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Ever seek the kernel within the nut of life. Ever have something
green and growing [in the garden and] within the home.
Let your room reflect the harmony of God and nature,
that those who pass your way will find peace and comfort within.
Master H

In the refreshing air this morning, I felt unusually exhilarated as I worked to tidy up our “red” flowerbed. The tall spikes of purple Salvia are spent, though still attractive. Profuse seeders they are, however, if left uncut. The bulbous, hairy seed heads of the annual Love-in-the-mist are readying to cast near and far a multiplicity of progeny for a subsequent generation, much like salt and pepper shakers gleefully getting a jump on next spring’s promise. The initial seeds of my Love-in-the-mist were a gift from a very dear friend from her East coast garden to our West coast flower haven.

The two of us were true affinities from the beginning of our friendship. Many years ago, I agreed to be her “tutor” for a White Eagle correspondence course. Spirit must have thought we were a perfectly matched pair—and Spirit is always correct! We were a seamless set of spiritual sisters, a relationship that has clearly spanned numerous lifetimes in our various roles with one another. We have never met face to face but our long-distance linking up is yet another reassuring demonstration of the infallible Cosmic Law that nothing happens by chance. Rather, all transpires according to karmic order and justice.

We share a number of joys of the heart. Both of us are inveterate gardeners and lovers of plants and animals, tending toward the feline ilk. She is my dearest “Violet,” and I her dearest “Rosie.” After seeing my picture, she described us as different physical types: “you tall, willowy, and dark haired, me short, stocky, blue-eyed, blond.” As perennial students of the Ageless Wisdom and “on the same wave length and soul group,” as she put it, our libraries are composed of virtually the same genres, though I think mine bulges with more psychological and astrological volumes, some of which she sent to me as ones I didn’t already own. As she weeded her books, they came to grow in my shelves. Our spiritual compass gravitated east toward the same esoteric body of teachings, committing our selves to the same Teacher (White Eagle) and dedicated service within that Lodge.

Without surprise, the two of us are astrological affinities as well, being temperamentally “Mercurial” and “Uranian”—those mental planets denoting the octaves of the outer and higher minds. Her Mercury-ruled Sun (the real self or spirit of God within) sits almost exactly atop my Mercury-ruled Ascendant (the outer self and the “persona” we present to the world). Individuality and authenticity, in combination with the soul work to develop our “mental bodies” in order to receive inspiration from the Higher planes, are life-long themes for us. We have both walked a Path that has reinforced our urge for personal freedom and metaphysical exploration in the quest to expand our consciousness. Mercury, which rules the nervous system, and the added strength of electrical Uranus as dominant notes tends to give us highly sensitive, subtle gears that are at times tightly strung and all over the place in lack of thought control! Curious, active, speedy, communicative minds describe us well.

Transcendent Neptune and discerning Saturn are closely conjunct in both of our natal charts (though in different signs, being born in different generations). This dreamy but commonsense pair resides in the 3rd house in our charts—Mercury’s natural house, heightening our studious and eternally youthful Mercurial tendencies! The Neptune/Saturn aspect has been called the “practical idealist,” or the one who can manifest her dreams, creativity, and imagination in tangible forms. Our green thumbs in the garden have manifested in outward form our abiding love of beauty and the natural world.

Neptune tends to heighten intuitive and musical abilities and deepen connection to the Divine Mind, that is, when the frontal mind is still and silent. Moreover, at its best, this planetary duo can suggest clairaudience, so one of our spiritual tasks is to become serenely heart receptive in order to hear the great Music of the Higher Spheres. When the still mind is here—in the now—it hears.

Meditate at hush of evening hour in woods, beside nature’s waters,
or in the quiet of thyself anywhere. There the still small voice
will speak to you; you will attune with the infinite;
a new life will be yours.
Master H

Today is a special day of remembrance and gratitude. This day is the 94th birthday of my so loved “Vi.” Though not unexpected, the news came two days ago of her physical death. Yet another irrefutable Cosmic Law is that everything happens in its perfect time. With great anticipation, joy, readiness, and peace, she has gone onward in her journey Home. She looked forward to her reunion with her beloved husband of decades and her cats. As transiting Neptune made an exact conjunction (blending together) with her Part of Fortune, her physical life spark dissolved. Her spirit was released into its complete joy and all those who awaited her beautiful arrival cheered with gladness, hugging and welcoming her. With a characteristic twinkle in his eyes, I can inwardly hear White Eagle smiling upon Violet and saying—“well done, true, trusted, and faithful servant. You are Home. Once you have rested, your beautiful garden of Light awaits you.”

When we last spoke about a month ago, she was in her usual sparkling wit and humor, abundantly casting her spiritual seeds of optimism, gentle kindness, and support. With Jupiter in a Mercury-ruled sign in the 1st house of the self, hers was an undaunted courage to climb those last soul steps toward the purple summit of the Most High Mountain.

You, my Vi, remain eternally as dear and near in my Rosie heart as ever, and now there is no longer 3,000 miles of separation between us! When I think of you or am here tranquil in mind—in the precious present moment—you hear me instantaneously now. You are here with me. When you smell the scent of rose, you’ll know I’m there. The eternal link is as strong and intact as always and in all ways. The visible and invisible merge.

Seek the common denominator in all things. Fashion yourself
after old Mother Nature. In her Earth Garden,
weeds and roses grow side by side.
All shades of color mingle and are one.
Everything is variegated. Yes, learn from nature.
If one does not love nature or man,
they cannot love God, for all nature,
all humanity is of God.
Master H


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