Posted by: Zane Maser | April 4, 2011


The more you find yourself, the more others will find you.
Chris Maser

We live in a national historic district, a coveted area of our town even before this honored designation. It’s a pretty stable neighborhood. Houses don’t tend to turn over that often. And when they do, they are generally snapped up.

Our neighbors a block away left town on Friday, relocating to southern California for more congenial work and to be closer to family. Out of their house one day and the very next day a new family of six was moving in! The house didn’t even go on the market—a fortunate transaction for both families.

Right away, my husband went over and introduced himself. He generously offered to help move boxes and furniture in, if that would be of assistance. As we were riding off on our bikes a few minutes later, another neighborhood couple (a block in the other direction) was bringing a plate of homemade dessert to the new family, welcoming them into our contented, peaceful, little community. This morning yet another neighbor and her young daughter were walking over with a plate of homemade food to share.

The world IS in our neighborhood, and the neighborhood IS the world. Peace starts right here, now, and from here the world is at peace.

The kind thought. The helping hand. The caring gift. The welcoming smile. A spring bouquet of golden and white daffodils shared.

Think of what the world would truly be like if all of us acted like this neighborhood (and yours quite possibly) to one another—to the person next door, the couple in the next block, the people across the Pacific in Japan, and those seeking freedom from tyranny in a place like Libya, to name a few.

One neighbor to another. A neighborhood at a time. A community. A nation. All nations. All peoples. On a heart level, it doesn’t have to get any more complicated or difficult than this simple equation.

The world IS in our neighborhood, and the neighborhood IS the world. Peace starts right here, now, and from here the world is at peace.


At this, the beginning of the twenty-first century, it is imperative to remember the deeper values that make us human—the need for love, trust, respect, dignity, and the ability to safely share life’s experiences in order to know that we exist and have value. It’s these deeper values that are proffered in the giving of a flower or fruit that one has planted, grown, and harvested. The gift, be it a carrot, a head of lettuce, a bouquet of daffodils, or a single rose, holds within it the language of the heart and in so doing transcends the violence with which humanity so often besets the world.1



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  1. Chris Maser with Zane Maser. 2005. The World is in My Garden: A Journey of Consciousness. White Cloud Press.

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