Posted by: Zane Maser | May 23, 2011


As most already know, there has been another deadly round of massively destructive tornadoes (in some areas 200+ mph winds and a mile wide storm track) that tore through the middle part of our country over the past few days. The storm that struck in Joplin, Missouri, carried the worst single-tornado blast in decades. With all disasters and suffering on this level of magnitude, it breaks our hearts wide open. Yet, most of us, having never experienced the terror and staggering devastation first hand, can only grasp it in small measure from an “outside” perspective.

Nearly 500 people have been killed in tornadoes in 2011. This weekend we approach Memorial Day with this additional loss and grief for so many of our fellow Americans in the Midwest. Let us do so with a shared heart of deepest understanding and compassion for what others are undergoing in such dramatically devastating ways.

On a Monday, considered the day of the Moon, we can call upon the Great Mother, the Soul of the World, to enfold in her Omnipresent Loving and Wise Arms all those who are suffering in some way, whether in our own country due to weather extremes or worldwide. The Moon is associated with the hidden or inner side of life, which lies within all forms of outer manifestation, and Her spiritual energy is particularly available on this lunar day of the week. Moreover, the Moon signifies the people of a nation, representing the “ordinary people” in a national horoscope, so relevant today for those whose lives are temporarily in chaos and limbo.

The Moon’s Rays of Healing Love are often of a shimmering, pearlescent “mother” quality, one that is deeply gentle yet powerful as it softly blends all the colors. No matter what the need, within this serene “pearl” vibration, there is an all-encompassing feeling of love and tender understanding for each person’s current need. In combination with the Angels of Divine Mother, the Pearl Ray brings sympathy, peace, stillness, and a deeply nurturing love. In a subtle way, its vibration is one of harmony and release, and when required, it assists those who are passing from one level of life to the next at the time of death.

In quiet pauses from today’s busy activities—the beginning of a new week—and in the week ahead (and beyond), let us take as many as is possible of still and silent interludes to raise our thoughts to the higher mental and spiritual planes. In this tranquil place, away from the stress and tension of the outer world, where we breathe a little more slowly and peacefully, we can imagine being enfolded in soft hues of rosy pink, another color much associated with the Divine Feminine.

Rose light is one that opens and awakens our heart to greater love and to the healing ministrations of the Angels who comfort, strengthen, reassure, and work to re-balance us. The warmth of the Rose Ray helps to gently release emotional strain, hurt, resentment, criticism, loneliness, heartbreak, and grief.


In this deeply silent place, you notice you can see with clear vision. You, and all the others who are gathered round to pray, gaze upon an exquisite pink rose. Its delicate fragrance is like a Spiritual Essence that soothes the heart and supplies the need of each person. The rose expands ever so slowly as it grows to include the whole earth and all its inhabitants. The entire globe and all levels of life are bathed in the Rose of Divine Mother’s Love. Time ceases to exist.

Stay peacefully in the balm of this Rose for as long as you feel comfortable. All your prayers of compassionate support for others are well known here and rise like incense. Each prayer adds its own special measure of love and healing for any person or situation you are praying for.

In the Rose, the blessings are amplified and far-reaching. Individually and collectively, the cumulative effect of our prayers is huge. Further, we can take into our everyday life the peace and power of the Rose. Whether we are consciously aware or not, in our hearts we can continue to pray ceaselessly for any person, animal, circumstance, or major disaster like the current after-effects of these terror-evoking tornadoes.


One flower, one expression of kindness and love,
one prayer adds so much.
More than we will likely ever know.



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