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Though the fierce winds of other’s egos or strong opinions may blow upon us, there are moments when we must stand in our own spiritual uprightness. On the wings of our inner golden eagle, we rise high above the chattering currents of other’s consent or approval. We fly in the direction of our heart’s compass.

This is not spiritual righteousness. It is spiritual rightness for us personally. A choice of conscience. A noble pick. It is much like straightening ourselves up, spine erect, standing to our full spiritual height.

No one else may understand the current decision or course we make. It may not make outward sense to others in the slightest measure. But our still small voice—the voice within our heart center—has spoken. We hear. We obey. We act correctly on our own behalf. Our sacred integrity remains intact as the gift only we can give our self.

The spiritual ledger sheet that bears our name, esoterically called by some the “Cosmic Account,” managed by the “Cosmic Auditor,” consists of our every thought, word, and deed. Nothing is missed. It is said that at eventide, the Cosmic Auditor reviews our day, makes note of our soul progress or otherwise, and then rates the day with a star, or not. We have been the conscious commander of our daily ship and its course through self-mastery, or not.

Both the Auditor and Cosmic Law are impartial and impersonal, especially since “cosmos” means precise “order.” There is no outside judgment. There is no negative evaluation for our daily sheet that comes at us from any external source. There is simply the Immutable Principle of Cause and Effect, wherein each person gets to choose either compliance or non-compliance with this prevailing Law of Harmony.

No person is excused from the effect of learning their self-chosen lessons in any given lifetime. Cause and effect bears its ensuing signature and outworking on the high road of self-expression or roads on a lower altitude of manifestation. Always, we can choose to transmute the lesser for the higher expression, and thus set in motion a different consequence and harvest.

The ledger page that bears our name is the only one in which we are accountable. Each person creates their sheet from their autonomy and integrity. So, look not back nor compare your self with the person on your right or left, but move forward from the guidance within your heart.

You are the thinker of your thoughts and as such
you are the maker of your self and condition.
Thought is causal and creative, and appears in your character
and life in the form of results. There are no accidents in your life.
Both its harmonies and antagonisms are the responsive echoes of your thoughts. A man thinks, and his life appears.
James Allen

In astrological parlance, Saturn, Lord of Karma, stands watch over our page of the Book of Karmic Accountability. As the planet associated with our budding selfhood, the inexorable processes of wise, old Saturn—the “Great Teacher”—bring to us what we must face, accept, forgive, and release. “In spite of the limitations and hardships which life seems to bring,” says White Eagle about Saturn, “it is good because only through these limitations does the soul grow in strength and richness.” Being thankful when in the spotlight and under the refining influence of Saturn makes it much easier to endure the difficult time spans and sacrifices often required for the eventual joy that results.

Law-abiding Saturn, whose systematic influence is slow and steady, is considered the stern taskmaster who constricts and inhibits, sometimes causing feelings of abandonment, loneliness, despair, futility, and lack. His higher purpose, however, is to concentrate and focus energy so that matter (including us) is purified and perfected into more realistic, adaptable, beautiful forms. Saturn can erect a temporary containment field through restraints and boundaries in order for our evolving soul to learn patience, inner fortitude, and humility and thus grow strong, wise, and true enough to break free from outer selfishness and separateness. “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck,” instructs the Dalai Lama.

Saturn’s valuable mission of disciplined testing, if rightly understood, is to provide a chastening process through delay, hard work, rules, frustration, disappointment, misfortune, and privation. By so doing, the outworn, useless, and crystallized forms created through our past thoughts, words, and actions are destroyed, for the Cosmic Justice of Saturn relentlessly reflects to us, like a returning boomerang, what was actually harbored within as we face repercussions—both negative and positive—from the past.

As the time-bound planet of necessity and structure, his realm is directly responsible for first purging all that is counterproductive in our personality and then rebuilding character on a higher level so our true spiritual essence can manifest its excellence in matter. The German poet Goethe summed up Saturn when he wrote, “It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself.” In fact, without these low and dark ebbs of tide, we would not realize how far along the Path we have actually come! Saturn is thus the friendly source of our greatest potential achievement and exact rewards of the seeds we’ve previously sown. Though Saturn’s maturing influence may feel like the way of the cross in matter, he is the great Initiator who leads us to the Gates of Illumination and Liberation.

Viewed in his highest light and as a natural promoter of growth over the course of one’s lifetime, Saturn is ultimately about stability, focus, balance, achievement, acceptance, humility, excellence, refinement, and the actualization our genuine potential. From our own Saturnian caldron, we develop great sensitivity and compassion for others who also suffer. We realize that every soul is constantly being weighed in the scale of Saturn to determine what is yet required to bring it to a flawless state, shown most clearly through Saturn’s exaltation in Libra, the Venus sign of harmony, balance, and exceptional beauty.

Amongst the Seven Angels around the Throne of God spoken of in the Biblical “Revelation of St. John,” the Angel of Saturn—Cassiel—is associated not only with our karmic slate (how we create our own reality) but also as the invaluable purifying agent who assists us in the process of perfecting our being on all levels, of becoming our finest self and attaining spiritual uprightness. Thus, Saturn is, above all, the planet that brings out what is True and what is ultimately of lasting value in the endless cycle of death and birth, loss and gain, sorrow and joy. When Saturn’s lessons are learned, all turns to golden blessings!1


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1. The preceding article has been published: Zane Maser. 2012. Spiritual Uprightness. Drumbeat 20(1):13–15. The White Eagle Lodge (Canada).

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