Posted by: Zane Maser | May 13, 2011


Let life cease to be lived as a fragmentary thing,
and let it be lived as a perfect Whole. The simplicity of the Perfect
will then be revealed.
James Allen

In Sanskrit, there is a word jotis (also Jyotish, which is associated with Vedic astrology). Jotis means “light, brightness, life, fire.” Many Asian-Indian, newborn girls are named Jyoti—a welcome, additional light in the parental and family circle. As parents of feline children, the last bright light to bless our home and garden was beloved Silver. She was our own version of Jyoti.

Just as all of us daily anticipate the fresh, fiery promise of sunrise, Chris and I have managed to keep on keeping on for almost 365 days since Silver’s physical passing into the world of Light. On May 17, the life spark of her freed spirit went on ahead of us to be reunited with my mom, Silver’s original mom. On that day last year, she completed the circle of perfection of her life here and thus moved on to sunlit, flowery meadows for long walks with mom, under the bluest skies imaginable. A happier pair cannot be found!

The days have not always been easy for me, being a cat-less mom—the first time in 29 years of marriage, but when my heart remembers the Buddhist concept of quiet, peaceful acceptance of the apparent “realities” of the moment, then I apprehend, not at the level of mind or self, the gift of Presence.

Silver and our other five cat kids (Bemmer, Neenee, Sketty, Bodhi, and Zoe—gracing the logo above) are instantly present with me, as close as a thought and a joyful smile, when my vibration of love matches their vibration of love, because life on all levels is vibrational.

The cats tell me in their own meow language, “look into our eyes, mom, and talk to us as though we are right there in the chair beside you or curled around you on the bed when you lay down to read, just like we always did. We are able to be more closely with you than ever before. There is no gap between our togetherness. Why waste a moment in separation or a sad thought? If you let go of the lesser, you find the Whole. You find us.”

All is one, infinite and finite. As above, so below.
As within, so without.
The miracle of life is its Oneness.

The 17th of May—this year the powerful full Moon in transformative Scorpio and the Buddhist Wesak Festival—will be a deeply sacred day for us. We honor the life of Silver, who gave us the priceless gift of seven days in our home. We, in turn, gave her the joy of the next chapter in her bright, new life. She forever remains our Jyoti. The veil between the two worlds is especially thin right now during this period of the magical, regenerative Scorpio Full Moon. Let us walk and talk as one, the Circle of Life never ending.

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