Posted by: Zane Maser | July 17, 2011


Today, we are on a mission. The night rains have cleansed and re-moisturized the earth. Giving it a fresh page on which to write a new day. A light rain falls now.

Our mission involves rocks. Out at Stonescape, we are sorting through the stacks of precious rocks. Rock people, to us. Centuries and more to form unique patterns. Many are black spotted, looking like an ethereal leopard passed by and the markings leapt off its body. From Molalla. Around the vicinity of Mt. Hood. Rarified air there. A sacred purpose to serve now.

These rocks are for a wall of dedication—a special segment of remembrance and honor in our garden sanctuary. For ancestors. A Wall of Love. By their presence, the birds and squirrels will add their essence.

For Ottmar and Emma. German Jews at an inopportune time. Copious tears long shed from horrific events, history, extreme hatred beyond the control of many.

Ottmar Strauss was the youngest of eight children, whose father, Emanuel, was a successful ironmonger.1 Scrap metal was, in turn, to underpin Ottmar’s own highly flourishing career in industry and commerce. He and his business partner achieved great commercial success during the first decades of the 20th century. Parallel to his business career, Ottmar also pursued a career in government, as an administrator and a loyal civil servant in the last years of the Kaiserreich and the newly-emerged Weimar Republic. He was named a Geheimer Regierungsrat (“Geheimrat”—a privy councilor) in 1919, living and working between Cologne, Berlin, and Weimar, the embodiment of a hugely successful, assimilated German-Jewish industrialist.

As a Jew who had risen through the ranks of industry and government, Ottmar lost favor and fortune after 1933 once Hitler seized power. Nazi persecution and ostracism led to his professional and personal ruin. Alone, he fled his homeland in 1936, emigrating to Switzerland, where he died penniless in a hotel in Zurich in August 1941.

Today, we made a permeable wall not of prejudice and hatred and incalculable wastage of talents and lives. But a wall of acceptance, freedom and joy, of reverence and beauty, one that welcomes life, passing on Hope, Light, and Love.

We create a Wall of Love to grace our garden sanctuary in memory of Ottmar and Emma, grandparents of generations that live on. The light that was in their hearts continues to burn brightly, steadily, eternally for a gentler, consciously aware future where ALL LIFE is held as One Sacred Family.

A few days ago, on July 7, Scott Douglas was born. He is the great, great grandson of Emma and Ottmar. Love, not hatred, prevailed.

May the days and years ahead for Scott, his two brothers (Evan and Camden), and the human family be the ideal of the Golden World we can all create together. It is possible. It is only a choice. Each of us is responsible for our part.


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1. This and the next paragraph are condensed, quoted material from Sotheby’s, London, November 2010.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2011. Photos © by Chris and Zane Maser, 2011. All rights reserved worldwide.

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