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Zane Maser

Personally and collectively, there is a Cosmic Imperative now (with much more intense change coming in the months and years ahead as Uranus and Pluto square off) that underpins an enthusiastic impulse to act and shape-shift stagnant parts of our lives, releasing old patterns of non-constructive thought, behavior, and attachments. We can push ahead with faith in our self, as we align with the larger, dynamic energies available to create something fresh and better suited to our life and the rapidly changing landscape of the outer world. But too many irons in the fire are overwhelming—fast starts but poor finishes. Exuberant mindfulness is a spirited, better approach!

Last summer’s (2010) expansive Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, one in the late degrees of Pisces and the other in the early degrees of Aries, occurred a third time in early January (in the late degrees of Pisces), laying some necessary groundwork for new beginnings and urging us toward exciting frontiers. Far-seeing Jupiter, the planet of increase and improvement, entered adventurous Aries on January 22 (until June 5), followed on March 11 by the liberating agent of Uranus also into the trailblazing sign of Aries, heightening the momentum for individuation and a clearer attunement with our personal blueprint. With four of the five outermost planets in self-starting Cardinal signs this year, it is indicative of a significant turning point toward novel experience and greater aliveness.

The fiery, independent sign of Aries (not known for its moderation or patience!) is all about taking our self in hand, with enthusiasm and confidence, to capitalize on opportunities now, before they slip away, as they will for the faint of heart. After all, self-reliant, passionate Mars rules Aries! As the undaunted pioneer, Aries is an energy that encourages actively creating (or re-inventing) the life we most want—today and into the future while Uranus travels through Aries until early 2019. Seize the moment and take the reins of life is an Aries motto! The archetypal Aries ram tends to lower its head and charge straightforward, often blindly, so it is also essential to engage the foresight and wisdom of Jupiter, rather than overextend and indulge in impulsive, unrealistic excess.

Sporting a forthright style and tending to lead the pack, Aries is the chant of “I am,” the one who dashes ahead quickly, while Uranus invites us to the authentic life—to simply be “real” and to allow others their brand of realness. These astrological signatures point to bold courage to confront our fears, those that normally paralyze us, in order to establish a broader, more meaningful life now and in the months ahead. Thus, it can be the time for innovative or radical undertakings, goals, or ideals that favor optimistic, hopeful visions—making them real in physical time and space.

Subjugated to thirty years of tyranny and repression, the initiative and successful liberation of their country by the Egyptian people is a stunning example of breakthrough and progress, even as they face an uncertain road ahead. The muscle of the slowly approaching Uranus/Pluto link-up is already igniting parts of the globe in ways that are unpredictable and astounding!

On a tamer note, 2011 carries the numerological vibration of #4, so this is a #4 Universal Year.2 To ground and counterbalance the revolutionary (Uranus) and evolutionary (Pluto) possibilities of our times, four is the number associated with form, structure, discipline, order, organization, practicality, productivity, and reason. Jupiter, as well, will help us to shift to a slower gear when it enters the security-oriented Earth sign of Taurus on June 4 (until mid June next year), increasing our need for simplification, contentment, beauty, and peace. A retrograde Saturn (in peace-loving Libra) until early June further suggests preparation, planning, and patience, which is a positive and wise equalizer to the lively forward pulse of Jupiter/Uranus in Aries—a bit like one foot on the break and the other on the gas!

Four is considered the number of Earthly matters, because the Earth was formed on the “fourth” day in the story of Divine Creation. It is thus the building and producing number wherein things get accomplished and tangible results happen through methodical hard work. Solidity, tradition, reliability, and fairness are also key qualities of the number four, which makes it rather surprising that #4 is esoterically associated with disruptive, life-changing Uranus.

Above all, four holds the vibration of some sort of significant ordeal to be overcome—much in keeping with the present experiences of people. Many familiar examples of ordeals abound throughout the Bible. Forty days hath Lent. The Israelites were enslaved for 400 years, only to then wander forty years in the wilderness, looking for their Promised Land. It rained 40 days and nights. In human pregnancy, on the 40th day the wee embryo becomes a fetus, and a child lies some forty weeks in the womb. Generally, forty signifies a period of gestation, waiting, trial, testing, preparation and intense work; of growth and development prior to the soul gaining freedom.

In 2011, we are called to allow and accept both our positive and testing ordeals, in order to earn that ultimate, inner freedom. And with Chiron, healer of our souls, having just moved into mystical Pisces, when used at its best, it can facilitate a deepening awareness of the loving role we have to play within the Divine Chapter unfolding in these pivotal times. Its message is to first heal inwardly and affect the whole world.

As the energy that unifies, Pisces says the eternal presence of God in me is the same God in you, for we are one and all life is sacred. With devotional Neptune—another major player in the New Cycle that has begun—tiptoeing into Pisces in April for a few months this year and then fully next year (until 2026), this theme of opening our hearts and stepping to a higher level of integration and awareness will be further emphasized in the spiritual renaissance ahead. Let us ask, “In what ways can I make a gentle difference in the world?”

Lately in meditation, while the world continues its much-needed breakdowns and re-balancing, I’ve been sitting on the Great Dot at the quiet center of the Circle, feeling the ever-present Peace. As my innermost being melds with celestial space, this central place is a restful remedy for the magnitude of change that is transpiring outwardly as we all grapple with the movement into a new era of heightened consciousness.

So vast and yet so infinitesimally small, my individual dot is also the Great Changeless Center of God, where we eternally witness our own divinity while being in the Presence—uniting Earth with Heaven, the part with the Whole. We arise renewed and re-centered! If we live well this very instant, this day, awakened to and grateful for the Eternal Dot, the future takes form naturally as perfect harmony, joy, and love.


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  1. This article was published in: Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 18, Issue 3, pages 11-13 (2011).

  2. Discussion of the number 4 and its multiples is based on: Gail Minoque’s April 2011 Newsletter (link given above) and some teachings from White Eagle.

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