability within a person (or an animal) to “rebound” and pull oneself together in order to move forward with courage and strength.

Diane Sawyer, the ABC news anchor covering the developing story in Japan, mentioned that in the Japanese language one of their characters means “one body.” As she visited with numerous Japanese, they shared how they come together in solidarity and function as a single body in this sort of national crises, much like firefighters who hang on to their colleagues through the most perilous situations of life and death. If one falls, they all fall. If you go down, I go down too. I stand by you, and you stand by me. Thus, your home, life, and being are precious to me as mine are to you. Not a single incident of “looting” has been reported in Japan.

In unity as a world body, we too can greatly amplify our combined support, care, compassion, and prayers for the people, animals, and land of Japan, and additionally for all the “ascending” souls who lost their lives in the earthquake and tsunami. The united light in each of our hearts, focused on Japan, will make an enormous contribution in the short-term emergency situation and then to the longer-term healing, reconstruction, and future of our fellow world citizens and the recovery of their precious environment.

As the flame of Light and Love shines brightly, let us each light a candle in honor of and for the sustainment of the beautiful spirit of the people, animals, and land of Japan. In this way, our whole world is lit with peace and love.

It is impossible to separate the planes of life, all are so interpenetrated that one reacts upon the other, and the greater
the light which is generated within your heart and soul, the greater
the influence upon all planes of being.
White Eagle


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