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The wise man masters his senses and in his heart becomes
one with the infinite, all-knowing and all-pervasive Lord.
Only he who separates the eternal from the transient
exercises spiritual discipline. Great is the glory
of the Being that shines with its own light,
of the sublime reality in us.
The Upanishads

The royal sign of Leo, king of beasts, with its vibrant vitality and nobility of character, began on July 22 when summer was reaching its zenith in the Northern hemisphere. During the first half of August, Venus, planet of beauty and love, traveled closely with the Sun in Leo—and both were joined by Mercury in a rare, triple conjunction on the 16th. Perhaps the world was more than ready and overdue for a generous, blessed outpouring of Divine Love. What if the intended grace of this planetary linkage was/is to help re-set our heart buttons towards a greater positive stance for the creative (albeit challenging) opportunities of our time and to ignite our compassion for those journeying along the same rugged Path of Life on our Planet Earth?

In August, the Sun is at its greatest force, and Leo is rightly called the “powerhouse of the zodiac,” where the evolutionary process of individuation is a paramount spiritual task.1 A full display of the intense colors of high summer—tones of rich red, flaming orange, and yellow—are often everywhere present so that the open-hearted, lovable Lion can say with self-assurance and optimism that all is truly well in the kingdom. During this time, optimal creative potential is perhaps at its maximum, both in nature and in the leonine soul.

The Sun-ruled Leo, with its zest for life, is the Fixed Fire sign that anatomically has rulership over the heart, blood and cardiac system, the back, spinal cord, and sides of the body. The heart is the central, dominant organ of the body, as well as an unerring intuitive compass, so it is easily apparent why this imperial cat’s destiny is a high one. “You should carefully observe the way toward which your heart draws you,” the philospher Martin Buber once observed, “then choose this way with all your strength.” Leo has the burning enthusiasm and expressiveness of fire, along with fire’s inspirational nature, combined with a fixed temperament, which gives this affectionate child of the Sun a determined, steadfastness in thinking and attitudes. The Leo disposition is generally a flame of constancy.

The Leo experience so often speaks of learning and opportunities that are associated with the 4th chakra—the heart, which is considered the central powerhouse of the body’s energy system. As Caroline Myss notes, “everything in and about our lives runs off the fuel of our hearts.” Clearly, a Leo’s personal journey is first and foremost about getting to know themself intimately through their own deep, rich emotional and spiritual nature and to grow in becoming unconditionally loving. Thus, being in union with the essential self, they tread the Path of Divine Heart. The most powerful energy in the Universe for awakening is that of love. Love vibrates at the highest frequency. The finest calling for the Leo nature is to think love, speak love, and act with love.

The advanced soul of Leo, with its natural uprightness and sunny disposition, demonstrates a joyous wonderment of life with all its magnificent largesse, playfulness, strength, and courage. Epitomizing the indomitability of Leo is the word “courageous,” derived from the Latin word cor, meaning heart. The charismatic Leo tends to embody life in a grand, dramatic manner, and many are drawn into this kingly cat’s orbit due to his or her magnetic kindliness, commanding leadership, and charming warmth. Recall the exuberant expression of the Sun in Leo in Julia Child radiating her joy of cooking on the world’s stage! Her motto was “life itself is the proper binge.”

Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as gods.
Cats remember!

In its high expression, Leo has an innate faith in life (and in themselves), along with an invincible optimism that underlies their sense of life’s never-ending rich abundance. Their faith tends to see tomorrow as a bright new day for adventurous risks and shining opportunities. Leos are known to have a natural, heart-felt benevolence not found in such profusion in the other zodiac signs.

The 5th house is Leo’s natural house, with its rulership over how a person expresses their creative individuality through children, the arts, pleasure, recreation, speculation, love, and affairs of the heart. Isabel Hickey refers to it as the “house of hidden karma,” in which a person will be confronted with lessons related to one’s self-made cause and effect—in other words, the misuse of the principles of Will and Love. With its fixed nature, Leo is able to consolidate its impressive creative force into all the things it most enjoys. According to White Eagle’s teachings, those with the Sun in Leo are learning the soul lesson of the true meaning of love, enhanced by the fact that the Fixed quality represents the Love aspect of the Trinity—a double dose of learning many of life’s deepest lessons through Love!

Leo has been described as the sign of self-consciousness, but self-preoccupation is an essential part of the High Road on the upward Path for the regal Lion. Leos may seem intensely self-involved, creating heroic myths larger than life, but the search for true identity—authentic, unshakeable selfhood—is entirely appropriate and evolutionary for them. In fact, Leo’s task is the hero or heroine’s journey, where the chief motivation is self-realization and ultimately bliss. Dominion is a keyword for this born monarch, but first and foremost is that of self-rule or self-dominion.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw, a famous Sun in Leo

The central issue of Leo’s High Calling is to make the inward quest of individuation into the Eternal Light, the Sun of one’s own being. For Leo, the most authentic concern is to realize the inner essence of the Self or the Monarch that reigns within the heart, the center of Love. The outer self is thus gradually consumed and transformed so that the Higher Self is rightfully enthroned. Leo is then able to live and create from the eternal resources of self-worth, tapping the flame of Divine Love, no longer craving attention and accolades from an external, applauding crowd.

Once Leo has arrived at the center of his or her Royal Temple, firmly ruling the Kingdom of the Self, then the leonine luminescence irradiates the lives of others through the transmuting power of Love. And this pure individuated Solar Flame shines eternally on all with an equal blaze. Alan Oken describes this highest attribute of Leo as “rulership by Divine Right.” Glowing with Spiritual fire, the Leo’s heart prayer becomes, “I will only to will the Will of God. Of my own self I am no thing and nothing.”

Thus, the king of the zodiac in their majestic mien, relinquishing all self-centeredness, becomes the truly humble leader willing to become everyone’s wise and able servant. The one who earns the crown must, above all, be the servant who works without thought of self. Jesus, the Great King of the Piscean Age, demonstrated this when he unpretentiously knelt before his disciples to wash their feet. He also made clear at the time of the Transfiguration, the spiritual Festival that occurs during August, how the sustaining, steadfast power of the inner Sun vitalizes and illumines the physical body so it becomes a body of Light, a servant of the Divine Will.

Leo is truly a sign of joyous exuberance as the Divine Child of the zodiac in all its sunniness, faith, and simplicity, the one who is ready to explore, create, and leave their individual stamp on life. Jesus pointed to the wisdom of trusting innocence when he said, “Except ye become as a little child ye cannot enter the kingdom.” And Mother Teresa is well known for saying “the child is the beauty of God in the world.” In her natal chart, she had Venus in Leo in the 8th house of intrinsic charisma and worldly power, the house associated with intense efforts and trials—no wonder hers was such a selfless love for the children of all nationalities, for this placement of Venus, at its best, is extremely compassionate and kindly towards others. Moreover, this radiant and irradiating Venus was the ruler of her 10th house of leadership and one’s mission in the world.

An advanced soul of Leo, whose hand rests in the hand of Father-Sun, stands at the center of their own kingdom, having nobly attained the true inheritance of Rulership—self-governance mastered in the fires of living fully. Life is thus a magical realm for creating and loving when the transforming rays of the spiritual Sun go forth unhindered from the heart of this Eternal child. As the purified Leo shines brightly from within, so the Leo shines brightly without.

The Sun as Leo’s Ruler

Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou riseth
and Temu when thou settest. Thou riseth, thou shinest,
thou art crowned king of the year. Thou are
the Lord of heaven, the Lord of earth, the Creator
of the starry gods in heaven above. Thou are the Lord
who came into being in the beginning of time.
Egyptian Book of the Dead

In significant ways, describing the highest expression of the Sun is similar to describing the highest expression of Leo. This Great Luminary is the most powerful, vitalizing, individualizing force known. Its solar energy strongly urges a person outward and forward into deliberate, confident engagement with life. Fittingly, the Sun is a natural symbol of power and command! This is beautifully exemplified in all the regal ways lions have been portrayed in myths, works of art, and iconography as potent symbols of solar strength, supremacy, glory, and brilliance. Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, “Ay every inch a king.”

The Sun is indeed the dominant note or “epicenter” of the Universe (and our personal universe) in its emanations of warmth and generosity, and as Deborah Houlding suggests, the Sun is not only “the marker against which the other planets are given a sense of proportion” but also, more often than not, the exception to a number of astrological rules.2 Father Sun stands alone! In many respects, a Leo, native of the Sun, marches to their own drummer, much like Aquarius, their opposite but complementary sign—the individual intertwined with all others and all life.

Representing the principle of God or Spirit in the heart, as well as the positive or masculine life stream, the Sun is the generator of light and energy while it actively sustains life on every level with its constant golden infusion that illuminates equally. Its symbol is the all-encompassing circle of Universal Love with the dot as the Self, the center of Being, the immortal golden spark of God’s life within us. Holding the vibration of ultimate healing, gold is the color associated with awareness of God and the inspiration and inner assurance that comes from our joyous unity with our Divine Center. In traditional astrology, the Sun “joys” in the 9th house of God (or whatever name or word best describes this Omnipresent Being, Light, or Source for you).

The Sun signifies both the heart of the person and the heart of the chart in its highest expression, for it shows the spiritual lesson to be learned and the conscious purpose or primary expression of the life. It also shows the underlying keynote of the character—the real self-identity—with its power for Self-integration. The Sun points to the central focus in the chart for an individual’s basic drive for significance, success, and power, and its fortifying energy motivates our deepest longings and creative aspirations to shine in our own special way. Exalted in its position of leadership amongst the planets (its number is One!), the Sun indicates the potential for spiritual attainment.

Through the Fixed sign of Leo, the Sun is aptly associated with the Second Ray, which tends to express outwardly as parental nurturing, representing not only the Divine Father but also earthy father figures, kings, leaders, and teachers. On an esoteric level, it is known that the angels of the Sun are of the pure gold ray of divine love. The angels of the Sun and Mars work closely together, and they bring a great life force that permeates our being with joy—the joy to live well and fully, to use our God-given gifts to create our heart’s desires and to achieve our inherent potential.

A powerful symbol for us to meditate on is the radiance of the Sun and its inner glory as the Divine Energy that permeates all life with a limitless source of light, warmth, strength, and vitality for all God’s creatures—mighty and minute. So, take a moment now, if you will, to release any tension and relax gently and quietly, opening to the peaceful inflow and outflow of your breath. Allow your awareness to come into your body, and turn your focus to your center. As you visualize the light of the blazing Sun, see it pouring down in an endless stream into your heart center where it strengthens and steadies the inner flame on the altar of the Divine Self. Feel the great cleansing renewal of faith and vibrancy that permeates your whole being. Your soul is restored and your heart flows over with praise for God’s constant grace and loving presence in your life. Arise, having been filled. It is a new moment.

How joyous and happy you are when the sun pours
forth its light! Life then takes on a different complexion.
Have you ever thought that you yourself are as a sun
amongst the people with whom you mix and that it is
within your power to radiate sunshine and
make happiness? Can we not resolve henceforth to be
a sun-worshipper and a sunlight-giver?
White Eagle


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1. Much of this article originally appeared in Altair, The Journal of The White Eagle School of Astrology: Volume X, No.2, pages 9-26, August 2002. The references for the original article can be found at

2. Deborah Houlding, Synodic Cycles and Lunar Phases: What Every Astrologer Needs to Know, Mountain Astrologer, Issue #158, Aug/Sept 2011, pp. 63-73.

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  1. Wonderful, in-depth, spiritual description of Leo and its place in the Zodiac!

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