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For the past few weeks and more, we have been intensely focused on home-hugging projects that are giving a new regenerative energy to our home and garden. As we entered a fresh season at the arrival of the Summer Solstice, a time known as a reawakening of the Creative Life Force, it tends to activate things that may have heretofore lain dormant, awaiting new activity, movement, and change.

While life in the outer world rages on in the latest fear-producing hype and shallowness of the media, we have been lovingly tending to our personal space, creating additional peace and beauty in ways that we have direct control over and choice about. The measure of serenity and equilibrium we add to the energy field of the world pool is the contribution we individually make now in the myriad ways we care for and love our own home base and garden. Mother Teresa put it precisely, “Everything we do is just a drop in the ocean. But if we don’t do it, it will never get done.”

In keeping with the beautifying theme, Venus, planet of love and harmony, glided (on July 3) into the security-oriented, domestic sign of Cancer (as well as the Sun since June 21). As we scrub, paint, build, and rearrange, we are feeding our true foundation and roots—the ones that matter most. Properly fed inner roots sustain our being and thus help to create a better outer world.

The greatest field of victory is in your own home. If you are
an angel at home, you can be an angel everywhere.
The sweetness of your voice, the peace of your behavior,
is needed in your own household more than anywhere else.
Paramahansa Yogananda

The Summer Solstice arrived this year on June 21. It marks the Sun’s entry into the watery, reflective sign of Cancer the Crab, the time of year when life is reaching a fertile peak of growth.1 These longer, lazy days, when the sun has reached its northernmost point at midsummer, are meant to be deeply restful and enjoyable. During Cancer’s ascendancy, outer activity in the life of plants and animals may seem less evident than the initial burst in spring, but much activity is happening in ways indirect and less overt.

For Cancer, the protective, caring cardinal sign, tremendous activity is generated on the emotional level, where the constant urge is for emotional security. Affection and reassurance do much to quell a gentle Cancerian’s heart. Cancer, ruled by the silvery Moon, is considered the most personal sign with its many nuances and complexities. This generally plays out in the Crab’s devotion to the roots of its origin, home, the womb of family, and the ancestral past. These issues of life fall within the 4th house (Cancer’s natural domicile), which relates to one’s basic psychological foundation as a firm base of operation for negotiating both on land (the material plane) and in the ocean (the emotional plane). Cancer, which often comes across as innately shy, quiet, and unassuming, is nevertheless an extremely powerful sign known for being practical, cautious, and economical. It is also a sign of great depth with a high capacity for imagination and creativity.

Cancer’s domain relates to the mysterious surging and ebbing of the sea and the cycles of the Moon. Cancers tend to be, by nature, highly secretive and often non-direct about what they are doing. As one of the three signs in the fluid element of water, Cancer functions mainly on the emotional, sympathetic level, where its impressionability to feelings and sensations is much like a “psychic sponge.” Cancers often feel what a person is thinking because they are so absorbent and receptive. They also frequently have difficulty separating their own intense feelings from those around them, as they tend to take on psychic impressions from their surroundings. They react instinctively from their highly developed, emotional perceptions, rather than from logical reason or the intellect, so they often don’t know whether they have thought it or felt it. The soul lesson for a person with the Sun in Cancer is divine peace in an active, outgoing manner. In the energetic spirit of the cardinal quality, Cancer is meant to extend its feelings with an open hand and heart.

One of the greatest needs and potential gifts of the Cancer personality is to reach the quiet place wherein the still, living waters of the soul are calm—without the constant pummel by internal tides or the tides of others. Given that the Moon rules at night when the outer world is the most still and quiet and much activity ceases, it helps to calm the tides symbolically. The tranquil place in the heart is the actual home and sanctuary that Cancers seek. Here, the true Supply and Supplier can be known, for this is the key that unlocks various facets of the high calling of Cancer. Here the Crab is able, through the safety of quiet privacy, to learn to nurture itself, to discover lasting self-worth, and to realize its own true needs for emotional fulfillment because water signs are renowned for their tendency to live through their loved ones.

The parts of the body that Cancer rule are associated with feeding and nourishment, but the Crab temperament can be so busy giving comfort to others that what nourishes its own soul usually lies latent somewhere in the unfathomed depths. Cancers must lean toward learning that the mark of an inwardly, well-nourished, and recharged soul is the ability to give selflessly, both wisely to one’s self and others. It is the person who is “willing to be the least who is the greatest of all,” for hidden in the secret mysteries of the Cancer archetype is the Eternal Law that to give without thought of self is to receive simultaneously and that one is never diminished by unconditional giving. The Moon reveals this universal dynamic: she absorbs/receives the Light from the Sun and then reflects/gives her own pearly light to the whole human family.

Responsive Cancer is the sign of the Cosmic Mother, who is the Source of Spiritual Sustenance, for which there are no earthly substitutes. Together with the Sun, they are the positive and negative life streams of this Principle of Divine Supply. Our World Mother, the one who provides the diversity of life forms, nourishes all humanity equally at Her breast, without a hint of favoritism towards kinsfolk. She gives unconditionally not for what she may receive but for what she can give. She provides all our needs, as the ideal conduit of Love, when we eat from the Divine level of life, for emotional cravings and hunger are ultimately satisfied here. The tremendous egalitarian outpouring of Her heavenly blessings, especially at the magical time of the Summer Solstice, gives the Cancerian a spiritual infusion.

The consciously aware Cancer is able to personify this bountiful expression of the Divine Mother and to distribute the maternal gifts of enfoldment and sympathy to those who are drawn to its soft, comforting nature. Cancers generally have an inborn, profound understanding of human nature and human suffering, and they also have a great love of people and life. As well, this sign governs the public and mass consciousness, which gives Cancer a depth of acuity for what is publicly appealing. They have the capability to embody the Mother archetype in all its compassion (which Einstein called the “widening circle of compassion”), richness, and wisdom. Sophia is one of the graceful faces of the Mother, whose name in Greek means “wisdom.” When a Cancer rests within the private sanctuary of the heart, the Crab is well able to absorb inner wisdom.

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave,
but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Moon (mother both personal and universal) and the Sun (father both personal and universal) are known as the astrological “lights,” and it is this complementary pair that present humanity with so many opportunities for growth. This duo suggests that one aspect of the high calling for Cancer is actually taking on a lunar glow in the security of its own wholeness. Emotional security, at root of which is the lack of fear, can only be gained through an enduring contact with the Source of Love in one’s own heart. The everyday personality, ruled by the Moon, must unite with the Solar self.

By tapping into the abundant interior supply, the Cancer soul becomes self-contained, for it is flooded with Divine Light and Love. The ancient Chinese “yin-yang” symbol illustrates clearly this Cosmic Principle of Luna and Sol: within the dark portion or yin (female) half is a small circle of the light or yang (male) energy available and vice versa. Carl Jung described this same relationship as the “animus,” a psychological structure within a female’s psyche, and the “anima” within the male’s psyche. Fully integrated into consciousness, a whole person arises. The longing to belong is at once satisfied.

Finally, the self-aware Cancer will have made the solid shift from being a natural-born hoarder of what’s known and safe to an inward trust in the Divine Parents, thus storing up its treasures where there is eternal, lasting value. All the water signs have a deep yearning for trust. Cancers are known for having a fierce tenacity for holding on, but the true accomplishment comes when the Crab can exercise the inward tenacity of trust and faith that all needs are well known and are provided for to those who surrender to the Source. This signifies an unconditional acceptance of Divine Mother’s ever-present care and an opening to receive God’s divine bounty in the here and now. This shift from the illusion of outer stability and permanence to the reality of inner stability and permanence is the precursor to attainment of a lasting comfort and security. The Cancer soul has truly arrived at the doorway of its heavenly Home.


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1. The following paragraphs originally appeared as an article in Altair, The Journal of The White Eagle School of Astrology: Volume X, No.1, pages 15-31, February 2002. The original article discussed “The Cancer-Capricorn Polarity.”

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