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If you are deeply concerned about our Planet Earth, her waters, atmosphere, the animals, and the natural world, please join in with like-minded individuals around the world who will be praying together on Sunday, June 12th, at noon. That is, noon your time wherever you may be. All that is required is to create a few peaceful moments to become quiet and still within and then to slowly repeat the words of the prayer below or your own prayer. Thus, for a goodly part of Sunday, people around the world will be participating with their loving concern, offering a few moments toward active service to help and uplift all kingdoms of life on our beautiful Home Planet.


If the prayer (below) for Mother Earth and the life support system that sustains us all resonates with you, please mark this time and participate to strengthen the loving effect and to help raise the consciousness and vibration of our Planet, which is at a crucial juncture in its evolution, as each one of us is as well. If you’d prefer in your own way, pray as your conscience dictates. Together, heart to heart, our gift of love and light can make an enormous difference in the overall course of world events.

The following prayer of attunement comes from the worldwide White Eagle Lodge.1

To Participate in the Prayer:

Our minds relax and our thoughts become still… we let our hearts open to the blessing of the shining Christ Star, whose rays now fill our minds and awaken our hearts.

In this light and love of the Star, we are part of the golden chain joining all friends around the world who are linking in this work. Together we work in co-operation with the angels of nature, honoring their life and their purpose. We honor also the ancient spiritual light in our own country….

We see the whole earth enfolded in the magical healing light of the shining six-pointed Star of Christ.

We see the light of the Star shining into:

The Earth Herself, her plants and trees and the life they support, Her streams, rivers, and oceans, her atmosphere
and into the hearts of Humanity and the animals as they
walk on Mother Earth.

We hold in our hearts and prayers the vision of planet earth cleansed, healed, and in balance.

May God’s blessing be upon this work.

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1. The graphic with the globe and golden six-pointed Stars and the words of the global attunement prayer are from the White Eagle Lodge in the United Kingdom.

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