Posted by: Zane Maser | March 27, 2011


It’s the last day of Spring break in our town. Perhaps as many as 15,000+ college students (in all those cars!) and vacationing families have fled elsewhere, but are now trickling back.

Still today, in the early morning hours, with the window cracked for fresh air, a quiet stillness pervades. There hasn’t been the usual intrusion of car traffic and growing noxious odors from the initial stirring about and “normal” haste of daybreak. What a delicious treat. What a tranquil treasure it is to lie in bed and imbibe the hushed serenity—to hear the inward hum of the Universe in its ceaseless, rhythmic call. How many ever become motionless and quietly calm enough to hear the Divine Word that underpins and pervades all life?

It’s been a rain-soaked week. In the few moments of sun, we got to work in the soil among the spring beauties—all the six-pointed daffodil stars that light our garden this time of year. The juncos, warblers, bushtits, scrub jays, and crows kept us company, some only slightly annoyed at our presence. Within our garden sanctuary, relaxed and undisturbed, the peaceful stillness enfolds us. We behold the quiet spring.

The usual, stress-filled pace of life will quicken tomorrow morn with its accompaniment of background, city noise. I will, however, keep the sweet feeling of this gentle week in my thoughts and daily recreate it in the quietness of my heart.

May these words of White Eagle from The Quiet Mind1 help us to remember and regularly enter into that unruffled center within the peace of our heart.

You long for peace. You think of peace as being goodwill towards each other, goodwill among the nations, the laying down of arms. But peace is far more than this; it can only be understood and realised within your heart. It lies beneath all the turmoil and noise and clamor of the world, beneath feeling, beneath thought. It is found in the deep, deep silence and stillness of the soul. It is spirit; it is God.

Learn to conserve energy and to control the emotional and mental expenditure and wastage continually taking place in everyday life. A Master has learned the supreme lesson of the conservation of energy; he [she] will never waste his energy, the vital force, the God-life. He trains himself to remain calm and tranquil in spite of the storms of life.

Spiritual power moulds physical and material conditions, but spiritual power is never in a hurry. You want things to happen immediately, but God never hurries. There is all the eternity in which to work and live and be joyful!

When you allow things to disturb you, all the fine threads of colour and light attached to your soul from the Source of your life become tangled and jangled—in very truth you cross the wires. Then you wonder why things are so difficult. Don’t cross the wires. Keep your line of contact clear. Be tranquil and serene. A Master is never perturbed.

When your tasks seem a little heavy and overwhelming, remember just to do one thing at a time quietly, and leave the rest because the rest is not your job. What you cannot get through you must hand back to God, and He will work it out for you.

Around you, or a little above you, maybe, is a beautiful garden, the infinite and eternal Garden of the Spirit; from this state of life, with its beauty and peace, and the love of its inhabitants, we draw close to you in your physical life to help you. We come to raise you above the limitations of pain and grief, into that true home, that heavenly life from which you have all come and towards which you are all journeying.


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  1. White Eagle. The Quiet Mind. 1986. The White Eagle Publishing Trust.

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