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There are no corrections. It is as it is in the moment.
Words from a very dear friend of the heart

In the rhythm of our morning activities, I encountered a teachable moment about “appropriate sharing.” Chris and I received a beautiful gift from that very dear friend of the heart. A work of art, meant for us, created and captured in a previous moment, now to be looked upon with peace, joy, and gratitude. May it be an eternal moment.

One of the main proclivities in my life is to create and share beauty. Beauty is first created inwardly through how I think and feel, thus beauty is an inner state of harmony manifested outward. “All form,” White Eagle tells us, “is first created in the mind.” Thought is the causal level, but the love in our hearts (or its lack) activates and gives life to whatever current “form” we are focused on, be it a painting or a very bad mood! We are each our own creator.

In my enthusiasm to share the unique beauty of the gift from our friend to a wider sphere, I got ahead of myself. I hadn’t stopped to consider whether that might violate his intent. Perhaps his creative moment was a holy sharing, and his preference is that it remains quietly so between us as we travel along our respective Paths, albeit they sometimes coincide splendidly.

His gift of art is a spiritual gift that reveals his inner spirit and radiance—his true, kindly, gentle nature. Whereas not all spiritual gifts are private, this one was intended to be so on a small scale of sharing within our intimate circle of family and friends. Some things are respectfully sacred. The integrity of true friendship is to honor the other’s wish and space.

All true gifts are meant to be unconditional.



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