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Imagine this. In my dream this morning, my suitcase is
packed. I’m about to go catch a plane ride. I’m rolling the
suitcase behind me in the building, but the weird problem
is I can’t find my car! I’ve looked here and there, in all the
known parking areas in the close vicinity to where I would
have parked my car. My anxiety level is rising. Where’d I
park the car? I seem to have lost my wheels

Most of us have likely had our share of car dreams. They come in multiple varieties and magnitudes of frustration: the one where you’re blasting down a hill and the breaks don’t work no matter how hard you press; or conversely, you can’t get the car up to speed. Then there are the ones in which someone else is driving and you’re the silent passenger, or the car is disabled in some way and won’t start, or there’s a flat tire preventing you from going anywhere, or the violating type of dream wherein the car is stolen or broken into.

Dream symbolism is a broad and fascinating topic, one that brings unconscious factors in the psyche into the light of awareness—that is, if we can correctly interpret the mysterious messages our significant dreams portray. Sometimes, we have a clear hunch what a dream is asking us to address in waking life. Other times, it’s a total guessing game.

Most references agree that the car is an archetypal symbol representing our “self.” The car is a great metaphor for how we are subconsciously feeling about our ability to direct and control our life. In dreamtime, an automobile functions as a worthy barometer, which tells us how well or poorly we feel we are navigating our way through life.

Car dreams that produce a lot of anxiety, such as the one described where I am unable to even find my parked car, seem to relate to a subconscious uncertainty about career specifically and more generally as to whether a person feels she or he is on their correct Life Path. Such a dream can point to underlying feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, or tentativeness about the way ahead, or of feeling deeply “out of sync” or “out of place.” In the uncensored space of my dream, my transportation for getting to the airport is nowhere to be found!

Our dreams are the lovely interface between the external and the internal environments that comprise our daily lives. Just as the Viking Rune, Perth, tells of hidden or secret matters that must come to light in order to acquire a broader vision,1 so, too, dreams show us inner reflections of our evolutionary progress in our spiritual as well as outer life. Dreams take us to the bedrock of our psyche, to the deep, dark stratum, where we confront ourselves unmasked.

In my own experience, car dreams are about autonomy. They are a metaphoric call to the authentic life. Whenever I am being untrue to my own nature in trying to be something I am not, or likewise turning a deaf ear to my inner guidance waiting to be heard, I make a choice to drive down an unsuitable, uncongenial road, failing to read the signposts that warn me of betraying who I am and the contributions I have to give. In my “lost-ness,” I’ve forgotten my True Essence. At its worst, the irony is that I can’t even find my car to travel the wrong road! I’m asleep in waking life!

Astrologically speaking, it’s an opportune time now to have an anxiety-producing car dream so it can rouse us to a higher level of internal clarity and self-awareness. Both Jupiter and Uranus are in the sign of Aries, the intrepid individualist who blazes a direct, heroic, confident, and independent path. Jupiter and Uranus invite us to broaden and free ourselves to live a genuine life, while Aries vibrates with the positive energy of “I am.” Self-discovery is a prime keynote for this sign, which ushers in springtime, signifying a freshly emerging identity, vitality, spontaneity, and the innocence of the newly born babe.

An Aries will be at the head of the line saying, “I will use my considerable energy and optimism to create anew in ways that boldly reflect who I am. I have a special purpose, and I’m going to get the biggest slice of life I can.” Be prepared—in a BIG way—to engage your own catalyzing Aries energy, because from April 2 to May 16, there is a noteworthy concentration of planets moving into and out of Aries.

Currently, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are in Aries, while the Moon (only a couple day’s stay), Mars, and Venus join the grouping. After May 16, only Jupiter and Uranus will remain there. The specific areas of your life, where you can best utilize this remarkable Aries line-up, will be shown in your own natal birth chart, those “houses” that are linked with Aries, as well as any significant natal planets that are being activated.

As the sign of the adventurous warrior, Aries does not weep over mistakes or failed experiments, but rather forges ahead with self-reliance and stamina to speed up the next hill in the sportiest, red racecar you’ve ever seen! In the flatlands of human experience, the self-absorbed Aries can be entirely egocentric. But on a more awakened level, Aries is the motion-oriented sign that beckons us to trust enough to take the steering wheel of our life, point our compass needle to True North, and then to go for it with passionate gusto! No wonder that, on a spiritual level, Aries’ soul lesson relates to acting from a loving center—love in action.

And for heaven’s sake, let’s not have any more of those wimpy dreams about a lost car, though they are truly quite instructive in the short-term. The upbeat energy of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries (combined for a short time with the other planets mentioned) encourage us to be in the driver’s seat and let not another dissuade us from our individualized road. Even if it is the unconventional road less traveled (Uranus), get in the car. Feel the masterful grip of the wheel and cruise ahead with courageous certainty and assurance. All is well in the eternal quality of this moment….


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  1. Ralph Blum. 1987. The Book of Runes. St. Martin’s Press.

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