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The ancient festival of welcoming the sun at this season of the year will be revived when people realize the true art of life. The Sun of God (by which we mean the life-force which flows from the heart of God, which is love) will enter in fullness and richness into your being in the same way as the sun enters into the seed quickened to life in Mother Earth. As nature is quickened by the same force of love, so you will be quickened and grow to perfection.1


The Easter festival, if understood from the spiritual aspect, is seen as a time of quiet thanksgiving, as an inner strengthening of the Christ spirit within the individual and over the whole planet—indeed, as a strengthening of the Christ spirit throughout all spheres of life. Quite simply, then, the inner meaning of the Passion Week concerns not only an event which takes place on the earth but one which also takes place on the inner planes—concerns something which happened not only two thousand years ago but is continually taking place. This is a cosmic event, concerned with the Christ spirit or the Solar Logos, with the heavens, but also permeating through all the spheres right down on to the earth itself.2


The message of Easter, my friends, is about the life of Christ, which is the light within every person. …“I am in the Father [Mother] and the Father [Mother] is in me.” This is the meaning of Easter Day. This is the meaning of the Resurrection. Hold this thought; hold this realization of the light, the spiritual life. Let it manifest through you, let it manifest throughout the world. You as an individual are of the greatest importance. The perfect expression of God through you can touch countless lives. No one is valueless. Every soul is of the utmost importance because every soul is potentially a reflector of God’s life; and every soul being a reflector illumines every other soul it encounters and many, many souls unseen and unknown. May the God of love bless you, now, and breathe into your waiting hearts the breath of life.3



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