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Radiance is a piece from the book “Patterns of Oneness”
© Second printing 1994 by Linda Saurenman

Zane: In keeping with the topic of the last post about the “High Calling of Royal Leo” and that bright, beaming aspect of the Sun, the following section from my friend Linda’s book, drawn from several places within the text, follows on perfectly with the theme of Solar and individual radiance.

Linda: I channeled a great deal of material in the fall and winter of 1992-1993 in conjunction with my own energy work. Where the words are italicized, “Spirit” is being directly quoted. The words of spirit move in and out of my words as if we are one. Ultimately, we are one. At the end, there is a guided meditation on “Radiance.” You may find it helpful to read the meditation onto a tape, using any of your own words to customize and expand the ideas. When you are ready to meditate, relax, and listen to the tape.


In choosing to be all of who we are, we can choose to radiate the light that we are. This is the radiant quality that allows us to put our love and wisdom into the world. This radiant quality allows us to be and not have to do continually. The light that we are can fill us, support us, and hold us gently, so we may radiate and reflect the beauty and wonder of the Deepest part of ourselves.

Light carries an infinite wisdom and a capacity of great gentleness or great destruction. It is important to recognize that light is undetermined in the sense that you know it on your [physical] plane. You decide what light “does” and are co-creating with light. You choose how you will express your wisdom. The expression is all part of the ebb and flow of creation. Wisdom comes from the deep association with the light that you are. Identification with the light will allow the wisdom to guide the consciousness in appropriate action.

The best way to begin the connection to the light is through a connection to life. To the movement of the “I” through life. This idea of movement through life requires a sense of being part of. The idea of being a participant is important for all. The sense of participation is one that brings the individual consciousness into the fabric that a group consciousness is weaving. The participation is an act of creation. The creative sense in an individual is a primary link with the Divine Mind and Heart. The individual ceases to be identified with the physical and moves into an identification with its perceived wholeness. This perception is then nurtured and allowed to expand. In the expansion the individual is able to see more and more of their relation to the whole. They begin to see their light.

Spirit always views itself as a whole, undulating field of light. Your ability to physically, intellectually, and emotionally view yourself as whole is where personal healing begins. When you can see how a whole works, you can then begin to see parts of yourselves in a new light and bring that personal wholeness into perspective. Within the personal wholeness, you are free to express your light carrying with it the love, joy, and wisdom you choose to place in the world. You, too, can know yourself as a flowing field of light.

It has been taught that intention is a basic to creation. The best way to learn about intention is to use it. We can start with our clear intention to join in the celebration of the wholeness that we are. We may, also, intend to keep rediscovering the joy and the extent of our wholeness, and radiate it to the world. Intention opens the way for guidance to move in and assist us. Guidance comes in many forms. We only need to recognize it when it comes.


To begin your moments of stillness and quiet, choose a place that is good for meditation. Sit in a comfortable position. Gently close your eyes. Move your focus to the center of your chest. Feel the rhythm of your breath. Feel where you are right now. Focus on your body and relax deeply into it. Let light flow to any sore or tight spots in your body.

Bring your awareness to your Heart center. Join with your inner harmony. Let the harmony express in your whole body. Create the harmony and alignment with the earth and universe. Let the energy flow back and forth connecting the Heart center of the universe with your Heart center and the Heart center of the earth.

Focus in your Heart center. Ask, in your Heart center, to see the pattern that represents your wholeness. Examine the pattern. In your Heart, state your intention to keep growing in your understanding and joy of that wholeness. State your intention to radiate your wholeness to the world. As you state these intentions, observe the pattern of your wholeness. Watch to see what happens. Remember, you are observing.

Let the energies of celebration, understanding, and joy move through your Heart center. Weave them with the light from your Center, the Center of the universe, and of the earth. Let them touch and fill your wholeness pattern. Watch the pattern as you continue to weave, and bring light to your wholeness. Feel the joy well up inside of you. Let the joy spill over into all that you are. Feel the celebration of life, of your life. Feel the joy and the celebration join, moving through your entire being. Let these energies unlock your understanding of who you are. Let the understanding of your whole being grow within you. Let it expand and join the joy and celebration of your entirety.

Stay with the celebration, joy, and understanding. Radiate your sense of wholeness, of completeness, to your entire energy field. Let it fill you and begin to radiate out from your field into the world. Rest in the energy and allow the celebration, joy, and understanding to move from your Deepest center and radiate into the world. Feel what it is like to be Divine celebration. Honor your inner world and let it radiate into your outer world. Let your inner and outer world join as a single radiant expression of Divine celebration!

Stay with the energy until you are ready to end the meditation. Feel the joy! Feel the celebration! Feel the understanding! Feel your entire field of energy. Feel your radiance. Feel your body. Express your intention to continue to celebrate your wholeness. Express your intention to continue to grow in the understanding and joy of who you are. Express your intention to radiate the wholeness, understanding, and celebration to the world.

Thank the guidance that you will receive to help you continue this process. Ask them to join you in your celebration. Feel the joy multiply. Feel the cosmic giggle. Feel your light increase. Let it radiate to the world. Thank your guidance for all they have helped you with in the past. Thank them, also, for all they will help you with in the future. Thank the Deepest part of you for making the guidance available for you. Then stretch and celebrate your day! Celebrate you!



Linda Saurenman is known for helping people re-discover their psychic and spiritual talents, for reading energy, and healing. She works as a channel, reader, healer, and teacher in Southern California. For the past 30 years, her work has been heart centered and focused on opening her students to their own guidance. Her greatest joy comes from her students using their spiritual talents to channel, read, and heal energy while finding their own information. In 1993, she published “Patterns of Oneness,” written in partnership with her guides. This small book is another avenue to bring students to an awareness of their deepest selves.

Besides her own guides, Linda has studied with many teachers. She learned about Astrology and Huna from Isabel Hickey in the early 1970’s. Linda honed her skill at reading energy and healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute with Lewis Bostwich and Michael Tamura. She studied with Mary Margaret Moore and Bartholomew in the 80’s and 90’s, and is currently working with Natalie Gianelli, Dr. Peebles, and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as channeled through Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold.

If you would enjoy reading the entire contents of “Patterns of Oneness,” Linda has it posted on her site. Or, if you are interested in purchasing Linda’s book, you can contact her at:

Her book is a little gem for those interested in letting their Light shine more brightly!

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